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  1. David Walsh Park Management Valley Heights Hello everyone! My name is David, and I pretty much run the park. If there is one thing you should know about me, it's that I LOVE teasing people... So if you expect me to just hand out new attraction information, you are in the wrong. Speaking of which, here is a canvas painting teaser for you of what our plan is for the next few years of the park... Phase 1 of the park is the main area, the heart. Phase 2 is the first limb we're creating. This will be a shorter 'arm', but it will definitely bring guests in. Phase 3 will provide to a different audience, but one attraction will stand out above the rest. And for our first ride we didn't plan until after we built the park, we will need to bring in more trees...
  2. Thank you for your feedback, and yes. I will try my best to keep pics as high quality as possible. I am currently working on Year 5 of the park, and I will tease you a bit tomorrow on the next couple years. A TR will come out sometime next week...
  3. Hello everybody! I'm back after taking a 4 month break for school Anyways, this park starts in 1995 and will continue up through 2014. The park currently has 2 coasters and a few flat rides. I hope to post something once a week. If you do have any suggestions, please share. I'm always up for criticism. And thank you for taking your time to view my park! Now onto some photos... Here is an overview of the park entrance. With 3 reflecting pools, multiple booths, and a surrounding forested area... It brings both beauty and high capacity. A shot of the signature section of Garden Weave... And as a teaser of the first TR coming soon, here is an overview of the park...
  4. Hello, like my other park, Besigns Land, I have decided to discontinue Glenn Oaks as I have not had the time to manage it due to school (plus I lost it on my computer). But there is good news... I am starting a new project for 2015 and I am wondering if anyone is interested in Guest TRs and have any suggestions for rides. A new forum will be started for the new project soon... Until then, JaminOut
  5. As you can see, I have decided to discontinue the park. It will NOT be posted on anymore, and the website has also been shut down. Please be on the look out for a NEW and BETTER project coming in 2015...
  6. ***NEW FOR 1963 AT GLENN OAKS*** Leap the Dips has always been a popular ride at the park, the line always overflows! So this year, we are adding the tallest, fastest, and longest attraction in the park. This will also be our highest capacity ride. Ladies and gents, I present to you... Shot0202.bmp LIGHTNING COASTER!!! Shot0201.bmp Lightning Coaster will operate at 40mph over 1,800 feet of track in just a minute! But before you worry about that, you'll have to creep up a 60ft tall lift hill at a heart stopping 4mph. This will definitely maximize your time to look at the surroundings! Shot0198.bmp A place to buy snacks after you tackle Lightning Coaster, but please not before!
  7. ***1961 TO BE A SWINGING GOOD TIME AT GLENN OAKS*** Shot0188.bmp New for 1961- Wave Swinger, everybody over 42" can ride at the price of $.25 Shot0189.bmp Wave Swinger testing along side the busy Rotor Shot0190.bmp Overview of the park in 1961. No signs of construction in 1962 though...
  8. I don't know about 2 shuttle loops... The inverted idea is pretty cool! Maybe some more foliage too!
  9. ***IMPORTANT! I am no longer using http://besignsland.weebly.com as I do not have the time for it anymore. I would also like to see more feedback and feel free to ask me questions about the park too! Thanks for 300+ views. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- NEW FOR BESIGNS LAND IN 2003: 3 NEW FAMILY ATTRACTIONS!!! Shot0085.bmp A new addition long awaited by families- Ferris Wheel! You can now get spectacular views of our growing park. Shot0086.bmp Hurricane, a mini version of Disco- and themed to the sea! Shot0088A.bmp And our final new attraction for 2003 is a Go Kart track. You must be 10 years old to drive, and 42" to ride. This is also an overview of the entire park for 2003.
  10. 1961 UPDATE: GLENN OAKS ENTERS 1961 WITH AN ATTRACTION THAT WILL HAVE YOUR MIND SPINNING! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Welcome back to Glen Oaks as it has been another long off-season, but it will be well worth the wait! We started construction in March for this addition and finished the roof in May. Electrical work finished mid June and testing in the 3rd week of June. Glenn Oaks himself was the first to ride the attraction followed by the family who owns the park. This farm surrounded amusement park opened it's doors on July 1st and here's a photo update: Shot0178.bmp Rotor and 3 new vendors. Glenn Oaks is really getting some sponsors lately! Shot0181.bmp The line at the beginning of the day was short. I guess people didn't know what to expect... By the way, the price to ride is $.50 if you are interested. Shot0182.bmp Here's a picture of the park this year... What is all that clearing for???
  11. This will be another great addition to the park! Could we see a layout of the ride possibly? I would love to know more info.
  12. Yeah, that's in my new park (Walsh thing). But an update will come soon enough for this park! 2003, here we come! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2003 TEASER TIME!!! Shot0083.bmp This is an image that was sent out on their site. 2003 (year), GFHKW (no idea), and Summer5-3 (It's their 5th season). Shot0094.bmp In other news... They sent out this image as a helping hand to what may be coming... Shot0087A.bmp They also sent out a statement. "We will have many new opportunities for families to discover new foods."
  13. Thanks! That's all mostly coming in Update 2 posted below! _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ***1960 UPDATE*** After a winter of desperation for some rides on rides... We are finally back for another season of fun! This year we will be open Thursdays (12p-8p) Fridays (12p-9p) Saturdays (11p-9p) Sundays (1p-8p). In addition, we have added a BRAND NEW attraction that everyone will love! Introducing Bumper Cars! Priced a $.25 per ride, it's also affordable! Shot0168.bmp Bumper Cars, NEW for 1960! Shot0169.bmp We now also have 2 new food stands to buy hot dogs and an assortment of drinks! Shot0171.bmp Something that you might not have known about Glenn Oaks is that we have shady areas where you can sit and relax. We also have garbage cans as well so we can keep the park as clean as possible! Shot0174.bmp As you can see in the picture, we have planted pine trees around Leap the Dips to create more of an environment to the park. Shot0176.bmp While I was in line for Ferris Wheel, which had now become more popular since the word has spread about the great views, I saw this... Shot0177.bmp A view from above of the park, and you can see how big the space it for next year! Can wait t o hear more about it! Shot0181A.bmp This is a picture they had of the new attraction. I think they're teasing us!
  14. ***GLENN OAKS AMUSEMENT PARK STORYLINE*** Glenn Oaks, owner of Glenn Oaks Farm, went bankrupt in early 1958 due to poor crop from the year before. He had no choice but to sell off some of his land, but had no one to sell it to. In mid 1958, a family was wanting to go to an amusement park, but there wasn't one in Missouri, their state. When they heard about there being land sold, the decided that they wanted to build an amusement park. They contacted Glenn Oaks in November 1958 and sealed the deal in early December. They initially bought 7 acres of land to start off and would continually buy more land as needed. Construction started in January 1959 and finished construction that June. They started to test the rides, add landscaping, and find vendors who were interested in renting out space to spread their name too. They had a soft opening to their family of July 3rd, and opened to the public on Saturday July 4th, 1959. The park included 3 rides and 1 coaster. They had 2 food vendors, and a drink vendor. Now let's get to the photos! (Sorry in advance about there being a pop up menu, I'm still unable to get rid of it... ) Shot0145.bmp Looking down the midway, you can see the entrances to Scrambler, Merry Go Round, and Ferris Wheel. Shot0153A.bmp Scrambler, our park most thrilling ride. Shot0163.bmp Merry Go Round is not a popular ride with the public... Shot0157.bmp Ferris Wheel provides some magnificent views of the farm and valley afar... Shot0148.bmp Leap the Dips also provides good views. (Sorry about the dirt on the lens...) Shot0160.bmp Leap the Dips' line is at full capacity! Shot0161A.bmp Scrambler is also very popular with the public! Shot0158.bmp A look at the building that hold delicious foods and beverages... Shot0159.bmp And a look at the building that holds the laboratories. Shot0165.bmp A look at the park from above (Provided by Glenn Oaks Amusement Park). Shot0166.bmp And a picture I took on Merry Go Round. It's a great attraction for families and I don't why it's not more- wait a minute- what's that in the background? Shot0167.bmp A look at the mystery construction from Leap the Dips. Shot0152.bmp And I leave you with one last picture of Ferris Wheel and Merry Go Round from Scrambler.
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