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  1. I am very late to this discussion having actually not visited TPR since this covid stuff started, so apologies for chiming in two weeks later. The things brought up here are things I've been thinking about but couldn't really define. The CF parks feel less chaotic, even when there are a lot more people. It's not even a ride-ops thing or employees running the booths thing (well, it kind of is but i digress), it's just that that everything feels more professional. The constant licensing of things at Six Flags has always been confusing to me. I would assume it's quite expensive to licen
  2. The Ninja just made the TPR 2019 Top 10 Worst Steel Coasters (non-clone) list, coming in at #9. Finally, something to hang our hat on.
  3. First off, congrats on the baby-makin'. On Boomerang, yeah. I mean listen, as I always say here, I totally believe the folks that work in the park or that visit constantly who say it usually runs well....but the damn thing NEVER runs when I visit and at this point may as well be gone, at least to me. Seriously- every visit the ride not only is down, but never has maintenance working on it or anyone even near it. It just sits as decoration. It's really bizarre that I have such a cold streak with that coaster. If I didn't know better, I'd say the ride was retired already!
  4. I got in my Eagle sunset ride and egads, the old girl is running rough late in the season. Still fun, though. We got in the park at opening on Friday night and everything was walk on pretty much until it was dark. Crowd picked up then, but even at that it was either station waits or just a bit more in some cases. It was a good time.
  5. We are taking the kids to Frightfest tonight. Amazing weather for it. We figure to get there right as it opens at around 6 and then can get in some rides before it gets dark and the spooks come out (our youngest will probably get freaked). Sort of bittersweet in that this may be our last ever visit to the park. We are planning to put our house up for sale late winter and move to Tampa when school is out, and due to this we didn't renew our passes. I suppose we may do HITP later this year, but even if that's the case, tonight means last ride on the Eagle. That makes me kinda sad. If it is m
  6. Actually it's only been three years since Fireball was added. LOL...Fireball is not a major full circuit steel coaster..its not even a coaster. Are you trolling me? We knew the park wasn't going to get one this year, though. The best chance we are going to have is an announcement next year for a coaster to celebrate the 50th anniversary.
  7. Seeing people whine in the King's Island thread that their park's newly announced gigacoaster isn't unique enough makes me want to punch through my hat. Meanwhile I'm sitting over here ready to talk myself into the tilt-o-whirl we are about to receive.
  8. Ah, ok, I totally forgot about the Tourbillon rides. I'd think that is actually a VERY good possibility. Those things don't take up much room and probably carry a pretty low price tag, even compared to a Discovery. And I think the discussion for the new attraction has been very reasonable here, especially compared to some past years. I'd be ok with a Cyborg Spin as a flat and heck, now it's been brought up I'd say that's probably my odds-on-favorite to be put in. However, I'd be ecstatic if we landed a Discovery. If one of those suckers went in the back of the park, that would be a hell of a v
  9. The roughness in Boss for me is that is shakes super hard at speed and can give me a headache. The roughness in Hurler was that with the cramped train and quick turns, i kept knocking my knees together. Was a real bitch to walk around the park the rest of the day, and I'm a medium sized guy in good shape. I just can't handle the knee slappers. As for the never ending saga or will or won't be get an rmc raptor....we are moving to tampa/st. pete within the next calendar year, so at least I will have a homepark that does have an rmc one way or another, ha! In regards to the Joker, yeah, i
  10. The Freespin still seems to make the most sense to me as well. It would fit just fine right in that area and we are one of the last in the chain without one (actually, are we the only park at this point without one?). Seriously though, the upcoming additions will really be interesting since most of the modern flats SF parks add are now already in place. Outside of Tidal Wave, what would really even come down at this point for replacement? Yeah, I know Ninja is rough but it still operates just fine and for a park like this, I just don't see them removing a mechanically reliable coaster, eve
  11. Went to the park yesterday for the first visit of the year. A few random thoughts- - Supergirl is the best flat in the park, easy. I liked the Fling, but this thing is an improvement in almost every way. It's a blast to ride. The color scheme and lights also look really nice, and it adds a lot to that section of the park. - All the woodies were running the best they ever have for me, collectively. Also, having recently ridden Hurler for the first time at Carowinds, all of a sudden Boss doesn't feel quite as bad, haha (i also took Zach's advise and that worked wonders). - It is ext
  12. Yep, rumor or not I've thought that ride was next to be on the chopping block.
  13. Going by the usual MO of six flags, Supergirl will be open on Memorial Weekend. Good to see that it's already operational and running great a couple weeks ahead of time. Fling was my favorite flat, so I'm excited to ride this. It looks like this goes higher than Fling?
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