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Whats The Weather Like Where You Live?

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I am at the moment in Germany visiting family for my 21st birthday, and the weather here is totally different than New Hampshire! It's cold, rainy, and windy all the time! June is usually the month when Summer starts but apparently not for my home town!

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All this weather choas, and I'm sitting here in Albuquerque, with 90 degree temps, and nothing, its just warm


you know now that I think about it, there is no real danger of any natural disaster here.

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We just went through a heatwave and a few freak thunderstorms in some areas. We actually didn't get it though. As a result of last weeks weather, mainly Friday I'm assuming, we've got many fires (hearing 600 in CA or soemthing to that effect) going on now...producing interesting sunsets and nasty skies during the day. I'm just glad it was not this bad when we went to CGA last weekend. Those probably throughout nor-cal would know how bad this smoke is. Have not seen any blue skies for days now.


With that being said, I whipped out the camera to get some of the sunsets we've been getting. Tonight's sunset was quite interesting here in Hayward as opposed to the rest of what this week was.


The sun looked pretty red this evening...


10 minutes later, smothered in smoke.


Some smokage over CGA...fortunately was not so bad when we went Sunday, 6/22...

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^Looks like the Valley isn't the only people who are getting the damn smoke. When I woke up, it seemed as if it were really foggy, only it was smoke. I can't even ride my bike, now I acculy have to pay for gas.


100s, humid, and smoky.



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Weather in Sacramento is crap.


It's pretty warm, probably about 75 or 80 degrees, but there's been this horrible wind for a week that's dropped it down to like 50. If it were raining, it would be so much better.


Yeah I'm getting relly sick of this damn wind, it has been making my days hell.


It has been in the Mid-70s but the wind is making it around 50-60 degrees.



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