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  1. TDD started running again so I walked over. Even though it was down at the 330 access pass time, they still gave them out. So I missed out entirely this trip. I've been at the beach since 6pm and notice it hasn't been running so back down again. Got to ride SV 3 times this trip, waiting only 30 minutes each time, so I'm happy for that.
  2. I'm here now. Was running this morning mad I didn't know so didn't get an access pass. Was gonna try at 330 when they give them out again but says down on my app. I've been watching while waiting in SV line and don't see any action
  3. 2 weeks ago I lost my job as well. Most of us are in the same boat right now. Wasn't looking for sympathy was part bummed out I still won't get to ride at CP, part in disbelief they're hanging onto a cancellation fee during this time. I could use that money right now but I feel like it's in limbo.
  4. Stupid me thought with a PANDEMIC happening they may waive the cancellation fees. When I planned this I had a job and knew my flight would actually be able to leave. A lot has changed since I made reservations. Now we don't know what flight status will be along with everything else that comes with this chaos. I'm in Texas, not like I can just take a drive if something happens with my flight, if they're even going to be open.
  5. Man I don't know what to do about my trip now. Thought I was being slick reserving hotel/park during the week the last week of May when crowds shouldn't be bad.. I've called about cancelling and getting a refund, but they said they were gonna charge me. If they end up not opening when I have my reservation they'll refund me with no cancellation fee. This is Hotel Breakers telling me this. Learned my lesson to wait until as late as possible make reservations from here on out for most things.
  6. Ok thanks. I'll call the hotel and see if they can bundle it into my package. They didn't have an option to do that when I made the reservation. SO EXCITED! Have to map out my ride strategy when it gets closer.
  7. Thanks y'all! Booked my flight (great deal) and my room yesterday. Now I'm wondering if I should've waited on the room with all the beer virus scare. Maybe could've gotten a better deal. Def gotta add on FP, ya think they will have a sale on these around Memorial Day? And taking time for that BBQ joint and Melt fo sho.
  8. Looking to visit last week of May on a Wed and Thurs. Looking at Hotel Breakers with ticket package. Does anyone here have any advice on this deal or other hotel/package deals? 2 day ride and refresh will be about 640.00 for 2 people Says early entry as well.
  9. I feel at this point the "must have 2 riders in the back in case you fly out" has reached urban legend staus. Who knows why they're one of the few parks with this stupid rule. I believe they don't even know why it's in place. I try to find 3 people while I'm in line and ask the 3rd to ride in the back with me. It's always worked. But yea, ruins your ride if you can't find anyone.
  10. Put this baby to bed https://blooloop.com/six-flags-rumours-theme-parks-sale/
  11. Are those the ones that slide at you on their knees as you walk into Gotham? Or is it the new one by HQ? I didn't walk over by HQ or Joker so I missed seeing that new haunt and area. Since you get a wristband to all the haunts, which one do you think is the best?
  12. Gotham has the zombies that run and come sliding on their knees at you, same as last year. Those were the same scare zones I encountered when I went. Last year they had the swamp people scare zone fogged out which made it so much better. So when I asked what was going on with no fog, that's when I was told some things were damaged in the flood.
  13. I went Fri 28th and there was a decent crowd, but not too bad. The scare zones were seriously lacking, imo. I was told a lot of decorations/fog machines were damaged in the flood. I've always skipped the houses because I've been told they're not very good. I upgraded to Diamond this year and asked guest services how much an all season haunted house wrist band would cost. Turns out the same as everyone else 34.99. Lame you don't get any discount with memberships. And no, I'm not gonna uograde to elite and pay an extra 10 a month for the next 12 months for a wristband. I'll give them another try in a few weeks and see if they've upped their game by then. Wasn't impressed at all by my visit.
  14. What did you think of Riddler? It's it's in my top 3 out there. The only ride I actually getting nervous riding. I just picture that thing flying off and throwing us onto the highway. I'm def gonna have to come get scared on y'alls when it opens. Bigger and faster!
  15. I'm usually not out there when it's packed, so never deal with line jumping and things like that. BS they didn't at least pretend to care but I can believe it. The park employees leave a lot to be desired this late in the season. It's funny to witness the changes in attitude as the season progresses. The first few months every one is fresh out of orientation and trying to hit on all the corporate points. As the long, hot summer progresses and we get into weekends only operations it seems most of them are like, "Eff it. What are they gonna do? Fire me? Just going through the motions at this point anyways." The FF spooks are at least "into it" since most are recently hired just for that occasion.
  16. Last year if it got to 40° or below it would give the control panels fits and they would shut down rides. Even the smaller rides were hinky and giving problems. They're not equipped to operate in any "cold" weather here. And not worth investing since we really only get a few months of what we consider cold around here. I'm fine with them not being open year round, gives me something to look forward to when they reopen.
  17. I find these loops to be much more exciting when being rode in parking lot carnivals, put together by people who may or may not be high on some type of illegal drugs. "Will it break? Will I die?" SFOT will be too safe to have any real fun on this. I'm sad, so so sad.
  18. I usually skip La Vibora because of the line. Was strolling by about a month ago and hopped on because it was dead. Been years since I rode it, and was reminded why. It feels like it's gonna break your ass bone. The roughness plus little padding on the seat are no bueno. I had to lean back and hover my butt above the seat. Got a good hammy work out and found I have good balance as well. If they added some padding it'd be a fun ride.
  19. They keep referencing planets and "out of this world" so I don't see a skywarp fitting that description. Maaaaybe a giant discovery would? But that is a lot of space for one of those. This isn't even my home park and I'm hype for the announcement.
  20. They're saying on that Texas Thrill Seekers FB page that Hustler will be/is gone. If rumors are true, go for last ride.
  21. I'm still hoping we're getting something Wonder Woman themed. (Please golden lasso coaster, please golden lasso coaster) I wouldn't care for a skywarp. There was no reason for them to be playing that WW song by the HQ ride.
  22. I've always reserved as well, but I thought if for some reason you didn't you still get to park in the lot to the left as you drive in. (Not sure what lot it is, but its still really close) They directed me over there once when they saw my Diamond pass before I showed them my reservation.
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