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How could you improve your favorite coaster?

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Top 5:


#1. Skull Mountain - As flawless as the mountain is, I always thought it'd be cool if they opened it during the winter, decorated it with Christmas lights, and renamed it "Poinsettia Peak". That was the only improvement I could ever come up with, and it seems like my dreams have been made a reality


#2. Millennium Force - I feel like it just needs 1 or 2 more airtime hills thrown somewhere in the layout. And if they redesigned the drop to be comparable to Skull Mountain's first drop.


#3. Phoenix - A classic for sure, and my favorite part is the tunnel in the beginning of the ride. However, that brief moment of darkness ends too soon. I would improve Phoenix by converting it into an indoor roller coaster, with a jagged rock exterior similar to Skull Mountain.


#4. Maverick - This ride has all my favorite elements - a great first drop (possibly my second favorite), a launch, and awesome twists and turns. However, I don't really like Wild West theming, so I would change it to a pirate theme and rename it "Escape from Skull Mountain"


#5. Skyrush - This ride is phenomenal but like many enthusiasts I can't stand the painful "thigh crushing" restraints. To make it better, I would replace the restraints with the lab bars that Skull Mountain has. This would make the airtime feel way better and it's an easy fix considering Intamin makes both rides so the parts would be interchangeable!


We all need to just stop and admire this post. Look... there's a thing as jumping the shark and beating something into the ground but as far as I'm concerned we haven't done that yet so keep the Skull Mountain love-fest going. I almost didn't open this thread because I figured all the posts would be unbearably stupid but I'm glad I did just for this post alone. I almost pissed myself laughing at it. Well done.

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1.Maverick : Not having to cross my fingers to hope we get through the line without the ride shutting down for maintenance.


2. I305: Fix those trim brakes on the camelbacks. Oh, and maybe have the restraints a little nicer to the thighs.


3. (Tie)

Millennium Force; Just a little more airtime. That's all I ask.


Fury 325: Trims before helix. Why dampen the airtime?


5. (Tie {Again})


Skyrush: Take a note from I305.


Apollo's: Maybe take away that pre-drop. And that's a maybe.

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Some of my wishes:


Millennium Force: Add another bunny hop to that ending straight away before the final overbank. I absolutely love that small camelback next to the station, I wish they added another right after the slight left hand turn.


Gatekeeper: As someone mentioned previously, add a inline roll after the helix to add something worthwhile post MCBR.


Batman Knight Flight (a.k.a. Dominator): Adding a zero-g-roll after the cobra roll with a tight 270* helix following into the MCBR.


Banshee: Quicker transitions... Layout is awesome, but the entry/exit from each element is just so drawn out... Get a little more snap in there, like every other B&M invert before it.

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For me it would be the two best coasters at my home park SFGAm.


1. Raging Bull- Increase height to 230, add more bunny hills after the MCBR and remove trims.


2. Goliath- Increase height to 170, add 2 more small over banked turns, 2 more airtime hills, and a heartline roll.

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El Toro - reprofile the stretch between the turnaround and the turn before the RT hill, to provide more ejector airtime.


Storm Runner - after the flying-horse-snake-laser-dive thing, make the ride go into a sustained ejector air hill followed by a left-hand helix and another pop of air as it rises into the brakerun. And find a way to still keep some of the awesome twists.


Kumba - make it a listed building to ensure it cannot be touched other than for regular maintenance.

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I want to beat the dead horse a little more, and say that Skyrush's restraints are the only thing about the ride that I don't like. Otherwise it's perfect.

Even though it's not my favorite coaster I'll mention this too because if it didn't have that issue it'd be by far my favorite.

Dragon Khan: make the MCBR like it used to be until 2014 (with little/no trimming) and then it's perfect.

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El Toro - reprofile the stretch between the turnaround and the turn before the RT hill, to provide more ejector airtime.

I actually really like it how it is. After a ton of camelbacks, you get a small breather to enjoy the pure speed of the ride - and that hill provides brilliant ejector time for how drawn out it is regardless!


And adding more camelbacks on the return would possibly mean the elimation of flying through the sturcture the length of the hill in question.

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Valravn: I know its not here yet, but I would remove the new restraints. I have been on SheiKra and the new restraints are not at all necessary. I fear that it will remove some of the airtime on Valravn and the fact you really cant lean in on the first drop. I also find them a bit uncomfortable from my experience on GateKeeper. If possible, remove the tight vest part like the B&M family coaster.


Millennium Force: While its in my top 5, I wish they could remove the large turn after the first airtime hill and replace it with a spaghetti bowl section like Bizzaro.


Maverick: She is perfect, my number one

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My favourite roller coaster is Outlaw Run, and it's utterly perfect. The only thing that can possibly be improved is if the restraints were a bit easier to raise once the ride is over. I feel like I'm really having to lift it off. Other than that, it's impossible to improve.

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It's far from my favorite coaster, but I'll mention it anyway. On Intimidator at Carowinds, remove the trim brakes on the airtime hills! I found it was trimmed to death, and had the potential to be one incredible airtime machine, if it weren't for those dang trims!

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I-305 @ Kings Dominion

Replace the flat turn at the bottom of the first drop with an overbank turn like Millennium Force so I don't grey-out on that section


All Arrow/Vekoma looping coasters

Replace the OTSR's with I-305 New Vest Restraints


Whizzer @ SFGAm

Add a tunnel in the 2nd half of the helix before the brakes


Rip, Ride, Rockit @ Universal Studios Florida

Remove the Square Wheels & Update the Official Track List

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Superman: The Ride - get rid of the headrests and that god-awful audio. Audio on the lift hill would be okay, though.


Boulder Dash - make the first drop steeper. That's all I ask.


Wicked Cyclone - the ending is way too tame compared to the beginning of the ride. Perhaps they could switch to steel wheels and raise the turn just a little bit. Also, change the color scheme back to white and blue.

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Millennium Force: Add more Intimidator 305 style low to the ground sections.

El Toro: Add a tunnel on the Rolling Thunder Hill

Iron Rattler: Make it longer and have more airtime moments.

Tremors: Add another ejector airtime hill after the first one.

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El Toro- Remove the clown car wrap.

Boulder Dash- Retrack the triple up (it was really rough during Haunted Graveyard).

Phoenix- Add a drop in the tunnel like Seabreeze's Jack Rabbit.

SkyRush- Redesign the station to exit on the opposite side you load.

Millennium Force- Add another small air-time hill during the straight section at the end.

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Outlaw Run: Remove shin guard and increase lift speed.

Maverick: Replace one of the inversions with a twisted airtime hill, expand the canyon part of the second half to fit in THE heartline roll.

Mega-Lite model: Faster lift and steeper first drop. I know it's not an Intamin thing but maybe an outward airtime hill at the final turn?

Voyage: Topper track and better trains, then bank the trick track more.

Dodonpa: Install magnetic trim/brake, faster drive tires.

Powder Keg: Expand second half and faster drive tires.

Kumba: Retrack the first Corkscrew/Flat Spin and increase lift speed.

Montu: No trim at the MCBR, increase lift speed.

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Maverick - No change needed as it's perfect as is.


Raging Bull - IMO the layout is perfect for a hypertwister but they really could, at least, lessen the brakes on the camelback and mid-course as we all know they will never be removed or be totally turned off.


The Beast - Lessen the brakes in the two worst spots: at the crest of the ravine drop and at the end of the straight shed section.


Ride of Steel (Darien Lake) - Remove that long straight section after the first helix and add another airtime hill.


I-305 - Just make it a bit longer with a few airtime filled camelbacks to burn off some of that speed.

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Maverick - Add the effects back into the launch tunnel! It's not as good as it used to be...


Skyrush - Amazing ride, but extremely short! If they had a little more than I would like it way more. Also if they added some fog effects that would be really cool.


Intimidator 305 - This coaster would be amazing with skyrush restraints. I don't know if it is possible though. I've never felt that they crushed my legs or anything, so I would probably appreciate if they got this way more than most people. I also think it would be cool if they had an inversion instead of one of those quick transitions, like a quick flip low to the ground. It is supposed to feel like you are in a race car that is flipping in the air, and I think they could have pulled that off better with an inversion.


Dominator - This is an amazing coaster, but I wish it was smoother after the MCBR... I still really love the ride since I'm not effected by headbang as much as most people, but I still think it would be way better if it were smoother.


Superman the Ride (Aka Bizarro) - The restraints are really awkward, they aren't bad, but they are just weird. Also, I assume they will get rid of that obnoxious onboard audio, which will be nice.

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