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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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^^ I was just talking with a co-worker of mine today about how her family was not going to a Harry Potter theme park, but merely a themed section of an existing park. This sparked some confusion, but I think the way that Universal advertises it also adds to the confusion.

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I have a couple new ones on vertical drop coasters.


Once, I heard somebody say that "roller coasters can't do 90 degree drops. One time, on a ride that did do a 90 degree drop, a kid who was too short fell out and died, so they had to make the drop less steep"

Me: (In my mind) Do the words "height restriction" mean anything to you?


At another time, I had the complete opposite situation! One person kept insisting that Griffon's Drop was beyond 90 degrees. (I bet we have all heard this one plenty of times, though).

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I've heard this one MULTIPLE times.


Person: "We're going to Six Flags this weekend!"

Me: "Which one?"

Person: "There's more than one Six Flags?"


And they always seem super shocked when I explain to them that there are lots of Six Flags, not just in CA, not just in the US, but also in a few international locations.


And I think there have been a few times when someone thought that Marine World and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom were different parks.

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I dont know if this was posted before but, on youtube, I saw this comment of te arrow promotional video for the big bad wolf at BGE just read

"You are pretty wimpy if u are a coaster rider if u cant take anaconda and shockwave which are fine coasters. Speaking of sucky coasters let me name a few of BGE's Loch Nessie, Big Bad Wolf, and New kiddie coaster! Face it you have three decent coasters we have 14!  Also, we will most likely be getting a hyper in 2010, u cant even stay informed! Also please send me a list of all records their five coasters hold because I think ur lying about that!"

To which some one replied telling him all of the records of the BGE rollercoasters to which he said...

"What a crappy coaster! KD is lightyears better than BGE!"


yep, another kd fanboy

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I was once at Thorpe Park a few years ago, and while waiting in the SRQ for Nemesis Inferno, we noticed this kid(must have been 15-16 years old) riding over and over again like me and my friend were, anyway he got behind us once, and suddenly blurted out to us.


"I absolutly love this ride, I've been on it 365 times already today and I love it every time"


Me and my friend(trying desperately not to laugh) tryed to say to him that surely it was'nt possible riding that many times in a day, but he stuck to his guns, and insisted he had. He then said he once rode Colossus over 500 times in a day. When me and my friend finally left the SRQ, we couldnt stop laughing.


Now before any of you think "well maybe its possible" It was'nt, the time of day was about 3PM and the park had been open from 9AM(6hrs), when we were in the SRQ, it was being so badly run, that in 1hr, we only got 6-7 rides(and this kid got exactly the same amount of rides), it was a busy day so I imagine it was being badly run from the start of day, and that means he couldn't stay on a single train all the time, so I reckon on average he might have got upto 10 rides an hr upto when we saw him so he probably managed approx 50-60 rides at most I reckon(Just slightly short of 365 times )


I will also never forget one customer I served at work a few years ago, who came through with a Six Flags Magic Mountain T-Shirt on, I commented on it saying did he enjoy the park as I had been there before, he then said


"yeah it was great, I went on one ride Goliath, It was amazing,think its the tallest coaster in the world,its about 1000 feet tall"


It was very hard not to laugh, I certaintly had a good giggle afterwards.

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This wasn't at a park, but at my local carnival the pair ahead of me entering the Zipper asked the operator where the zipper was to restrain them. The carny just slammed the cage shut and started the ride. That pair was by far the loudest on the entire ride.

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I told a friend about how sitting in the back of a train is better because you get more airtime (I didn't actually use the word airtime though), and he replied that if somebody vomits in the front seat it'll hit you in the face. He was dead serious.


I didn't bother arguing though, I just went along with him.


Also, I was with another friend and somehow we managed to bring up California Screamin' at Disneyland.


Him: Yeah the ride goes 90 MPH!

Me: 90? Try 55.

Him: No, it goes 90. The guy operating the ride said so! That's why the launch track is on water, because the train goes so fast that the water has to cool it off.


Once again, I just went along with him.

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After the Idiot fest that happened at BGT all weekend, I think It would post what I've heard about the new Cheetah Hunt Coaster from the people at my school.


Hi, my names (Kids dads name) and I think it would be a great idea to take my family to busch gardens today because there definitely won't be 5 MILLION PEOPLE there on MEMORIAL DAY!!!! good call dad.


Busch Gardens was really crowded this weekend!


Cheetah Hunt was really slow, the other coasters are better


The hanging one is better because it goes upside down more


Oh GP........

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^You think that's a troll? I personally just saw one worse, on

for Cheetah Hunt:


AnEscapeArtist33 said:


Robs stupid mouth ruins the video.


Rob likes touching underage boys.


Rob likes penises in his mouth.


Rob is a fat oaf.


I know this might be very subjective to some people, but *Facepalm*

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