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  1. They also had a slide on the Grand Carousel, but I couldn't zoom clearly to see what they said? Thought that'd get ya fired up too @prozach626
  2. Hearing that the water on Cheetah has stopped again. Anyone know what's up with that? Makes the s bends so much better and feel faster with the water rushing by....and is just a fantastic touch. Sad to see small things like this go away. But then again.....#PantheonTheming
  3. Well said, @prozach626- however, when you know as a corporation the VERY well-overdue thing that would boost more consumer dollars and flat-out ignore it, it's stupid for the corporation to continue turning away from that glaring need. I understand consumer frustration, to that extent. I also agree with you - don't like it, don't support it. It's just mind boggling to me they have a violent, rotting coaster that COULD be a world-class one and be half the cost of building a new, ground-up build. But that's the sh*t we deal with having SFSTL local - and them barely getting by. A small capital investment would, without question, boost their ROI/Revenue exponentially. See any other park that did an RMC conversion.
  4. I think it has been 5 years, maybe more? I should have stated something other than they "closed" it. It's been SBNO for years. Seems like Falcon's Fury might have the same Intamin Flat luck that Phoenix has. Hope not, though.
  5. The park is closing and dismantling their Intamin flat ship: Phoenix. I loved that thing! I thought it was so cool how it'd hang upside down. Lots of people would just watch the ride cycle. It's next to Falcon Fury, so I wonder what the future of that area will be?
  6. I'm hoping Universal takes a page out of Port Adventura's book with their new coaster collab between Intamin and Sally. Thing looks INSANELY good! Gut F&F and put it in there!
  7. This thing looks brilliant! I'm shocked Epic Universe didn't use this "story-telling" type ride for it. Maybe IoA or Studios could add this? Simpsons or Fear Factor Plot? Or just re-do F&F...
  8. Side note - Spartus is a strong name! I don't see anyone mouthing off to Spartus in HR
  9. Any idea how far planning got? I had heard that as well from a person who has family with Eureka Town Hall....so I wonder if it ever got to serious planning? Pretty cool to think what could have been. But also f'n VERY depressing. I think Steel Boss could have moved the needle for STL as WoF and SDC have had capital (SDC way more obviously than WoF).
  10. Not trying to cause any issues. Just what I, personally, felt and observed. I'm just hoping it's more consistently up....that's all that matters.
  11. Again, I'm certainly not here to argue or stir the pot. I do remember opening year vs my experience last year - I came off thinking it was a bit slower, is all. It was a shade slower cresting those first hills and I remember it not having that "insane out of control" feel. That's all. But to each their own; maybe it was just not a perfect ride. I don't know. But it's not worth getting in a back and forth over
  12. I can be on board with some difference in the day, but that is a huge difference. I went on it opening month(ish) back in '16 (spring-ish) and then again last year (summer) and could feel/see a noticeable slower launch up the hill and not the "pop" of airtime at either of the 2 top points of the launch. I'm no scientist, just saying that I definitely noticed a slower launch and less "insanity".
  13. It has significantly changed. The launch is MUCH slower and the ride time is longer, due to that. When it first opened in 2016, that thing was literally insane. Now, it's still fast paced, but it doesn't really leave you totally spirit-less walking off. You can see the difference in speed over the first launch hill here:
  14. Anyone know if they'd consider turning the Eagle trains around for FF? Or 50th? That's something that would be great to see return!
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