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Whats The Weather Like Where You Live?

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Under a winter storm watch at the moment. A few inches of snow before 1 a.m. tonight, then a half-inch of freezing rain on top of it for Sunday morning.


My only complaint is the fact that, for the past two weekends, the systems don't want to wait until the convenient time of school hours to strike.

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That major winter storm is gonna end up being our first local major winter storm of the season. Expecting 8-12 inches for our area, plus the wind is blowing east, never a good sign around here. Due to that pattern we could get even more than the projected totals. Good news is, now I know which side of the driveway to leave the snow pile on.


Have to work tonight 'till 10, so I'm really hoping that most of it holds off to around midnight or thereabouts. Plus I have a church reading tomorrow morning. Damned if I can figure out a way to dig an SUV-sized tunnel out of the inevitable driveway snowdrifts.

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So, drive-thru was pretty much hell last night... I mean, I actually had to wear a sweater for once. Snow kept blowing directly in the window, so we had to shield everything from the cold.


We're expecting near-record snowfall, and looking outside, I sure as hell believe it. Totals of 12 inches likely, with up to 2-foot snowdrifts.


Pics probably coming later today.

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As promised...


One of our decorations does her best ostrich impression, as a snowmobiler rides by. A half-second after this shot he plowed right into a snowbank.


...Dammit! I just did that driveway a half-hour ago!


Our deck chairs are now padded for your comfort!

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Wow, that's a lot of snow. I used to think Illinois got it bad when I lived there.


Like I said, near-record snow totals. Usually a storm like this (but a couple inches less, around 6) happens once a year for us, but it's frequently after February.


In short, Illinois still gets it bad.

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