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Six Flags Mexico (SFM) Discussion Thread

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Six Flags Evaluates Impact from Mexico Earthquake




Six Flags Entertainment Corporation (SIX), the world’s largest regional theme park company, noting yesterday’s serious earthquake near Mexico City, provides this update about the company’s two parks in Mexico. Most importantly, Six Flags is thankful that all of its employees in Mexico appear to be safe and sound. Six Flags Mexico and Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Oaxtepec were closed at the time of the earthquake.


The earthquake struck in the State of Puebla, south of Mexico City, which is about 50 miles from the company’s new water park in Oaxtepec. A preliminary investigation indicates damage to a number of the structures in the water park and the company is currently assessing the extent of the damage. After a careful evaluation, the company will be in a better position to understand the extent of the damage, develop a remediation plan and assess when the park will reopen.


Damage to the theme park in Mexico City appears to be minimal. However, consistent with its emphasis on safety for guests and employees, the company is in the process of evaluating all rides and structures in the park and will only reopen the park for guests when the company is entirely satisfied after a thorough safety review.


The company maintains both property and business interruption insurance, and does not currently believe the consequences of the earthquake will be material to its results or prospects.


Six Flags extends heartfelt thoughts and prayers to its employees and to all those impacted by the earthquake.

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Comunicado de Prensa

Después de una extensa revisión de seguridad por expertos en ingeniería internos e independientes, me complace informar que ninguno de los juegos, toboganes o atracciones en el parque acuático resultaron dañados por el terremoto del 19 de septiembre. Sin embargo, el parque acuático permanecerá cerrado durante varias semanas, ya que se realizarán pequeñas reparaciones en algunos de los edificios e infraestructuras. En Six Flags, nuestra prioridad número uno es la seguridad de nuestros visitantes y colaboradores. Extendemos nuestros más sinceros pensamientos y oraciones a todos aquellos que han sido impactados por el terremoto.




'After an extensive safety inspection performed by both company's and independent engineering experts, I'm pleased to inform that none of the rides, slides or attractions in the waterpark were damaged during the earthquake on september 19th. However, the waterpark will remain closed for several weeks, as small repairs on some buildings and infrastructure take place. At Six Flags, our number one priority is the safety of our visitors and employees. Our thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by the earthquake'



Personal note


From what I've heard from SF workers, while it's true that none of the slides were affected, several buildings at Hurricane Harbor resulted with structural damage and they are asessing whether they can be repaired or should be demolished. The park will remain closed until further notice.


In the meantime, Six Flags Mexico has announced that 2017 Gold Season Passes will be valid at the waterpark until March 2018.

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Is Six Flags Mexico usually open the Fridays in May? I emailed the park and got a generic response that the park is open unless the calendar says it's closed. As of now, they don't have the month of May posted.


I'm assuming it is based on the almost daily operations in April (minus Mondays), but was interested if any locals knew how it's been in the past. It'd be a bummer if I miss it while I'm down there for work.

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As of Cinco de Mayo, each train still had 6 cars. I did notice during my visit that the red train randomly had an orange car and the orange train randomly had a red car.


If they wanted to boost Flash Pass sales, they'd just go to one train operations. I'll be interested to see if this is just temporary or permanent.

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Um, has anybody seen anything about the Wonder Woman coaster that was to open this year? By now?

The information about the earthquake revved up the thread, and now the chat is about when the park

is opening. But...nothing about Wonder Woman.


So, is it up yet, or in construction, or dropped from the plans, entirely....?

Me being curious, as usual, thanks in advance.


A buddy of mine in SFM. TPR 2013 Mexico Tour.


This always looked like it was A CLOWN SMILING at me. (o;

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^ I would honestly think that doing an opening around Cinco de Mayo would be what they wanted to do.

But somehow, I think the earthquake added some extra time into construction, because they were

always checking areas of the park, I heard. And keeping one or another ride closed, for separate

checking, etc. That's what I've read, elsewhere.


But it's open now, so Excellent!


EDIT: And while it's true Mexico doesn't celebrate Memorial Day (weekend), they do in the USA, so it

probably is a perfect time for SFM to open a new coaster or ride/attraction. American tourists.

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^ Based on my visit around Cinco de Mayo, Six Flags Mexico doesn't seem to be a park that attracts American tourists. And actually I also learned Cinco de Mayo isn't celebrated in Mexico City like you'd expect. The only place in Mexico that really celebrates Cinco de Mayo is Puebla where the battle occurred. To them, it's like President's Day.

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Six Flags Mexico, the Thrill Capital of Mexico and Latin America is announcing fun for the entire family with the arrival of DC SUPER FRIENDS and Bugs Bunny Boomtown. These colorful, imaginative new sections will feature 14 rides and attractions, including six brand-new themed attractions. These kid-friendly zones are destined to become the region’s most popular family destination spot and the perfect launching pad for thrill-seekers-in-training.



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