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  1. Is the park full on weekdays because my friends and I plan to go this Thursday. I haven't been to Valleyfair in 2 years, just wondering. Also, what are the average wait times?
  2. I go in the middle if it's my first time trying a coaster, then after that I go all the time front (or back, depends on the ride).
  3. ^^ Woah, that's a huge border. This better be good. I can't really say anything about the area near Mad Mouse.
  4. Absolutely: Nickelodeon Universe Valleyfair Maybe: Cedar Point Kings Island Gardaland
  5. For me it was Avatar Airbender at NU! I really need to go outside Minnesota.
  6. Maybe a good tall ride could be a shortened, 250 ft tall Windseeker, in the middle of Wild Thing's turnaround or whatever that is (the empty spot).
  7. If there were a coaster built, where would it have a good appeal. I know about the curb but is there any other spot?
  8. People may question me too but, I really lean everyday towards a Mack Rides launch coaster. I said this a bunch of pages back but I just wanted to restate it.
  9. I hope it will be announced this week (no Thursday because of 9/11)
  10. Aww.. I tried using the anagram server thing and the hint word is 2 letters too long. Hopefully someone else can solve it
  11. Last year's announcement was on a Friday, so maybe this year could be the same? (dumb theory)
  12. I guarantee this will be the Mantis makeover, and hopefully Mean Streak RMC.
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