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  1. They have this exact same ride in Branson, next to the Branson Ferris Wheel. It just opened a couple of months ago.
  2. I was thinking the same thing when I saw those pics, that it had to be the smaller version. But it should still be a fun ride though. It's definitely the 24 passenger version, it specifically says so on the ride description page. "Super Stats: SUPERGIRL is set to land at Six Flags St. Louis Spring 2019. Guests must be 48 inches and up to ride. SUPERGIRL carries 24 passengers per flight." Am I counting right on the SFOT video, that Over Texas has the 48 passenger version? It's kind of hard to tell.
  3. All I've heard is that maintenance is hoping to get it reopened by next season. Most of the rumblings I've heard about the new addition are pointing to an Endeavor going in Highland Fling's old spot. Of course, we employees really don't have any more knowledge about future additions than most people. But it makes the most sense to me- they already have a queue and ride pad just sitting there. And Fling was a family favorite, lots of guests seem upset when I tell them that it's not there any more, so I'm sure it would be a hit. Whatever ends up going there can't be much taller anyways due to Dragon's Wing flying over the area. To quote Six Flag St. Louis's current website teasing the 2019 new ride: "It's not an exaggeration to say that our August 30 new ride announcement will be bigger than any other news you've heard this year. We're planning something really big for Six Flags St. Louis in 2019!" Now, while the rumored Zamperla Endeavour is a good ride, and certainly would be a logical replacement for Highland Fling, is there anyone out there who thinks that installing one would be "bigger than any other news you've heard this year"? Anyone who thinks that, if that's the ride we're getting, that Six Flags has planned something "really big for Six Flags St. Louis"? Anyone? Anyone? I'm willing to be proven wrong, but I just don't think anyone out there will think that an Endeavour is a "really big" anything at all. As for me, it's simple: no new coaster, no season pass / dining pass renewals. The park has just plain gotten boring for us. Not only is there never anything new that's "really big", but the experience has deteriorated markedly this year. It's not just that most of the time this year, there were constantly numerous rides down (and we have little enough to ride as it is compared to other parks), it's that park management just doesn't seem to care any more about doing the little things that make for a good experience. Just to take one example of many: Why, oh why, is it impossible to keep ice in the drink machines at J.B.s? I mean, really, is it that difficult to figure out a way to make that happen? You know, a few years ago when Dave Roemer was still the Park President, I personally witnessed him walking through the park pushing a cart of ice. I asked him where he was going, and he said J.B.s, because they were out of ice. Now, while I don't expect the park president to regularly restock the ice machines, that Dave was willing to step up and fill in when necessary shows that he was someone who cared about what was going on. We also used to see frequently see Dave at the park exit at the end of the day asking customers (IMHO, since we pay, we're not "guests") how their visit went, or we'd see him walking around the park, and when he did, he'd always stop and pick up a piece of trash if one crossed his path. I'm not going to say that the new management is responsible for the obvious deterioration of the experience at Six Flags St. Louis, but I will say this: since Dave left, I saw Pete Carmichael walking around the park a grand total of once (and I had been going a LOT), and I haven't seen the new Park President Phil Liggett at all this year. One wonders how they can improve the experience if they don't see the experience. Phil could start by, oh, getting a drink at J.B.s on a hot summer day. He'd get the point soon enough why the lack of a new roller coaster, while important, is not the primary reason why, unless a miracle happens and we get one, we will not even be considering dropping in excess of $500 on season passes and dining passes for 2019.
  4. I agree it will likely be the Troika. It would fit well into Fling's spot and, like Boomerang (a truly terrible ride) it would cost next to nothing to put it in. However, I have had enough of these kinds of carnival rides, not to mention Six Flags St Louis's inability to even keep the crummy rides they have up and running. If the Troika is the "really big" announcement mentioned on the Six Flags St Louis "Big Online Event" page, we will not be renewing our season passes and dining passes this year. Honestly, between the carnival rides and the rides that don't work, Six Flags St Louis has become boring to us and we don't go nearly as often as we used to. I am hoping against hope that they will announce something worthwhile this year, but given corporate's reluctance to spend any money on our park, I'm not expecting much. I think we will take the money we save from not renewing, put some more towards it, and go on a cruise instead.
  5. This is sitting near the Log Flume, next to the entrance to the first aid station. It looks freshly painted. Anybody know what it is? Mysterious ride car by the Log Flume
  6. It's suffering downtime right now. It's closed, with no announced date to reopen. On a related topic, anyone know when Colossus is going to reopen?
  7. OK, I have a definitive answer on the Boss. I followed the simplest possible method: I asked Six Flags on their Facebook page about the helix and got the following reply: "During the annual winter rehab on our rides, The Boss was modified by removing 420-feet of track from the helix to improve the rider experience on that section of the wooden coaster." I asked what was there now and the reply was "It will still have a 180° banked turn in that section." So there it is.
  8. So there was lots of discussion of House of Nightmares back in 2014, and then... nothing. Looked like a great concept so can someone who has been through it tell me about what it's like?
  9. Wow, the park is staying open (albeit weekends only) straight through from March through the end of December!
  10. Glad you're coming down! The two parks are quite different; the only coaster they both have is Batman, and ours is a mirror image of the one in Chicago, so it even feels a bit different. I haven't been on Justice League in Chicago, but I would expect it's identical and therefore skippable. I would also recommend skipping Boomerang and Ninja. They're just not good, and your time is better spent on other rides. I wouldn't expect huge crowds that weekend. The waterpark is a big draw, so attendance is low until it opens. If crowds are larger than usual, get a Flash Pass; otherwise, don't worry. I tell people to start with American Thunder and work your way around clockwise. That puts some of the lower capacity rides like American Thunder and Pandemonium early in your day. As for flats, if you like spinning or flipping rides, don't miss Excalibur. It's a nearly unique flat. Sky Screamer is really good too. Don't worry if Superman is down; Great America's drop tower is better (and ours is down a lot). Have fun! Justice League in St Louis is not identical to Chicago. The screens are the same, but the practical stuff is somewhat different, and the path the cars follow is different. The overall effect is not exactly the same.
  11. You know, the Marketing Supervisor job looks pretty interesting, since Six Flags St Louis's marketing needs a pretty major overhaul, but it'd have to pay at least $80k a year to convince me to switch jobs. And what in the heck does "Ensure that all team members within assigned areas are properly selected, trained, and scheduled to perform their job responsibilities" have to do with marketing, anyway? well definitions vary - marketing in some places can mean direct selling as you know - my guess is ( and I know nothing) that as a "marketing supervisor" for six flags st Louis you would be in the "marketing dept" and your duties would be over seeing a section of the parks shops and stands that sell things and make sure that they are properly staffed and inventoried and trained etc. I do not think there is much in the way of "marketing" six flags itself in that particular job. My guess is it is NOT a 80k a year job maybe 15-20K? good luck Kevin Actually the job description does include quite a bit of actual marketing stuff, alone with running the entry scanners and the above staffing duties. It's almost like they conflated two completely different jobs into one. It's a full time job with quite a few duties, so if it pays $20K, I think they are going to have trouble finding anyone to do it, LOL. I didn't pull the $80K figure out of thin air; I think it's a fair salary for the job description. I'm sure they're not paying that, though!
  12. You know, the Marketing Supervisor job looks pretty interesting, since Six Flags St Louis's marketing needs a pretty major overhaul, but it'd have to pay at least $80k a year to convince me to switch jobs. And what in the heck does "Ensure that all team members within assigned areas are properly selected, trained, and scheduled to perform their job responsibilities" have to do with marketing, anyway?
  13. Is there even fire in this version? I know the one at Great America does but I've never ridden this one with the fire effect on. There is a fire effect at the end of the animatronic Joker room, and it works most of the time. However, shooting at the fog screen targets hasn't been working for weeks.
  14. I think it's a good investment. I rode it at SDC and it was a really fun ride. My 10 year old liked it so much he rode it 4 times in a row. Yes, it's a flat ride and not a hyper coaster. So what? Flat rides are a good thing. Some people (not myself) are not roller coaster fans and a park like Six Flags needs flat rides.
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