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  1. Anyone know if they'd consider turning the Eagle trains around for FF? Or 50th? That's something that would be great to see return!
  2. AND put the racer lights back up! At least on that first drop....that was soooooo cool
  3. I still don't understand why the park doesn't invest in a modern-day Vekoma. Everything I see is brilliant from them. Get that PoS Ninja out of there and replace it with a good Vekoma
  4. It's hard not to be down on a park that has just blatantly ignored a lot of big problems and for whatever reason won't do things to improve the "coaster capital of Missouri" #lolz I also hate to hear capacity issues on a couple of newer/popular rides (Catwoman and Justice). And last time I rode JL, the small things were missing. So much so, my 4 year old was crying because the "Joker looked dead on his bike" and I didn't know how to address that.
  5. I wonder if they'd take on a mine train? LOL I'm sure whatever they would do to it, would be phenomenal. Final lift hill (world's first) mini-launch, uphill barrel roll!!
  6. Scream, the parking lot coaster, in MM is shipped over to us for the plot where Tidal Wave was. At this point, an old B&M would be a jackpot add. That, or we hear the Boss is getting redone (either RMC or Titan). Also, that HITP isn't scratched. I love going there with my family.
  7. Clarifying that I do not have insider knowledge. This was my assumption based on the inside detail the folks behind the article gave.
  8. Based on insider knowledge, it appears the DS idea or pitch is very well still alive. Maybe they cut a deal with Intamin to have this DarkCoaster be a “filler” and the DS project is a 2025 delivery. Either way, I’m pretty jazzed to see the park make good use of an empty plot in this sense. I wish their sister in Tampa would follow the same suit! They’re in desperate need of some “troubled weather” type rides when the FL fronts come thru.
  9. I’m not sure of the policies on this site, but another BGW well-informed site dropped a bomb about DarKastle’s replacement. Anyone heard/know more? From what they report, it’s going to be a very unique indoor Intamin family launched ride with an ending that…..”doesn’t end” (don’t want to give spoilers). If allowed, I’d be happy to link. Otherwise do some searching or check twitter. Sounds like a wonderful addition and a really great concept! If done right, could be a real winner and something some other parks would want to jump on. Cheers
  10. I agree that is doesn't make sense. I'm just relaying what I heard and what the ride ops said. She couldn't have been nicer and knew I wasn't attacking, but just notifying. And she seemed to deliver it as it might be more the norm. WHich, as I said, is sad to hear.
  11. Took my 4 year old to the park on Sunday. He's RIGHT at 42", so we can really only do JL, BBNP, and Mine Train-type stuff. Not sure if it's due to the new corporate cuts or what, but after JL I was talking to a ride ops and just saying the Joker wasn't moving, shooting "gas" and the fire didn't explode (all things my kid looks forward to and is "magical" in his eyes). The ride ops apologized and said due to new corporate cost savings at the end of the year, they've turned that down/off - which was really sad to explain to my kiddo. I'm a 35 year old who has lived local to STL all my life. It's really sad to sift thru some of these comments and see the above type of cuts trickling down. I remember the good ole days of the park as a youngster that fueled my passion for coasters, parks and such. My son asks me to watch rollercoaster videos and such, which is so fun. I hope they realize that the little things matter to the next generations. I know they're not CF, Herschend, Disney, or Universal....but if little things were working and in place, it makes a world of difference. Stepping off soap box
  12. With respect to your post about "not minding if they were to wait 5 years for another attraction", I believe they're putting in a new attraction next year in the form of a re-make/re-vamp of Fire in the Hole. There should have been a pretty large land clearing you saw while there. That's where it's going - from what I understand. I'm not certain what they're doing with the plot/area the current FITH is at. I agree with the charm, I think Dollywood suffers from that now, too. Could be staffing and supply chain issues, if I were a betting man.
  13. I went the opening weekend when it was 60+ degrees. I was shocked that Batman had one train, no Ninja, Mine Train and Spinsanity. As a parent with a 43" kid, there wasn't a ton for him to do. Wait 90 mins for Justice? No thanks. Force him to ride Bug Bunny Nat'l Park rides? He didn't want to. So I left rather frustrated when my kid was so jazzed. Took the "magic" away from the pretty lights, atmosphere and so forth when so much wasn't available and the weather drew big crowds. Glad to hear MT and Spin are up. Batman with 1 train this time of year is literally laughable. Guessing staff issues?
  14. Wondering if it's one of the newer launched Vekoma Bikes or something like Formula with a couple launches and smaller/less intense inversions or 2? Perhaps a package deal was made with them when they bought the Family Invert from Vekoma for WG.
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