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Six Flags Mexico (SFM) Discussion Thread

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^ I would honestly think that doing an opening around Cinco de Mayo would be what they wanted to do.

But somehow, I think the earthquake added some extra time into construction, because they were

always checking areas of the park, I heard. And keeping one or another ride closed, for separate

checking, etc. That's what I've read, elsewhere.


But it's open now, so Excellent!


EDIT: And while it's true Mexico doesn't celebrate Memorial Day (weekend), they do in the USA, so it

probably is a perfect time for SFM to open a new coaster or ride/attraction. American tourists.

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^ Based on my visit around Cinco de Mayo, Six Flags Mexico doesn't seem to be a park that attracts American tourists. And actually I also learned Cinco de Mayo isn't celebrated in Mexico City like you'd expect. The only place in Mexico that really celebrates Cinco de Mayo is Puebla where the battle occurred. To them, it's like President's Day.

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Six Flags Mexico, the Thrill Capital of Mexico and Latin America is announcing fun for the entire family with the arrival of DC SUPER FRIENDS and Bugs Bunny Boomtown. These colorful, imaginative new sections will feature 14 rides and attractions, including six brand-new themed attractions. These kid-friendly zones are destined to become the region’s most popular family destination spot and the perfect launching pad for thrill-seekers-in-training.



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To anyone who has been to the park recently, are both Medusa and Wonder Woman not on the Flash Pass? Based on the park map and the pages for those two rides, it doesn't appear so.


I wanted to check though since I remember Medusa had the Flash Pass last year when I visited. Admittedly it was an awkward set-up where you had to go through half the main queue before you reached the Flash Pass line though. I just hope Medusa is running a bit better this time around.

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It will 6+ years since I went there (with TPR) and boy do I miss it!

One of The Best Six Flags parks, IMhO, that I can remember. It also had,

surprisingly, both a pretty good SLC AND a just as good Boomerang, too!


Miss you SF:M


This one really surprised me, comfortably! (o; TPR 2013 Mexico Tour.

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^ Their SLC had incredible dispatch speeds and pretty good theming around it, but it was still a very unpleasant experience. It may have been a bit smoother than your average SLC, but it still bashed my head around.


The Boomerang was decent though.

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^ Well, between then (2013) and now (2019) anything's possible.


But back then, the Batman SLC was a really smooth (to me) ride.


And the Boomerang was great, too. Back then. I was impressed.

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^ Forgot those! They were awesome to go through, too!


My #600 ~ Before it became Twisty Snakes! Great queue. (o; TPR Mexico Tour ~ March 24, 2013.

And my thing about numbersss? I rode my No.600 - 6 Days - before I turned - 60! :smile:

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Thinking of taking a quick trip there this spring/summer.


How far is it from the airport? And what's the safest way to get there? I see taxis available but not sure how reliable.


Also, is there a decent hotel nearby?


And finally, what are the crowds like? Any need for FlashPass?


Thanks to anyone who's been to this park!

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I went last year on a Friday before Cinco de Mayo (and I'll actually be there again in a week).


I used Uber last time and plan to use it again. It's super cheap in Mexico (I think it was $10-15 USD for a 1-1.5 hour ride). Plus Mexico City traffic is really bad so at least you know the fixed rate with Uber. For safety, Uber tells you how many rides your driver has given so I'd like to think a driver who has given 1000+ rides won't break bad all of the sudden. Uber also has a feature where they can let someone else know when you've arrived.


The pick up and drop off point at the Mexico City Airport is clearly marked. The pick up point by Six Flags was a bit uncomfortable. You are picked up on the street just outside the parking lot entrance and it's a complete cluster of cars and buses. The latter were aggressively trying to get me to board.


I stayed in downtown Mexico City last time in what I believe was their financial district. It was a very nice hotel and reminiscent of the financial districts you've seen in the US. This time I'm staying at the airport for convenience. I remember seeing hotels close to Six Flags, but (maybe I'm wrong) the buildings nearby looked a bit rundown so I'd be hesitant to stay there.


Crowdwise, Six Flags Mexico can get pretty busy. Their Flash Pass is a bit different and an amazing deal. For $20 USD, you get 10 skip the line vouchers you can use on any eligible ride. You can use this on the same ride repeatedly or different ones. Unfortunately Medusa appears to be off the Flash Pass now and it had one of the longest waits in the park.


From what I saw, most people rope drop Superman since it's at the front so if you go to Medusa early, you can marathon it before the line builds. The line also cleared out at the end of the day. Meanwhile Superman was consistently a 30-60 minute wait all day, but on the Flash Pass.


I hope you enjoy it because Six Flags Mexico has a nice one-two punch and is one of the best looking Six Flags parks. The theming in their queues is surprisingly great.

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An update on Medusa.


It's not listed on the website, but Medusa is still on the Flash Pass.


They have made another Frankentrain. They put the orange lead car on the front of the red train. They also removed the back car again so Medusa only has a 5 car train.


On the bright side, it's running so much faster than last year and they have a 10 man crew dispatching trains in 30 seconds.


I'm so confused right now.


This is some German fair circuit stuff right now.

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Hey guys!


I'm just doing some fact-finding for a potential Mexico City trip in a few months. I'm assuming the answer is "no" because it's Six Flags, but do they have a ride refurbishment schedule anywhere? I assume that they take rides down from time-to-time since it's a year-round park. I didn't see one but maybe I'm blind.


Since Christmas in the Park runs through mid-to-late January I was thinking about doing a trip towards the end of the event. Is that still a pretty busy time or is that sort of their slow season? I'm actually sort of hoping to hear the former since I assume that means there's less of a chance of anything noteworthy being down for refurb.


In addition, any fun suggestions for things to do in Mexico City aside from parks would be awesome.


Thanks in advance!

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