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Six Flags Over Texas (SFOT) Discussion Thread

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Here are some pics I took at the park today.


The line for Riddler is as long as ever. My Diamond Elite skip the line pass came in handy!


Behind this wall is where Harley is being constructed. So far, the ride parts are just sitting there waiting to be assembled.


This is where the old boomtown arcade used to be.


The lights on Riddler look beautiful at night.


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... you get 1 pass with Diamond membership and 2 with Diamond Elite- per visit.


When Six Flags comes out with a membership that allows unlimited line skips every visit I'll be interested in looking at their memberships, until then I'll stick with a season pass.


Though, I really wish Six Flags had a Diamond Platinum Titanium Turquoise Ruby Sapphire Elite membership where you could pay for it all at once instead of paying for it every month. I personally don't see the point in paying for a theme park pass monthly when you can get a season pass and pay for it all upfront. Then again I'm also the person who doesn't see the point in spreading out the purchase price for the newest iPhone monthly when you could just pay for it upfront.

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^ they do offer unlimited --gold-- flash pass on a per park basis. With the diamond elite it's 50% off and not a bad price. I don't think it double dips with the free upgrade (ie: I don't think you get Platinum every time, but maybe! -- I'll ask in the live chat on Monday) -- Not good at every park unfortunately, whereas the two free skips work at any park you go to. Also it's on a calendar year basis, not a month to month basis, which makes things more confusing juggling a membership and certain upgrades.




I'm guessing the reason for the monthly payments at Six Flags is to keep you going after your year is up. "It's only $8 / x.xx a month, so I mind as well keep it going..." and so they are getting revenue year round instead of (I'd imagine somewhat heavier pass sales) when they do their yearly flash sale. I'm only guessing though.

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I would imagine season pass sales are heaviest at the beginning of summer, when there's the most value, and they taper off through the year. The membership gives you 12 months no matter when you buy it, so you can buy a membership in September confident that you'll still use it enough the next year. Plus if you like it you just keep it going, no expiration. It's really a great system, I wish more parks would do it.

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Diamond Elite parking is another perk. I arrived at the park yesterday around 2:30 pm. I showed my Elite pass at the entrance and was told to head straight into the special Diamond Elite parking area, about 50 feet away from the front gate! I can park here every time I visit the park as long I make my reservation the day before.

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The skip pass works the same as a flash pass. You can choose which rides you want to use them on, you get 1 pass with Diamond membership and 2 with Diamond Elite- per visit.
So you essentially get two cards (if elite), correct?

- Do you have to choose the rides ahead of time at time of pickup?

- Does it work on Platinum-only rides?

- Can you give a card to a friend to ride with you who doesn't have diamond?

- At the ride (after you pick up your cards) do they check your membership card at all, or strictly the pass/ticket you give them at the ride?



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The skip pass works the same as a flash pass. You can choose which rides you want to use them on, you get 1 pass with Diamond membership and 2 with Diamond Elite- per visit.
So you essentially get two cards (if elite), correct?

- Do you have to choose the rides ahead of time at time of pickup?

- Does it work on Platinum-only rides?

- Can you give a card to a friend to ride with you who doesn't have diamond?

- At the ride (after you pick up your cards) do they check your membership card at all, or strictly the pass/ticket you give them at the ride?







No, only the ticket

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Since this seems to be The Thread for people talking about the upgrades, I'll just mention it here for anyone who may have tried and gotten sent in circles earlier today: you can upgrade your membership online now. (I didn't.)

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Six Flags Over Texas Trip Report 3/4/18


The family and I visited SFOT on Sunday 3/4 and although it is couple days later, I wanted to share some thoughts and few pictures from the visit.


Overall, I would have to say this was one of the better experiences we have had at a park in a long time. The weather was cloudy and called for about a 50% chance of rain. My thought (hope) was it would keep most people away...and for the most part it did! It never really did rain hard at all. Just some drizzle, so it never did effect operations. The park was rather empty. We had literal walk-ons on almost everything. We were able to ride everything we wanted, multiple times. The longest wait was for Mr. Freeze at about 20 minutes, but that was due to it being down a good part of the day and only running one side. Even the food lines were non-existent, for some perspective. So let's get to it;


The park opened at 10:30 and we were there at 9:45-10. There were maybe 20 cars in the lot. We were quickly through security and waited for the rope drop. Having the Gold Membership, we were able to get into the park at 10:20am. We headed right for Justice League, since it one of the not so many that we can all ride together and enjoy.


Justice League: Battle for Metropolis - We got the first ride of the day! This is a really fun ride. The entire family likes it and somehow, someway I can get a higher score than my son, who just turned 10. He said he doesn't understand how I can get such a high score since he plays video games more than me. I told him it just because I am daddy - - 7/10




My score on JL - the screen showed top 2%, don't know about all that but it impressed the kids


We wanted to do Pandemonium next, however, it was closed. The sign said due "technical adjustments." Thought I read somewhere that Pandemonium was getting a station upgrade or something like that. No one was working on it and it never opened.


Runaway Mine Train was next; - Decent ride. It was not the smoothest, but for 50+ years and being the first Arrow Mine Ride can't complain. Kids liked it! 5/10


We decided to head towards the DC area. Riddler had no line at all, so that was a no-brainer to do next.


Riddler - Walk-on. What a great, fun and intense ride. The wife and I enjoyed it a great deal. Kids sat this one out. 9/10


SkyScreamer was next on the list - Walk-on. This turned into even more of thrill ride than it normally is. It was pretty breezy, probably about 20 mph or so. As we got up higher, the swing my son and I were in started twisting in the wind, going almost 180 degrees while we were going around. There were moments where we were almost backwards, spinning 400 feet in the air. All that added to it being even more exciting than normal. Loved it! - 9/10


Judge Roy Scream was next - Eh...It is a wooden coaster with an out and back layout....It is just kind of there...Not bad, not really good. This is one coaster that I can truly take it or leave it. Hopefully, one day, the park will get a top notch woodie to add the ride collection. 4/10


Batman was calling us next - The wife and I always enjoy Batman (we have liked just about every B&M invert we have been on). The cool thing is that my daughter really wanted to ride it. This would be her first invert ever. It was a 2 train wait for the front row and we were off! As usual, a quick, fast, intense ride. Not much in the way of head banging which is always a good thing. The best part...my daughter loved it!! She couldn't wait to ride it again! - 8/10



Stopped off for a couple of kids rides including the Batwing, and the Mini Mine Train. Don't judge


Justice League one more time before lunch - 5 minute wait.


Lunch was OK. All-American grill. Pizza and chicken fingers. The food was fine, not great, but really don't expect it to be.

I do love the dining passes though. Like being able to spend an entire day, having a great time and not worrying about spending a dime - in the park!


Next up..Runaway Mountain - We really like RM. With it being indoors, it takes, what could be a real bore, into a nice, fun, somewhat exciting family coaster. Nice and smooth with some good turns and drops. 6/10


We were still letting our food settle a bit so we made our way over to...

Yosemite Sam's Gold River Adventure - Walk-on. I think that this is a really underrated ride. It is not anywhere close to "thrilling", but it is a solid, family attraction. The scenes and story are interesting and it is a nice long ride. The animatronics seemed to be working fine. I didn't notice anything missing or not working (unlike the Bugs Bunny log flume at SFFT). 5/10



A quick stop by the antique cars - also a walk-on. and then......




New Texas Giant - 2 train wait for the front row. Man, I love this coaster! One of my favorites. A great first drop, with actual theming at the top of the hill. Long, interesting layout. Nice overbanks with a silly amount of ejector air...all that and silky smooth! Just a top-notch coaster in my book. 10/10



Yes, the park is this empty!




Titan was next - Walk-on. This is truly one of the more disappointing coasters I have ridden. It is not a bad coaster, as it has some good qualities, it's just that it could have been so much more. It has a really nice first drop and one decent airtime hill. It is super intense in the helices. It just isn't a whole lot of fun to me. With the size and initial speed that it has, it could have been a top 10-15 coaster, with a better layout, IMO. 6/10


We walked over to Shockwave - Also a walk on. In fact we had the train entirely to ourselves...at 2:30 in the afternoon. Shockwave is classic that a lot of people don't talk about. Hard to believe it is 40 years old! It is still pretty smooth, intense and fun, fun, fun. The loops are great and there is more airtime than you would imagine just by looking at it. 8/10



They had the whole train to themselves also!


Making our way around the park - we rode the Mine Ride again. Then onto IMG_1473.thumb.JPG.f4a7e3a4ef69398e782807a3e8ba24ca.JPG


Mr. Freeze - This was about a 20 minute wait. Actually I feel fortunate that we got to ride. It was down, from the time the park opened until about 3pm. Once it opened, the people that were there must have made a rush there. They were only running one side as well. The ride?? It was great! Loved the backward launch! It was super fast, intense and an overall terrific ride. 8/10


We rode Batman again and then the kids did the Batwing. Then there was....JOKER


Joker - OK, so I had not ridden this ride yet, nor any of its clones. Last year it was either down or too long of a wait. Today it was a walk-on, so we figured why not.....well...2 days after the fact, I still don't know if I sort of liked it or hated it...It was more intense than I thought it would be. We flipped 4 or 5 times and it felt like I was going to fall out of the car. On the forward flips it felt like someone kicked me in the head, not sure why. I recognize it for being unique and I sort of enjoyed most of it except when the car flipped forward....Now, we have ridden X at SFMM back when it opened the first year...the wife and I loved that. We didn't love this. I came off this with a headache, which almost never happens, even when I ride SLC's or old Arrow loopers. TBT at a later date


After the Joker and some Advil we rode the train. The conductor was really entertaining and was making corny jokes the whole time. We enjoyed the train ride and made a loop around the park.


Another stop at Justice League and then dinner. The food was actually good. The Brisket Fries are highly recommended!


One other thing I should mention were the employees. Now, I now it is SF and early in the year but the employees actually seemed happy to be there and were very pleasant! I don't think we encountered any that were not friendly. Some of them, unprompted, greeted us, asked how we were and made sure we were enjoying ourselves. I know this sounds minor but being at a SF park it was very noticeable.


After dinner, we did the antique cars, the merry-go-round....




and a somewhat night ride on Texas Giant, again a walk on.


The kids had school so we had to get home, but left the park very satisfied.


Other general impressions - Several food stands were not open, as expected with the low crowds and being early in the year. There was a lot of construction in certain areas of the park. The "new" Harley Quinn area is just a fenced/walled off area. There doesn't appear to be any vertical construction, so it is gonna be a little bit before it opens. The "old" Harley Quinn area is just sitting the empty, kind of weird looking just an empty spot.

The park, finally this year is supposed to have more (some?) Coca-Cola Freestyle machines. These appear to be going in the former Go Fresh Cafe and the old Cold Stone locations. They are not open yet but we could see the machines inside.


The Oil Derrick was closed. It said due to technical difficulties but looked to be getting a new paint job. El Aserradero was not running, nor was Roaring Rapids. Not a big deal as we had water falling from the sky part of the day.


This was a great way to begin our 2018 Coaster/Theme Park Adventures! Can't wait to get to a few parks we have never been to this year, including SDC for Spring Break!

Hope y'all enjoyed the report!

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great report, and envious as there are several things at SFoT that I have not gotten to ride yet (Mr. Freeze has never been up when I've been, and haven't been since they converted Texas Giant. . so that, JL, Riddler, Catwoman. . all new to me).


luckily we'll be there at some point this year with our passes.


You didn't mention Catwoman, or if you did, I missed it. . . did you ride that? Incredibly curious as to how the "open seating Enterprise" feels when on it.


if you saw my Fiesta TR (which I'm assuming you did, since the comment on the loony tunes being AWOL on Bugs Bunny), then try Joker again with the restraints super tight. . .as tight as you can get them.

Spinning WITH the car, instead of bouncing around in the restraints at each spin, makes a world of difference.



Great Pics of Giant! thanks for sharing the report! Makes me want to go up to SFoT sooner, rather than later. Hopefully sometime before June.

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We didn't ride Catwoman - I don't really do fast, spinning rides very well anymore. My daughter wanted to go on it but my wife wasn't feeling it. I am sure they will ride it next time out. It looks like fun to me but I would be out of commission if I rode it.


I did read your SFFT report and it was great, as always. We will be down in San Antonio in April to do Fiesta for the first time and ZDT.

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Just got back from the park.


Harley Quinn parts waiting to be assembled


This is the only place you see the Harley Quinn parts


Titan at sunset


New Texas Giant tunnel


NTAG is as awesome as ever


Teal train


Nothing like a nighttime shot of Riddler


The RMC Giant looks so breathtaking from a distance

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