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Patriot's Loop

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Here's a thing I've never quite understood... how come the vast majority (perhaps all, but I'm not sure) inverted coasters choose Immelmans over dive loops? I'd think that a dive loop would feel more exciting on an inverted then an Immelman.


Maybe that's just me though.


Its probably all about perspective.Since you approach the immelman from the bottom, and the track is above you, it has more of that feeling of flight. Also that suprise of not really knowing when you are going to be whipped up into the inversion. A dive loop on the other hand, as you approach it you will have a pretty good view of the rest of the element and track.


Thats just my guess. Im sure they can make a dive loop work and it would be a cool feeling element, but it may ruin that sense of flight a little. Id like to see it done though.

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Well, the Immelmann is an actual flying manuver (named after WWI pilot Max Immelmann), and since B&M wants the Invert to feel like a fighter-jet, I'd say it fits quite well.


A dive loop would be awesome though, especially one that goes into a tunnel.

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