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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

P.. 420: Pirates of Speelunker Cave announced for 2022!

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Great TR!!


Joker - OK, so I had not ridden this ride yet, nor any of its clones. Last year it was either down or too long of a wait. Today it was a walk-on, so we figured why not.....well...2 days after the fact, I still don't know if I sort of liked it or hated it...It was more intense than I thought it would be. We flipped 4 or 5 times and it felt like I was going to fall out of the car. On the forward flips it felt like someone kicked me in the head, not sure why. I recognize it for being unique and I sort of enjoyed most of it except when the car flipped forward....Now, we have ridden X at SFMM back when it opened the first year...the wife and I loved that. We didn't love this. I came off this with a headache, which almost never happens, even when I ride SLC's or old Arrow loopers. TBT at a later date


The first time I rode a Joker clone it was the one at Great Adventure. I rode it once, and got off the damn thing hating how much it beat me around. I swore I would never ride another one of these god forsaken rides!!! However, after getting some feedback here on TPR, I decided to give the one at SFOT a go last weekend. . . Everyone said: "Make your restraint as tight as humanly possible, and keep your head pressed back against the headrest as much as you can."


So, this is what I did and... HOLY CRAP!!! I actually ended up LOVING the ride!!! Once I got rid of the "being beaten" effect, and was able to actually enjoy the ride, I came off LOVING it. I even found myself wanting to ride it again and again!!! Those who asked me what it was like I explained it to them as: "Getting to know what it feels like to be a random article of clothing in the a dryer." Seems like a pretty accurate description!!


Next time you get a chance to ride one of these try the "tight harness, and head pressed back the entire ride" trick, and I bet you will come off with a new love for the ride!

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I sure hope that Troika find its way into another Six Flags park. They're excellent rides.


SFSTL has the perfect spot for it now that Highland Fling is gone ...

Yes please! That would actually be a great addition.


My understanding is the Troika is in storage at the moment. But I'm not so sure SFOT is willing to part with one of it's best family rides. They may simply re-theme it and relocate it to another section of the park.


Here's a shot I took of RMC Giant's lift hill today. Sure am proud of this thing!!

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I'd love to see them put the Troika across from the Sidewinder over by Titan. There really isn't much else over in that corner. I think it would give something for little kids and parents to ride while their older kids and teenagers are riding Titan.

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never been able to figure this out, so maybe someone knows?


how the heck did the shorthand for New Texas Giant come to be: NTAG


I don't get where that "A" comes from?

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The wife and kids went to Hurricane Harbor today for their preview day and since I am out on waterparks, I decided to spend a few hours at SFOT. A quick report and some thoughts.


The park was not busy at all. The longest wait was about 20 minutes for Sky Screamer and Giant. Quite a few walk-ons. Overall ride ops weren't bad, EXCEPT Texas Giant. The dispatches were not good. Each ride should have been 5-10 minutes (most could have been no wait with better ops) at the absolute most...The station workers took so long to check restraints and spent more time talking to each other than anything else. I go to have fun and it takes a lot to annoy me at parks, but every single time through the station was the same thing. OK, rant over.


New Texas Giant - 7 rides - Longest wait about 10 minutes. Man, I just love this thing the more I ride it! Definitely top 10.

Titan - 1 ride - Walk-on. Once is enough each trip. Love the drop and the one airtime hill, but leaves me wanting more.

Shockwave - 2 rides - both walk-ons. A really underrated coaster.

Mine Ride- 1 ride - walk-on. Rough and jerky but still a classic.

Runaway Mountain - 1 ride - 10 minute wait. Fun indoor excitement.

Batman - 1 ride - 5 minute wait - short, fun and intense as always.

Sky Screamer - 1 ride - 20 minute wait. Always like the big swing.

Justice League - 4 rides- all basically walk-ons thanks to the single rider line. Always fun and still can't get above 300,000...One day


Also tried out the new Cheesesteak and Tots place. It wasn't too bad at all. The food lines were no more than 10-15 minutes.


The concrete is done on HQ and it looks like the base of the ride is being installed, from what I could see from Sky Screamer. I don't think it will take all that long, now that is going vertical.


All in all, a fun day, although would have preferred not to do it alone.


Visited Fiesta and ZDT last weekend for the first time. I hope to get a photo trip report up sometime this week.

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