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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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What in the world are high flyers?
That's exactly what I was trying to figure out. I think it's suppose to mean coasters that are high in the air a lot.

Or weed smoking pilots.


Seriously though, I agree with Coltsfan, that's what I got from it too. It's still a stupid term though!

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Girl in line for Sidewinder @ HP: "How many times does it go upside-down?"


Woman in line for Trailblazer @ HP: "Does this ride have any loops?"



On a side note, the most interesting thing that has happened to me while ride operating is (we were told there was going to be a VIP in the park that day, but we had no idea who):


Ride Op: "You look just like Sasha Obama!"

Little Girl: *smiles*

It was.

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Opening Day 2011

Q: Why is it called "Ravine Flyer II?"

A: Some drunk guy thought it would be fun to jump out on the old one, so they took out the bridge over the road and renamed it Comet.


This new job will be fun.

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Today at school:


*A girl was talking to my friend about an upcoming trip to Knotts Berry Farm.*


"OMG, Don't go on any roller coasters, my friend said she went on one and got stuck at the top. And if you get stuck at the top you're going to flip over and fall to your death!"

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I've had people ask me while in line for a wooden coaster, 'How many times does this go upside down?', and I've told them that no wooden coaster goes upside down. I was also talking with a girl in line one time when I was waiting for Timer Terror, and I noted that it only had one train. She said, 'What would happen if a train were to get stuck? Then the second train would collide into it!'. I tried to explain the block system to her, but it went over her head a bit.

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Today at BGW while waiting for Griffon;


Guy; My restraint was broken on Loch Ness monster so I stood up during the middle of the ride.

Girl; No! That's supposed to happen, it's called "Stand Up Time"


And this classic when Apollo's Charriot broke down (the two trains were e-stopped by the safety brakes, and the ride was evacuated);


Guy; They have to get everybody off now when it breaks down because a few years ago a goose hit this guy and he died.

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While riding the original Superman at SFMM this employee (Yes, employee) says


"We used to have a coaster that pulled you up backwards 200 feet and dropped you. We should have kept it and called it Bizarro."


What!? He parobably was thinking of Deja Vu (just across the park, 177 feet tall).

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*At School Today*


Two girls


"I went to Six Flags this weekend, Have you seen the new water slide?"

"OMG, yeah its huge"

"I think it looks like a pencil to me, how will anyone fit in there?"


(My Reaction, WTF, What goes through these peoples minds, Pencil thin really?)


*Also in school in the past*


Friend: Have you been on THE Raging Bull (because every ride has, THE, befor it to the "GP")

Me: Of course, It's my favorite ride.

Friend: It's so scary, It's like 500 feet tall and you go like a 100mph.

Me:......Its only 200 feet tall....*facepalm*

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Today at school:


Kid A: "What's your favorite roller coaster?"

Kid B: "The car one at Kings Dominion."

Kid A: "Oh, Intimidator."

Kid B: "No, the race car one."

Kid A: "Oh, the Stunt Coaster."

Kid B: "Yeah."


What's wrong with that? He prefers one over the other.

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True story.


A lady comes into Dervish and Banges (HP store at IoA,) and puts 7 different wands on the table, the guy rings her up and starts to strike up a conversation and says, "Oh, so you're a really big Harry Potter fan?" The lady responded, "No I just see a bunch of people buying these and I have no idea who the characters are, but I assumed I needed some if everyone is getting them."


My facilitator for orientation told us about that as we were going over the types of guests, there were some other things as well and I hope they come back to me because they were gold, but I just woke up so maybe it'll hit me later.


- Oreo

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Alright. I have for you not one of the stupidest things I've ever heard about roller coasters, but one of the stupidest things I have ever heard.


I was trying to expain the concept behind X2 to a peer.

Me: X2 is a "4D" coaster, where the seats can independently rotate from the track, and are programed to rotate at certain points. Only two of these exist in the world, while the other is in Japan.

Other Person: That's not a roller coaster, that is an X2 4D flight simulator! Also, the other one is in Washington DC, not Japan.

The worst part is, this actually started an argument, and all of his friends actually believed him!


Here is another incident:

Me: On Tatsu, you ride under the track in a face-down position

Other person: That's not safe!


Or how about this one

Friend: I really want to go skydiving!

Me: Real or wind tunnel?

Friend: Real!


::One week later at KBF::


Friend: Montezuma's Revenge looks too scary for me!

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I was watching Robb's video of I305 on youtube and one of the comments said: "What country is this in?"

LOL! I have a video on my YouTube channel from 2005 (I think) of Lightning McQueen & Mater driving down Hollywood Blvd to their meet & greet location at MGM (as it was still known at the time, now Disney's Hollywood Studios). In the comments, I saw the following:


"Where is this?"


The title of the video was "Cars at MGM" and the video description clearly said where it was and what you were watching.



Makes me want to reach through the computer and SMACK them.

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I just remembered something from a couple of years ago:


Me: Have you ever been to Busch Gardens?

Girl: Yes, alot.

Me: Have you ever been on Apollo's Chariot?

Girl: Which one is that?

Me: Um... the purple one.

Girl: Oh, no that's called the Cherry Bomb.



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From the Six Flags facebook page:

Person A- Bizarro is obviously the BEST RIDE EVER!!!!!!!!

Person B- No way! Gotta go with Superman: Escape From Krypton!

Person A- But that was replaced at six flags: new england with Bizarro

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At Six Flags New England today. It wasn't dumb, but it was pretty fascinating. A little kid, maybe about 8 years old, correctly explained the physics of sitting in the backseat of a roller coaster. It's strange that he got it right since I hear so many teens and adults say, "The back goes faster than the front!"

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I heard a girl say once that Texas Giant was the tallest coaster in the world. I explained to her that there is a wooden coaster in Ohio that is taller, and that there are a lot of other coasters that are taller than that one. She believed me, most kids in my school do.

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