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  1. It seems like the old TW spot would be ideal for a Raptor. Haven't ridden one yet, but we've been shafted for so long on a coaster, I'd love to see the Boss RMC'd or Titan'd. THAT would be a huge bang!
  2. Anyone know what's cookin over at the former Tidal Wave site? I hear there are markers on the ground.
  3. Do they plan to just leave the extra MM track as "broken theming" or are there plans to remove it and spruce up that a little? Could use a little TLC with some flowers or make it not so rigid looking being next to a busy walkway. Assuming they opened it to get butts in seats for the ride. Didn't know if anyone knew more. With respect to LR, I'm also VERY interested in the problems now. Is it a train and launch software/hardware not marrying correctly? I don't recall reports of SO many rollbacks. Lucky I got to ride it the opening month of its original debut years ago.....it was mind blowing.
  4. Yes, there's been testing going on and videos of it. I think the point earlier is that we haven't even seen this thing in action or confirmed riders (IG has had lots of humans riding). EDIT: Same for Ice Breaker at SWO.
  5. I'm now 34, but back in the day those rides were critical to the middle school field trip with your crush! Castaway Kids you two HAD to get a boat alone and hold hands. And then on the Rush Street, how great was it to have your crush smash into you when you sat on the outside
  6. I don't think quite that. Taron is much more aggressive and fast; this is not. Check out some footage of the first half....very floaty.
  7. Not sure if serious. To add to the discussion, I'm also a little perplexed at how it does seem to be crawling....compared to, say, Taron and watching it go through that scenery. Just my two cents. And maybe because the course is a bit more "aggressive" they slowed it down?
  8. Looks like this is outside of the park boundaries. Wonder if it's the city of Eureka doing something? I know there are a lot of traffic problems/issues. I wouldn't think it's a SF investment out there by the outer road....? I could be wrong.
  9. Maybe.....because Dollywood and RMC came to an agreement that RMC would pay for the I-Box due to their mishap of engineering, which caused significant downtime. I'm not sure the Herschend Family Entertainment would want to dump money into Outlaw Run when it's not even 10 years old, yet. I doubt RMC would agree to shelling out for that, either. But, maybe they came to an agreement on both?
  10. Always loved those chaser lights, too! Not sure why they can't do them again......there's not much of a cost there.
  11. I think I asked this in the forum before, but does anyone know if there's a "pre lift" section through the tunnel that used to be there on the original Gwazi? I always thought it was so cool how they came out of the station and crossed each other before the lift. Wondering if RMC did anything similar as a nod? Or something funky like before the lift on some of the newer RMCs.
  12. Anyone know why they cut down so many trees for this? The removal of trees was getting me excited for a track/layout change or added element. Seems strange to clear so much land to just ibox it.
  13. I thought maybe they'd add a barrel roll diving into that main drop and surprise us all. Coulda been cool to launch, small dip, up hill barrel roll, big drop. What a start to a coaster!
  14. I'd have to respectfully disagree, on the bolded. I don't think we're going to be out of this "fully" until July/August at the earliest. MLB, NFL, and MLS are planning to revisit attendance in June or July; also, LiveNation isn't seeing music crowds being able to attend in masses until late summer or fall. There are too many levels of people that this first and second round of vaccinations have to get through until the general populous gets their first round. I certainly HOPE we can get back to "normal", but I think 2021 will be a lot of the same
  15. No idea the cost difference there....it was me thinking out loud and spitballing. I'm with you tho...add an element or 2 unique to CGI and could be a winner!
  16. Just thinking about the SF Darian Lake Titan Tracking of Lake Monster (or whatever their woody is) and wondering if that could be the answer for the Boss? I know the RMC re-do is the coaster nerd go-to and outcry for the ride; but I'd love to see SF take a wildcard shot at letting GCI Titan the Boss and add some elements/"Titan the Boss" for a discount or cheaper option than RMC. I think that's how RMC started with SFoT with the Giant. I just love the Boss and how sprawled out it is, but it takes a toll riding it a few times in a day on my body. Anyone have thoughts?
  17. Just wondering if anyone knows if there's anything pre-hill? Original Gwazi had a cool drop and mini tunnel cross-over. I was curious if they did anything with mini bunny hills or that tunnel as a nod to the original?
  18. Pretty cool drone vid of the park being empty. It's a 9 min vid of the park showing "everything", but I copied at the part where it really zooms in on Pantheon. Pretty cool look. Please don't roast me, but IMO, it looks like a very short ride. I guess leading up to it, I thought it was a bit longer in total. I know, I know "it's not open, can't judge it yet".....but just a bit surprised at the length via this footage:
  19. I see things like this and can't help to think, theme it to Harley Quinn or some BS and replace the MF'ing Ninja ....
  20. If you scrounge other sites, there are leaked plans for it. Double launch, top-hat, show scene, spaghetti bowl of insaneness and worlds longest multi launch. It will sweep across the front of the Discovery Center on the water, as well. It's more along the lines, speed and length of Taron + a couple inversions and show scenes. I'm BEYOND stoked for this one.
  21. I stumbled across this on twitter........forgive me if it's not allowed:
  22. It does look incredible however I can't help but think they could have used a little more of the space inside the outer perimeter of the ride to add some length and another cool element or two. For example after the stall instead of immediately banking left it could have banked right and used the slope of the hill to do a really cool helix before heading back to where the current track is leading back to the station. I'm never satisfied I also thought for the plot of land they're working with, it's a bit short. They had the chance to really make this thing epic.
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