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Biggest Park with the Worst Collection of Coasters

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Guess I didn't look closely enough at the Dinosaurs Alive sign to see Grizzly in the fine print lol. Good to know!

Missing it probably allowed me two additional rides on I-305 so I wasn't all that sad.

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13 hours ago, Zand said:

I feel like Kings Island circa 2007 is the poster child for this thread. [...]

If we're going to open the past, Carowinds 1998, first time I went. Hurler was the best ride in the park -- running great, but still... what is now a top-heavy park before all its top.


13 hours ago, DBru said:

I agree that while my feelings about Kings Dominion have deflated more than expected after the removal of Volcano, it still has a relatively solid lineup. Of course, I'm a Grizzly (at night) and Flight of Fear stan, and I think the Italian Job/Backlot coasters are underrated, so my opinion may not be the majority.

With that said, as the wonderful Busch Gardens Williamsburg continues to expand with unique and exciting additions, I'm a bit worried about whether KD will be able to keep up. And I do not think the weakest-looking-B&M-wing-coaster-ever would do it.

If any park in this area might be mentioned in this thread, it would be SFA.

I still can't figure out why anyone would say BG has a better lineup than KD. It may actually come true with Pantheon ... Incidentally, don't judge KD if you haven't ridden Racer with the new lift synchronizer, a good race on it is amazing. 

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On 2/16/2021 at 7:08 PM, DBru said:


Six Flags Great America has 15 coasters, mostly clones, with a similar amount of standouts. And as fun as Raging Bull and Goliath are, they’re generally considered among the weakest of their types. At least they ended up keeping Whizzer!


Mostly clones?


V2, Joker, and Superman, sure.   But everything else is unique.   Batman is the ORIGINAL B&M Invert, so sure, that coaster is in 10 other parks, but this was the start of that.   That alone has to be worth something.

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I guess if you look at parks that don't have top few coasters that are fantastic, there's still maybe a couple parks that just have a whole lineup of good-at-best, mostly decent or below-average coasters. It could be filed under "home-park hate" but I definitely see my local Elitch Gardens here. Sidewinder is great, but is the only coaster there in the top third (and just barely) of my relatively short coaster rankings/count. I've had my fun on the other coasters too but none really hold up to many at other parks I've been to since my last visit there. Twister II especially has grown lackluster over the years, as it does little forces-wise compared to most woodies of the same era & newer, and the only woodies in my collection that I rank lower are my 2011 experiences with Zeus & Pegasus. 

Another park that may be comparable is Greenland in Japan, and I'd bet some would say their Ultra Twister is better than an Arrow shuttle loop.



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Oh we’re hating on Elitch Gardens?

Dis Gonna Be Good Jason Momoa GIF

I’d like to throw in the fact that I really hated Elitch Gardens a lot and only didn’t mention it because I didn’t really think of it as a big park but if we’re going to dog on that park I don’t want to miss it.

They need to hurry up and close. They tried to distract me with the refillable beer cup and that was pretty solid I’ll admit, but I still hate that place.

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^Its certainly not as big as some of the other parks on this list, but it certainly says something that 4/5 major coasters in the park place around lower & middle-tier mediocre. Even the best coaster being great doesn't hide that 1980 feeling, and the park barely ever staffs it. 

As an enthusiast that works across the street from the park, you'd think I'd be more happy about it being there, but it's hard not to treat it like its already gone since the city approved the redevelopment. 

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On 2/17/2021 at 2:16 PM, bert425 said:

they have my *favorite* junior coaster in Woodstock Express.

I could ride that sucker all day, so I'd count that in the standout category.  

Flight of Fear is great too - even if it does come to a complete stop at MCBR 😛

and I enjoyed Rebel Yell (can't recall what that racer is called now).
   Even Apple Zapple is really good for a pretty standard mouse.


Volcano was great, but without it, the only "bad" coasters there (to me), are Anaconda - which at least has a lovely setting over the lake, and the MiniCooper ride, which I just didn't like.

I also enjoyed Grizzly at KD, back seat could get some nasty air! I saw its rankings on the TPR poll and clearly not many agree with me LOL   Rebel Yell was great! I recall it being hit/miss but on a good day was pretty darn fun. I enjoyed it more than Racer at KI. And yeah Flight of Fear isnt anything superb but its  fun little ride. Again far better than the one at KI which somehow left me w a crushing headache! I do think KD has a decent lineup but I know many think not highly of the park. 



Hmmmm guess how we define "bad" I think quite a few parks have uninspiring collections but often they arent bad....either clones or generic or nothing great, but not bad. 
Off the top of my head....CGA had a pretty bleh collection. Railblazer is epic, Flight Deck good (but ya know is just an invert and a short one!) outside that..... Goldstriker at least I found a bit lacking, and the rest is a lot of meh or kiddies. It was possibly the least time I ever spent at a park of its size. 


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It all depends on how you rate the most mediocre line-up.

I would say the park with the most coasters where none would be in my Top 250 or so would be mediocre in my opinion.  Of the parks I've been to

Non-US Parks

Wiener Prater takes the top spot


SunPark (China)

Chuanlord Manor

US Parks


Wild Adventures

Morey Piers

However, Wonderland Eurasia might be the true winner

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The absolute first thing I thought of when I saw the thread title, before I even read a single post, was Six Flags Great America. I'm just gonna go with my first instinct on it.

I feel like I can give some credit to parks like Kings Dominion, Carowinds, and even Energylandia, just because they each have a few really good coasters -- even though they also have a metric ton of junk.

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Worlds of Fun is vanilla AF. It's a shame such a beautiful park suffers from such a lackluster lineup. 

I see what people are talking about with Canada's Wonderland, but I don't understand the hate on Six Flags Great America.

Six Flags Saint Louis may not have the massive attraction we all want, but what it does have is pretty solid, especially considering how small the park is.

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In the US, Elitch Gardens and Wild Adventures are the first two that come to mind. I think Wild Adventures would be my first choice as nothing really interest me in this park. At least Elitch Gardens has the arrow shuttle loop although I'm guessing it is down quite a bit. 

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I would agree with Canada's Wonderland. Before Yukon Striker I felt we would ride like 4-5 different coasters (vortex, leviathan, behemoth, stunt coaster), over and over and neglect the rest of the park. The flippy plane ride was cool until they neutered it and made it nearly impossible to flip, and wonder mountains guardian was OK when the screens actually worked right. Granted there are a LOT of great flat rides but the lines are either too long or they mostly make me sick. The lines are always huge during the day; we typically took advantage of the Sunday early entry they had and rode as much as we could the first 3 hours. We'll spend less time at the park then the time driving there and back at times.

Its my "home park" in quotes, but it's hard to believe how many coasters they actually have. We don't normally have Fast Lane but I bought the all-season platinum one, so if the border ever opens up I'll have to go around and try a lot more rides again. There might be some diamonds in the rough. Or just rough in the rough. I haven't been on any of the woodies in awhile...

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