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[PC/RCT3] Valley Hills

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Sunday, July 13, 2008


Amanda Sands - regular guest


Finally, Valley Hills offers an exclusive event for season passholders. And the best part is that its FREE. Everything started at 8:30 PM where the season passholders were to gather at the Valley Market where some Coasters After Dark T-s were on sale ($9.99). They also gave everyone a free meal ticket to the Blackwater Lodge.



All of the coaster lines closed at 8:30 PM, allowing a few final rides for the general public before they became exclusive & reserved to us passholders.




I wasted no time! Once the clock struck 9:00 PM, I immediately rushed over to Black Stallion.




I enjoy Pulse more than Wicked Twister at Cedar Point, the holding brake section was awesome!




I really wanted to try out Valley Scream, but I was too focused on coaster riding. Maybe next time.




The popularity of Woodstock Express during the first Coasters After Dark has caused it to become a permanent addition this year.

And I finally got my credit!




I love what they did with Chaos in its new location (former Déjà Vu site). The new color scheme and lights look awesome at night. Cool!




Luckily, I rode Chaos before I chowed down on about 6 hot-dogs and a large Pepsi™ at the new Cedar Tavern. All FREE to C.A.D. participants.




The new Dippin' Dots stand seemed quite popular, even after the sun went down, it was decently priced.

The Dippin' Dots guy was rambling about some Rattle Snake conversion nonsense.




Time for the new hotness, White Lightning.




There were a few moments of very strong positive G-forces.




Moments before the splashdown...




The barrel roll was my favorite inversion on White Lightning.




Cardinal broke down as I entered the queue.

At least I was able to get this photo of Kanawha Railway, which I refused to ride due to the 35 minute queue for Coasters After Dark. It may be the best nighttime coaster in the park, but I'd rather not wait so long.




However, Rattle Snake was a walk on all night.




Close up!




A look down the Northern/White Lightning midway.




At this point there was only 30 minutes left until closing.

I ended up getting five rides in on IGNITION, all thanks to Valley Hills' two train operation for C.A.D.




The helix still packs one hell of a punch, and an excellent way to finish my Coasters After Dark experience.




-Amanda Sands

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Friday, July 25, 2008


Kevin Richards, Valley Hills CFO


Towering Inferno has been a staple attraction here at Valley Hills Amusement Park for the past 25 years. It has been one of the most valuable asset to the park since the rides debut in 1983. That was an era of confusion and bad financial status. The Park needed something to attract visitors from far and wide, and Towering Inferno was the ride that changed it all, and put Valley Hills on the map.




The 135' attraction opened in 1983 as the tallest free-fall ride in the nation.




Towering Inferno has thrilled over 8 million riders over the past 25 years at the park.




The Intamin free-fall ride was constructed during the harsh 1982-1983 winter in approximately 3 months, for an estimated $3,000,000 USD.




Come get some rides in on Towering Inferno during the 25 year celebration!

Every 135th rider will win a FREE Towering Inferno T-shirt, while supplies last!



-Kevin Richards

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So sad that Towering Inferno is gone, it was my favorite flat at the park.

Um....there's nothing in that post indicating that Towering Inferno is leaving anytime soon.


Okay, good, so I wasn't the only one who went back and read the update to see if it said anything about Towering Inferno being removed!


I had a little heart attack for a second.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


David Trust - park spokesperson



25 years, and 8 million rides later. Towering Inferno is an iconic attraction for the Valley.



Official Towering Inferno POV.





Towering Inferno isn't the only free-fall ride at Valley Hills. ZER0 takes it to the extreme with its 272 foot tower!




The young ones can also hop on over Kite Eating Tree.



-David Trust



Some weird paper surfaced on my desk this morning.


"Rome is the key to unlocking nothing"

Edited by JonnyRCT3
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I see M in the first picture, M in the second picture, I in the third picture, and X in the last. MMIX is 2009 in Roman numerals. So i predict a new ride for 2009. I also see a Rattlesnake in the third picture, and what seems to be a Black Stallion in the second. Maybe Rattlesnake is closing in 2009? I don't know what might happen to black stallion though.

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