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Never Again?!

Parks that are a one and done.

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I like this topic. Well no park I've visited made me think "Never again" there are about three parks I've only visited once and I'm not really rushing to go back to.

Drievliet: Mostly an opportunity thing here. My last visit was last year and on the way I received some bad news, couldn't stay too long because of that and never gave the park a real chance. I don't think I can judge the parks quality when I'm not in a good place so it really deserves a second chance.

Skyline park: Just no reason too, my visit wasn't the best (With a ride op just deciding to up and leave whit a full queue) but a new coaster would get me over there, I would however combine it with Europa Park or Tripsdrill the park would still be more of an excuse to drag me to that corner again.

Holiday Park: I just feel like I have no good reason to go back. Yes I'm aware of Expedition GeForce and yes it's a great ride. I just feel like it has not much to offer me these days, I'm mainly a coaster guy and only having two (not counting the kiddy coaster here) left just pushed it down my priority list that when I had an opportunity this week (I actually visited Europa Park and Tripsdrill this week and was looking for a third park) I just couldn't find the excuse to go. Still if they add something of interest I will no doubt give Expedition GeForce a chance again, I mean the park.

Still given the right chance I will revisit all these parks. For me to never go back a park just needs to get worse every visit and then I might be done with it for good.

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Most parks I wouldn't mind going back to but there are a few that come to mind here.

I have no desire to ever visit Enchanted Forest in Oregon again. Sure Ice Mountain Bobsleds was weird as hell, but that doesn't mean I want to go back.

I would never pay to visit Darien Lake but I have a SF membership and my sister lives nearby so I'd stop in for a few hours again and try to ride ROS and Viper, even though ROS has some of the most frustrating ops I've ever experienced.

The Legoland parks will be on the list soon when my kids are at the age that they don't care anymore.

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I've seen at least four parks mentioned in this thread that I absolutely adore. (Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Holiday World, Drievliet, and Enchanted Forest.) Ah well, I guess that's why they make chocolate and vanilla.

I'll say, that unless there's a cool new thing or big change, I'm in no hurry to get back to Wonderland in Amarillo, Wild Adventures, Elitch Gardens, or Adventuredome.


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On 8/22/2021 at 11:40 PM, coasterbill said:

wouldn’t buy a Christmas ornament because why would a park named Holiday World in a town named Santa Claus with an entire Christmas “themed” (lol) section sell those (maybe that’s changed lol).

I was going to prove you wrong and say they had a whole ornament section on their website.... but...



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While I love the Kemah Boardwalk, and the Pleasure Pier south of there, I just can't fathom going back to that area of Texas.  I'm not a big fan of Houston and the surrounding oil refineries on the coast.  Also there's no new coasters there, and they're very limited in space as it is.  

If Houston ever got a proper theme park again, I would definitely go visit.  

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Well....Geauga Lake, that is a park I went to once and will never again! 

hmmm in theory, none. I won't ever say concretely and forever "never again" because well what if something opens I really want to try? And if I had a bad experience that doesn't deter me, anything can have an off day, perhaps if there were repeated bad experiences maybe. Even out of the way parks like Holiday World or Lagoon, I can't rule it out because I did like them again what if there's something new? 

That said I will probably never go to Waldameer again. Out of the way, really no easy to work it in even when visiting PA or CP and well, real talk fine place for locals but there's one reason to go to there for others, and I thought RFII kinda sucked. I dont imagine they will open anything new of omg quality so yeah most likely won't go there again. 

Darien Lake. Same reasons. 


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I don't think there's any parks that I would say are a "never again" for me. Ostensibly, I'd visit any park again if they gave me a reason to.

However, for the sake of this thread, I'd say the #1 park I currently have zero desire to ever visit again, even to show my kids, is Elitch Gardens. As somebody born in Denver, that kills me to say, but man, that is a terrible excuse for an Amusement Park!

That's pretty much it. Even parks I have low regard for from my first (and so far only) visits, like Valleyfair, have added things that make me want to return at some point since I was there last.

One park that kills me to see listed in this thread (other than the obvious ones like Holiday World, or BGW), is Indiana Beach. I LOVE that park, and in fact, got season passes to it for my entire family this year, and have even considered it a co-"home park" with CP (in spite of MiA being close than both), since my family all loves it so much! I don't know what those that hate it need to have a good time at a park, but it's clearly different than what I do, and what my kids do, because we've never had a bad day there under the current management!

It's interesting to me that somebody who I know LOVES Knoebels, would hate Holiday World... Having now been to both after this year, I totally get the love for Knobels, and look forward to future visits to experience it even more.  However, both parks are very similar in nature to me, and I still prefer Holiday World over Knoebels. Sorry. Maybe that's a controversial opinion, but I think The Voyage is better than Phoenix, and while Twister is underrated, and probably better than either The Raven or The Legend in my opinion, I prefer Thunderbird quite a bit to Impulse. The food is definitely better at Knoebels than HW, but I don't think the food there is terrible (like CF or SF food tends to be), and the free drinks make up for it. Again, no hate for Knoebels from me here, or intended. I just find it interesting people who love that place, would hate HW. I'll gladly drive to the middle of nowhere for that park, especially having kids like I do!

Oh, one last controversial opinion: Mount Olympus gets WAY too much hate! My kids and I went last year and LOVED it! We'd absolutely go again in a heartbeat, and have nothing bad to say about our experience that day (which is WAY more than could be said about my experience at Kings Island - typically one of my favorite parks - last year!)

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I loved Knoebels, but I can see why people would like Holiday World better. This is because I don't see very many parallels between the two, which is why it would be easy to pick one over the other. They seem completely different to me.

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Traditional parks, I havent found one I wouldnt go back to yet. Waldameer is unlikely but thats because my kids have outgrown the kiddie and family rides they are heavy on, not because we dont like it. 

So id say Great Wolf Lodge. We went to the Mason one. Even with a discount on the room, I think its highly overpriced for what it is. 

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