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  1. Not gonna be posting a ton of pics but I finally made my first ever trek to holiday world last week. I went Monday July 12 and Tuesday July 13th. I had my three daughters with me. We all enjoyed Holiday World immensely. More on the coasters in a minute, but all of the flats were enjoyable and my kids LOVED the selection. It's nice to have so many classic carnival style flats in a well themed park. I know Holiday World is always known as a clean park, but coming from St. Louis (and by proxy, Six Flags St. Louis as my home park).....it was shocking how clean the park was. Just fantastic. And with having three kids 10 and under, the free drink stations were VERY nice. So, the coasters. Lines were relatively short (it rained part of one day, and it was hot the other so Splashin' Safari was more where people were at) so a lot of coaster time was had. The Voyage really is a monster. That first drop is wild and a lot of airtime was had. It was very intense. Was definitely a rougher wooden coaster and my neck was feeling it, but a heck of a ride. Thunderbird rocks. So incredibly smooth. It's been a minute so I had done a launched coaster and the speed really struck me. The way you are exposed in the train coupled with the speed and smoothness really makes for that cool flying feeling. It's a short ride, made to feel even shorter if you just rode the marathon voyage, but it's all killer no filler. Loved it. The Raven. After having some time to process it since the trip, I think Raven is now my favorite wooden coaster. First off, it felt incredibly smooth for a wooden coaster. Don't get me wrong- it's not steel - but it felt bumpy in the great "out of control" feel a woodie should have, versus "that's going to hurt the next morning" that some are like. Tearing through the woods was an absolute joy. Great airtime. The turn by the lake is so cool! I really can't define why I found it to be the best, as the other two are more "thrilling"....but it just felt like a great ride. Exactly what I want a wooden coaster to be. Disappointingly, the Legend was closed both days. I couldn't get an answer as to why. Oh well, I suppose it at least leaves something for another trip. We did a couple hours at Splashin' Safari and of the water coasters, only got to do Cheetah Chase as lines were too long for the time we had left. Heck of a ride though. Easily my favorite waterslide/ride I've ever been on. Not really a waterpark person, though. Before ending I should also say the park staff was incredibly friendly and made a great visit even better. This is now one of my favorite parks, and it's EASILY my favorite as a family park. Can't wait to go back.
  2. The odd way this was announced tells me this isn't going into one of the big chain parks. I just cannot imagine they would be cool with this kind of "announcement of an announcement". CF and SF (yes, even SF) covet those announcements, especially roller coasters. So does Seaworld/Busch. Just makes me think its an independent park. I don't see one of the bigger companies being ok with it because it could be seen as potentially stealing their thunder of the actual announcement. The way it's so vague and, frankly, kind of amateurish in the way this is less a real announcement and more of a "neener, neener, we know something you don't" also tells me a bigger marketing dept wouldn't be cool with it. Who knows, though.
  3. As someone who is a Halloween nut and that's been to a good number of standalone haunts, I went to my first Fright Fest in 2019 and also thought it was very well done, especially given what I was expecting. I will temper my expectations for this year given everything, but I do look forward to attending it.
  4. I like the discussion here because it shows actual real world examples of how the job situation is much more complex than this whole "people are lazy, cut their employment and they will get back to work" nonsense. Many industries and societal norms were already changing, for better or worse, and the COVID ordeal hastened the change to something faster than many businesses could/can deal with....and it sure seems to me instead of having a conversation about what the real problem may be with certain said businesses, there is just this odd aim to blame "lazy" people which really doesn't accomplish anything. Parks having to combat kids not working because of over-study or too many activities I can see being a real issue. I also do find it to be sad, because so many practical skills are learned at those first jobs. Skills that I'd argue are probably of more value than many of those advanced mathematics or other "impress the college" courses. I'm not sure what the parks are going to do to solve the issue. While Covid may be keeping some of their usual temporary labor at home for this season, I see what Kim says as a trend that isn't going to stop.
  5. "Take emotion out of it and think about it logically". You are arguing to take emotion out of something while injecting a healthy amount of it into the discussion by saying the kids aren't worth what they are being paid, while giving no real evidence of anything. I'd argue that these employees are ABSOLUTELY worth what they are being paid, because the other option is for the parks to not be open. You are also comparing these raises (50-100%) to cost of living adjustments (2%, your stated figured) for something that is apples to oranges. These are seasonal employees for the most part, who made minimum wage before. This 50-100% increase isn't someone going from 60k to 120k a year in a career-type job. It's way less, and, again, it's seasonal for the vast majority. It doesn't take an economist to see that this is basic supply and demand and employees are very much in demand. Without them, the parks have no profit. And yes, you are crapping on them. Which is fine, I guess, but at least own that's what you are doing.
  6. How are things at the park this year? My last visit was Frightfest in 2019. Was mulling over taking my girls there for Father's Day on Sunday, assuming that the park is now more/less operating as per usual.
  7. I am very late to this discussion having actually not visited TPR since this covid stuff started, so apologies for chiming in two weeks later. The things brought up here are things I've been thinking about but couldn't really define. The CF parks feel less chaotic, even when there are a lot more people. It's not even a ride-ops thing or employees running the booths thing (well, it kind of is but i digress), it's just that that everything feels more professional. The constant licensing of things at Six Flags has always been confusing to me. I would assume it's quite expensive to license Batman/Superman etc and not only does it seem completely unnecessary to spend it (i.e. a good ride is a good ride- Millenium Force would not be made better if it was licensed after the Flash or something) but it also actively hurts theming as the SF parks are a mess of themes/heroes.
  8. The Ninja just made the TPR 2019 Top 10 Worst Steel Coasters (non-clone) list, coming in at #9. Finally, something to hang our hat on.
  9. First off, congrats on the baby-makin'. On Boomerang, yeah. I mean listen, as I always say here, I totally believe the folks that work in the park or that visit constantly who say it usually runs well....but the damn thing NEVER runs when I visit and at this point may as well be gone, at least to me. Seriously- every visit the ride not only is down, but never has maintenance working on it or anyone even near it. It just sits as decoration. It's really bizarre that I have such a cold streak with that coaster. If I didn't know better, I'd say the ride was retired already!
  10. I got in my Eagle sunset ride and egads, the old girl is running rough late in the season. Still fun, though. We got in the park at opening on Friday night and everything was walk on pretty much until it was dark. Crowd picked up then, but even at that it was either station waits or just a bit more in some cases. It was a good time.
  11. We are taking the kids to Frightfest tonight. Amazing weather for it. We figure to get there right as it opens at around 6 and then can get in some rides before it gets dark and the spooks come out (our youngest will probably get freaked). Sort of bittersweet in that this may be our last ever visit to the park. We are planning to put our house up for sale late winter and move to Tampa when school is out, and due to this we didn't renew our passes. I suppose we may do HITP later this year, but even if that's the case, tonight means last ride on the Eagle. That makes me kinda sad. If it is my last ride on it, I figure a jaunt through the woods at sunset on a brisk evening is the way to best remember her.
  12. Actually it's only been three years since Fireball was added. LOL...Fireball is not a major full circuit steel coaster..its not even a coaster. Are you trolling me? We knew the park wasn't going to get one this year, though. The best chance we are going to have is an announcement next year for a coaster to celebrate the 50th anniversary.
  13. Seeing people whine in the King's Island thread that their park's newly announced gigacoaster isn't unique enough makes me want to punch through my hat. Meanwhile I'm sitting over here ready to talk myself into the tilt-o-whirl we are about to receive.
  14. Ah, ok, I totally forgot about the Tourbillon rides. I'd think that is actually a VERY good possibility. Those things don't take up much room and probably carry a pretty low price tag, even compared to a Discovery. And I think the discussion for the new attraction has been very reasonable here, especially compared to some past years. I'd be ok with a Cyborg Spin as a flat and heck, now it's been brought up I'd say that's probably my odds-on-favorite to be put in. However, I'd be ecstatic if we landed a Discovery. If one of those suckers went in the back of the park, that would be a hell of a view. Probably a best case for the park actually. If we do get something bigger, next year would probably be our best chance given the anniversary.
  15. The roughness in Boss for me is that is shakes super hard at speed and can give me a headache. The roughness in Hurler was that with the cramped train and quick turns, i kept knocking my knees together. Was a real bitch to walk around the park the rest of the day, and I'm a medium sized guy in good shape. I just can't handle the knee slappers. As for the never ending saga or will or won't be get an rmc raptor....we are moving to tampa/st. pete within the next calendar year, so at least I will have a homepark that does have an rmc one way or another, ha! In regards to the Joker, yeah, its a great family ride and just based on that really needs to stay. It's one of the few rides that aren't ultra kiddy, but also don't have a height requirement. My kids love it.
  16. The Freespin still seems to make the most sense to me as well. It would fit just fine right in that area and we are one of the last in the chain without one (actually, are we the only park at this point without one?). Seriously though, the upcoming additions will really be interesting since most of the modern flats SF parks add are now already in place. Outside of Tidal Wave, what would really even come down at this point for replacement? Yeah, I know Ninja is rough but it still operates just fine and for a park like this, I just don't see them removing a mechanically reliable coaster, even if for another one (like the RMC). And yeah, yuck on a Skywarp. I am being 100 percent serious in that I would much rather us get a tilt-o-whirl or some other classic flat versus one of those. Decent idea on paper, in practice, at least thus far, no deal. They also seem super redundant in a park with a new super looper. If I had my choice on what our next realistic addition would be (I am, sadly, not counting an RMC Raptor as realistic) it would be a giant discovery. Those things look badass. If I had to place money down on what our end of the year announcement will be though, it would be the scrapping of Tidal Wave and installation of a Freespin.
  17. Went to the park yesterday for the first visit of the year. A few random thoughts- - Supergirl is the best flat in the park, easy. I liked the Fling, but this thing is an improvement in almost every way. It's a blast to ride. The color scheme and lights also look really nice, and it adds a lot to that section of the park. - All the woodies were running the best they ever have for me, collectively. Also, having recently ridden Hurler for the first time at Carowinds, all of a sudden Boss doesn't feel quite as bad, haha (i also took Zach's advise and that worked wonders). - It is extremely rare that I ever eat in any theme park, but the heat sapped us yesterday and we didn't have the energy to eat after we left, so we hit up JB's for the first time ever. My wife was in the mood for BBQ and I know that we've heard here it's the best place in the park. You know what? It was actually really good. The pulled pork sandwich was great. Even the chicken tasted good. - It really sucked to have thunder river down in the heat. - When Xcalibur comes back online, we will have a really nice collection of flats. At this point, outside of a Giant Discovery, I'm not sure what I'd even add. Given that our park will rarely ever get a coaster addition, it will be interesting to see what they keep adding year over year since we usually just get flats. - Walked over to check out the tidal wave area and yeah....the story can be it's just down for the year, but I'd bet a couple dollars that the ole girl has given her last ride. The park really needs an attraction on the east side to bring folks over that way, as right now everything good is to the west and traffic is really slanted that way. While a coaster would be best, will a giant discovery fit on that site? I'd assume it will, but I've never seen one in person and am not familiar with the footprint. All in all, a good day. After the disaster that was last year, the park seems to be in a MUCH better spot. It will be interesting to see what they add, now that a lot of refurbs and replacements will be completed by this season's end.
  18. Yep, rumor or not I've thought that ride was next to be on the chopping block.
  19. Going by the usual MO of six flags, Supergirl will be open on Memorial Weekend. Good to see that it's already operational and running great a couple weeks ahead of time. Fling was my favorite flat, so I'm excited to ride this. It looks like this goes higher than Fling?
  20. Captain Obvious. haha Good on you for getting out of this... place... We really enjoy Charlotte and it seems like there is so much less of a cultural/racial divide. It's a very comfortable place to be compared to St. Louis. My wife and I stayed downtown in Charlotte for the weekend and given that we've both wanted out of St. Louis for some time now, we really were thinking hard to moving to Charlotte. Such an amazing city. We both have fantastic jobs here though, which is sort of a boat anchor. Ugh.
  21. That was a fantastic story about finally getting on Fury. That coaster is going to haunt me now. Luckily, work will take me to Charlotte at least once per year, most likely every April. That means I'll be able to indulge on the reg from time to time. And re: the earlier post about Afterburn being world class- yeah I think I agree with that. It was a fantastic ride that was unfortunately wedged between going on the "big 3" at the park. In many other parks that would be a headlining attraction.
  22. I had been looking forward to my first visit once we have a weekend with warm temps. Then I visited Carowinds last weekend for the first time and Fury totally ruined me. I feel like grinding my SF pass into dust now, haha. Hey, at least because of riding Hurler, I now hate Boss just a little less. That rough ass coaster knocked my knees together so much I felt like my hockey days after being whacked in the knees with sticks. Was painful to walk around the park for a bit. At least Boss gives me a good ole fashioned low cranial headache that I can take an aspirin for!
  23. Haha, funny you say that. That's kind of what I felt. Fury is like a bigger, badder, more intense Intimidator. I think I'd actually slot Copperhead above it because at least that is quite unique. Again though, I'd kill for my local park to have a quarter of one of those bad boys (SFSL, ha!).
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