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Six Flags St. Louis (SFStL) Discussion Thread

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Maybe the clearance would be better but I doubt it. There's a staff area near Shazam that I think they'd want to keep and it cuts down on the available space. And the shop is just as tall as the Fling queue building and Justice League is a tall obstacle akin to the swing. I'd wager there's no more than a few feet difference (although sometimes that is all you need).


But most flat rides are designed to operate within a certain percentage of their resting footprint since it makes setting up the portable fair versions easier.

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The new ride is probably going to be a Justice League theme so that may be a reason for wanting to utilize the Shazam plot. They could easily change Shazam's name to a more Brittania theme and not even need to repaint it.

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^ I was thinking the same thing




^^ Yes, I know that. That is not what I said. I said Shazam would be an easy ride to RETHEME for another area. Whereas a brand new ride could come to the park and have a Justice League theme to go with the DC area.

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This is sitting near the Log Flume, next to the entrance to the first aid station. It looks freshly painted. Anybody know what it is? [attachment=0]15317033885669053765158104694997.jpg[/attachment]


Looks like something right from The Evel Knievel Museum and Gift Shop

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It's taken me a while to put this up, been really busy with work this summer. A couple of weeks ago we went to Six Flags for the opening weekend of Mardi Gras, which is one of the best times to visit.


We started off the day at the waterpark. We went up to the entry marked "Gold Season Pass," which we have, but we were directed to the main line. This is really starting to piss me off. I get that they're providing certain benefits to certain tiers, but this is now the third time this year that we've seen a sign saying we're entitled to a benefit only to find out it's actually reserved for a higher tier.


So let me make this really clear to Six Flags: BUY A SIGN SAYING EXACTLY WHO GETS THE BENEFIT AND DISPLAY THAT SIGN PROMINENTLY. If I see a sign that says Gold Season Pass, but it's actually Gold Plus Membership and higher, then YOU ARE LYING.


It's not a problem to have a sign saying Gold Plus and higher gets this. I'm ok with that. I get what I pay for. But don't f*cking tell me I get something and then whoops, no you don't. If you change your policy, change your sign. It's not that hard. Just do it.


We actually did have a really good time in the waterpark. The new slide was still down when we went, but we still prioritised the low capacity slides and got on all of them in about an hour, didn't wait for anything. It really is a good waterpark.


At one point when we were in the wave pool, right after the waves started, a man who did not have good enough swimming skills for the waves was in trouble. The lifeguard killed the wave machines, jumped in, and moved him to shallower water in seconds. Absolutely amazing, two thumbs up to that lifeguard. As soon as he did, three other lifeguards ran out of the first aid building, one took his place scanning the pool while the other two came to assist with the swimmer in trouble. Perfect. Really boosted my confidence in their lifeguards. Could not have asked for that to be handled any better.


We ate lunch at the new BBQ place, and it was really good! We're enjoying having the dining plan, everybody gets what they want and we're all happy.


After the water park, the girls went to Bugs Bunny National Park, while my son and I went to ride Screamin' Eagle, the only coaster we rode on this visit. After that, we all met up for a ride on Justice League, then hung out for a bit at JB's, with beers for the adults and Coke Freestyle for the kids.


Near 7, we wandered over to the Palace area to get our parade spots. This year's parade is much better than last year's, new floats that are more Mardi Gras oriented, as opposed to last year's "Six Flags over New Orleans" theme, just having floats for the nations that owned the port over the centuries. Good dancing, good drumming, good floats. It was a lot of fun, and a great cap on our Six Flags day.


If you're near St. Louis, you still have a couple of weeks to get to the Mardi Gras event, so please do! It's a great time at a very good Midwestern park. Enjoy the photos!





























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Thanks for the TR, Andrew. The Andouilli Sausage on a stick looks great. I could care less about the parade/show, but it seems like a lot of people are digging it. That's a good thing, as long as they don't obstruct the hurricane stand.

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So this land clearing mentioned on the previous page... anything to get excited about or what???


It's SFStL...no..nothing to get excited for



Yeah I'm fully expecting the used Troika for 2019. I love Troikas but as the lone 'new' ride it'd be pretty meh.

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Didn't Six Flags Great America open up a separate entrance to their water park? I can't recall if they're charging separate admission again or not. This was the first thing I thought of.

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Didn't Six Flags Great America open up a separate entrance to their water park? I can't recall if they're charging separate admission again or not. This was the first thing I thought of.

Currently the separate gate for their water park is only for passholders (and re-entry) I believe. The water park is still just an upcharge for daily admission guests.



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If Six Flags St. Louis were going to add a gate for the water park I'd expect it to go in behind the current security checkpoint where they already have a gate they just never open. Cheap and easy even if it only cuts a tiny bit off of the walk and still feeds in to the same path.

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Upside to putting a second entrance in that clearing is that the parking lot on that side could be dedicated to Harbor only or people that are going to Harbor only that know about the second entrance would park in that general area since it is closer.

That would be nice. Better than the setup in Chicago actually - there they have it right at the preferred lot.

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