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1. Disneyland

2. Universal Studios Hollywood

3. Six Flags Magic Mountain

4. Knott's Berry Farm

5. Warner Bros. Movie World

6. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

7. Disney's California Adventure

8. Alton Towers

9. Dreamworld

10. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

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1. Disneyland

2. Silverwood Theme Park

3. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

4. Six Flags Magic Mountain

5. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom


I judge based on atmosphere and ride collection, but I keep it subjective. I'm looking forward to gaining some new favorites, although I'm sure it won't affect my love for the ones currently on the list.

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Might as well add my top ten in.


1. Epcot

2. Busch Gardens Williamsburg

3. Dollywood

4. Cedar Point

5. Sea World Orlando

6. Islands of Adventure

7. Disney's Hollywood Studios

8. Busch Gardens Tampa

9. Universal Studios Orlando

10. Carowinds (Only in this spot thanks to Intimidator)

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My top parks...


1. The Animal Kingdom

2. Epcot

3. The Magic Kingdom

4. Busch Gardens Williamsburg

5. Disney's Hollywood Studios

6. Islands Of Adventure

7. Dollywood

8. Hersheypark

9. Seaworld

10. Six Flags Over Georgia

11. Carowinds

12. Kings Island

13. Kings Dominion

14. Six Flags America

HM. Go Kart Plus

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Gee..tough one because I have to group all the resort parks together which may be cheating lol. After the top 3 it's hard for me to order them...


1. Walt Disney World

2. Universal Orlando

3. Cedar Point



Disneyland Resort

Busch Gardens Williamsburg



Holiday World

Six Flags over Georgia

Six Flags Great Adventure


Silver Dollar City

Six Flags Great America



...see I cant pick! lol

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#1 - Hershey Park

I have been here about 5 or 6 times, and every time has been an enjoyable time for me. I have always hit a nice low crowd with a nice sky. Wonderful staff, wonderfull rides, and really not a lot to complain about. There is a lot of stuff outside the park to do such as Zoo America and the Hershey Factory. It also holds 3 rides from my favorite company, and two from 2nd place favorite. All of the coasters are awesome.

#2 - Busch Gardens Europe

Over Aim I would always defend KD in the BGE vs KD debate, but to be honest. Busch Gardens is better when it comes down to atmosphere and as a park. Sure it may not have a large amount of rides, and it may of lost BBW, but for the rides that they do hold, there is always something special about that ride. There is no cloned coasters at all, and all the coasters are themed. There is shade through out there park. There is also a lot of nice shows, restaurants, and even shops!

#3 - Cedar Point

I've always made this park to seem bad when talking to people, but to be honest I liked it. Granted my favorites are of the minority to a lot of the people, and in my two visits there (yes, I went again. Was awesome) It has a lot of rides that suck like Mantis, Magnum, Mine Train, and Iron Dragon, but if you set those rides a side you still have some really awesome rides like Corkscrew, Maverick, Mean Streak (2nd time there, this ride gave me something that was awesome), and Gemini. There is a good collection of flat rides there, and all of which are awesome. In the two times I went there I was able to avoid large crowds, and get lines of a max with 10 mins. The reasoning for my original hatred for the park was just that I felt that the rides had a large disappointment to them, and it wasn't really "the greatest thing for a coaster enthusiast". Yes, it had everything Hershey did with more, but it couldn't hold the hype that everyone gave it. Which is why it is at #3.

#4 - Kings Dominion

Its my home park.... I like all the rides there, I have gained a large amount of experiences from getting stitches in my eye to riding my first coaster. I like all the coasters including Hurler, which is a ride I considered over-hated and underrated.

#5 - Sea World Orlando

Fish are doing shows to entertain me, while there are coasters in the background! Is this awesome or is this awesome?

#6 - Dollywood

Besides the main theme of the park being based around a country singer, this place is sweet. There is a GCI, a Eurofighter, and an awesome water park. I love the mountain environment it has. Its a lot like Busch Gardens with the whole entertainment over the amount of rides it holds.

#7 - Six Flags Great Adventures

I was expecting this park to suck, because a lot of people have crappy times at six flags parks that arn't in California. However, the time I was there, it was a pretty enjoyable time. The weather was moderately warm throughout the two days we went there (we - me , travis, and his sister), and the crowds where really low. The problem I had with the park is that some of the staff where in the situation at Six Flags Over Georgia where they just didn't care about . It wasn't as bad as SFOG, but it was noticed that the staff could care less about us that day....

#8 - Carrowinds.

This park did feel like Kings Dominion with more trees, thats the overall feel I got. However, unlike KD it doesn't hold the same memoreys or experiences I had. All of the rides where pretty good, and I think the park needs some more in the flat ride division.

#9 - Kennywood.

It was a nice park in the woods. It really doesn't stand out when you first look at it, but once you get to the rides and start riding, you can see the difference between newer rides and older rides. I just love this park for that.

#10 - Dorney Park

Nothing really draws back about this park, but there isn't anything that says "Hey look at me". The experience I had was awesome, and I would love to go back there again. Just as long as I'm in the same situation I try to put myself in with where it looks like it will be bad weather, but then it turns into a awesome weather. Then yeah, sure I'll go again.

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Note: Needless to say, these rankings are very rough. I just thought I might as well make an attempt.


1. Disneyland

2. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

3. Indiana Beach

4. Silver Dollar City

5. Silverwood Theme Park

6. Holiday World

7. Adventureland

8. Valleyfair

9. Worlds of Fun

10. Six Flags Magic Mountain

11. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

12. Enchanted Forest

13. Six Flags St. Louis

14. Six Flags Great America

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1) Hershey Park - SuperDooperLooper will always hold a special place in my heart + Stormrunner is bangin'

2) Epcot/MGM - Probably the two greatest parks from an engineering and entertainment aspect. I also refuse to call it "Hollywood Studios"

3) Six Flags Great Adventure - I <3 Nitro

4) Dorney Park - More personal history, all my friends hate it but I love

5) Busch Gardens Williamsburg - Apollo's Chariot, where I fell in love with B&M

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My top 10 (out of the 26 I have been to):


1. Universal Studios Florida (tie)

1. Islands of Adventure (tie)

3. Six Flags Magic Mountain

4. Cedar Point

5. Six Flags Great Adventure

6. Kings Dominion

7. Busch Gardens Africa

8. Kings Island

9. Dorney Park

10. Kennywood


If Geauga Lake/SFWoA still existed with all original rides still operating (X-Flight, Dominator/Batman, Superman/SV/Possessed, Serial Thriller/Thunderhawk, Big Dipper, Villain, etc.) I would put it at number 8 and move KI to 9 and Dorney to 10.

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I'm just going with 5....


5. Coney Island, OH. Kind of cheating since I work there, but its a nice park. Might not be the biggest place or anything, but its got some pretty cool rides (EPIC dodgems, Rock'o'Planes, a decent credit, Super Round Up), and the largest re-circulating pool in the world! Not to mention its an overall nice atmosphere, and since most people think KI when they go to Cincinnati, Coney usually isnt too busy and you know what that means....


4. Six Flags. Yes, I'm talking the chain in general. From the ones I've been to, SF parks are kind of hit or miss, and greatly depend on either coming with a plan or a flashpass to have a good time. In general, each park has enough to do to keep you occupied, some pretty awesome coasters, and decently themed areas. Might be a little hit-or-miss in the long run, but I think theyre better parks than CF in general (so speaks the guy who was pretty much born and raised at Kings Island)


3. Holiday World. God, I love living so close to this legenedary park...Some of the world's best woodies, a great water park, free unlimited Pepsi, and some of the best customer service I've seen to date. Honestly, whats not to love about this park? Will's passing was among the biggest tragedies to befall me since I strive to be like him (park owner with good public relations and such), but I'm confident that HW will continue to be a great park in the future....


2. Kennywood. A perfect mix of classic atmosphere, unique rides, and the technology that thrillseekers love. Kennywood is home to my 100th coaster (Phantom), awesomly themed attractions like Exterminator and Noah's Ark, and that new little piece of awesome Sky Rocket, along with good customer service, plenty of rides you won't find anywhere else (uphill flume, auto-race, Noah's Ark, Kangaroo just to name a few), and the best fries ever....and thats just the start of it


1. Knoebels. Anyone who knows anything about me should have seen this coming a mile away. I'm a sucker for traditional parks and good customer service. That aside, ZOMFG I this place! They really know how to turn ordinary rides into spectacular attractions (Cosmotron anyone?), have awesome food, Fascination, a pretty cool flume and haunted house, SKLOOSH, and thats just the tip of the iceburg. Oh, and don't get me started on the coasters..Lets just say I got my HSTC credit, and Phoenix...well, yeah. You should all know about me and my favorite coaster that changed how I rate everything by now.

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1. Legoland Billund

Sentimental favourite, first theme park I ever went to - and I'm a Lego geek, what can I say?


2. Disneyland Resort (CA)

Everything I like about Disney theme parks, and yes, I do include California Adventure in this.


3. Dollywood

Atmosphere so thick you could cut it with a breadknife, and so rich I was full after one day - and I still want more!


4. Chessington World of Adventures

My favourite steel 'coaster, Vampire..my tied favourite mouse, Rattlesnake..my favourite spinner, Dragon's Fury. Says it all, for me.


5. Alton Towers

The closest the UK comes to a fantastic all-round park in the vein of a Busch Gardens, and the 'coasters, on average, are great.


6. Europa Park

Good dark ride selection, thoroughly themed, best powered 'coaster in the world.


7. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk

My favourite woodie, and the location is to die for.


8. Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Same as Santa Cruz, but transplanted to Lancashire.


9. Epcot

Just cool, in my opinion.


10. Six Flags Magic Mountain

Enough 'coasters that I can enjoy the majority - the only 'pure amusement park' I've ever had a hankering to return to.

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Here are my Top 10 Parks.


10. Six Flags Magic Mountain

This place has a pretty good collection of roller coasters, as well as one of my favorites (X2). But I also just really like SFMM as a home park. I have many childhood memories connected to the park and it definitely feels like a second home for me.


9. Holiday World

This park is simply awesome. The staff are friendly, the park is clean, the rides are awesome, and the drinks are free. What's there to not like?


8. Kennywood

I just really like this park. They have a great balance of great coasters, great atmosphere, great food, nice history, and is just overall, a really great place.


7. Knoebels

Like with Kennywood, Knoebels has a great balance of everything. I really like their wooden coasters, their flat rides are quirky and awesome, and the whole campground feel of it just screams "FUN!!" to me.


6. Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

3 really amazing B&Ms + Good Food + Lots of Animals + Nice Atmosphere = One hell of a good park.


5. Silver Dollar City

This place is so well themed that it practically doesn't even feel like a theme park. It feels more like an 1800s town. Plus, they have a great selection of rides, great food, and some really unique attractions such as a cave tour that really makes you forget you're at a theme park.


4. Disneyland Resort

Yeah, it's Disneyland. Lots of good theming, good food, good shows, and rides that everyone can enjoy and are known around the world.


3. Cedar Point

While it's not the Jesus of theme parks like the Travel Channel makes it out to be, Cedar Point is still a really good park. They obviously have a really good collection of coasters including my all time favorite coaster, but they also are a really rounded park with a really good flat ride collection, a really good water ride collection, and lots of stuff to do, and all with a really nice setting by Lake Erie.


2. Universal Orlando Resort

They've got many good rides. The coasters they have are great, areas are well themed, and both parks just seemed like really fun places.


1. Walt Disney World Resort

Yeah, there's a lot to do at Disney World. You've got 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, and many other stuff that isn't even talked about here. There's just so much here that I love it.

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1: Busch Gardens Williamsburg

The most beautiful, most thrilling, clean, and nice people. Sad BBW is gone, really takes away from the park, but she's still my favorite.

2: Busch Gardens Tampa

Great animals, awesome coasters, nice people. Kumba's recent restoration worked great, made it look and feel new. The only thing bad about the park is Gwazi's PTC trains.

3: SeaWorld Orlando

I like fishys! Very nice park, beautiful, awesome coasters (Kraken&Manta), and great shows. Nothing I really dislike about the park.

4: Dollywood

Beautiful, clean, the nicest people, awesome water rides, Thunderhead, great shows, Thunderhead, great coasters (Thunderhead), zip lines, and Thunderhead. Only thing I don't like is you have to climb a mountain to get to Slidewinder.

5: Islands of Adventure

Harry Potter is awesome... Jurassic Park is great too, besides them, nothing else really that great to me.

6: Six Flags Great Adventure

Well... it has Nitro and Toro... besides that there's some okay rides. It kinda lacks in cleanness and nice people.

7: Six Flags over Georgia

Much nicer people than SFGAdv, and cleaner (With the exception of Monster Mansion, which is horribly moldy). Goliath is the only really good coaster, Scorcher is fun too, everything else is okay.

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