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[PC/RCT3] Valley Hills

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


David Trust - park spokesperson



Valley Hills has lots of "new" offerings this season, from gift shops to roller coasters, and it all start at the front gate with Kanawha Square; offering both the Kanawha Kitchen eatery, and the Kanawha Marketplace gift shop.




The NEW Kanawha Kitchen serves fresh-cut cheese fries, kettle corn, home-styled sweet tea & more. Kanawha Kitchen features a furnished trellis covered eating area for you to enjoy your meal.


Exclusive creek-side seating, with optional catering, is available for groups of 10 to 20. Call 1-415-555-555 to reserve your party today!



Come take a ride on Trout Spin during its 35th anniversary this year!

Trout Spin has been up and running nonstop since its introduction as the world’s first permanent, and largest Enterprise ride back in 1974!


Fun Fact: Trout Spin tilts riders near vertical at 87°.



Camp Snoopy has more rides than ever this year with the introduction of 3 new attractions.

Snoopy vs. Red Baron hovers high over Camp Snoopy with its bright red bi-planes.




Children off all ages can entertain themselves PEANUTS Playground, complete with up-to-date safety standards.




The whole family can relax and enjoy the views on Camp Wheel, Camp Snoopy's very own Ferris Wheel!


Camp Wheel has seen a lot over the years. Originally located next to Planet Snoopy in 1975(Mountain View), relocated next to the entrance in 1990(Mountaineer Wheel), and now located outside Camp Snoopy on the former Vortex ride site.



Overview of the Camp Snoopy expansion.




Now to introduce Rattle Snake backwards!




The exhilaration and thrills of the classic Rattle Snake roller coaster can now be experienced backwards!




The plain green & pale blue color scheme has been updated to; green track, with orange rails, and earthy red columns to resemble that of the West Virginia state reptile, the Timber Rattle Snake.




The original Rattle Snake trains received extensive off-season maintenance to include all new seats, updated safety functions, paint, and lighter hardware for a more enjoyable ride.




Bonus shot: Throwback to 1977! The ride and area around the ride has changed a lot in the past 32 years.

Fun Facts

Rattle Snake

Valley Hills (West Virginia, USA)

Operating since - 5/6/1977

Roller Coaster * Steel * Sit Down * Extreme

Make - Schwarzkopf

Model - Custom Looping Star

Length - 2300'

Height - 100.8'

Drop - 91.9'

Inversions - 1

Speed - 51 mph

Duration - 1:20

Max Vertical Angle - 45°

Capacity - 1100 riders per hour

Cost - $1,500,000 USD

Trains - 2 trains with 6 cars per train. Riders are arranged 2 across in 2 rows for a total of 24 riders per train.

Designer - Ing.-Büro Stengel Gmbh


POV video


-David Trust

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Wow! The new restaurant looks beautiful. I also like the new Camp Snoopy attractions and Rattlesnake backwards! Next year, I bet we'll be seeing something new for kids.


Oh, wow. I thought Kanawha Square look decent, but never beauftiful. Thank you. Thanks for noticing the smaller Camp Snoopy additions as well.

It's also a bit too early to begin talks about next year. lol


Thank you all for your feedback!

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I apologize for the sudden & long hiatus.

I've been rather busy with real life and haven't found the time to spend hours on RCT3. Fortunately, there will be an update sometime this week.



As a token of my appreciation for the continued support, I will release these older images.




(hint: not Rattle Snake)




First person to correctly guess the debut year, original name, and manufacturer (if it applies) of all the attractions pictured will receive an exclusive sneak peek of what's to come next year.



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1. Buccaneer?, 1984(The website says '83 but the post its in says '84, Huss

2. Rattlesnake Refreshments, 1977, (No manufacturer)

3. Gladiator, 1987, Intamin



(I fixed that hiccup, it is indeed 1984)

Reward is in PM box


Glad to see this park's still alive. For next year, I think there will be a flat ride of some kind.

A "flat" slab of concrete is in the works...take that for what it's worth.

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Thursday, June 23, 2009


David Trust - park spokesperson

It has been an entire month since the last update, and today we will get right back into things staring with a 25 year celebration!



Buccaneer and Wild Waters celebrate their 25th year here at Valley Hills.




Buccaneer, a family favorite for most groups, has entertained millions of guests over the years.




Valley Hills specifically designed the rides around each other so they could interact evenly.

Even with Buccaneer's monstrous capacity, it still manages a 10-15 minute wait on most days.




View from atop Wild Waters.




One of the lesser known attractions around the park, Dodge Em'. Most guests don't realize it when passing by due to it being secluded by trees.




However, Dodge Em' really packs a punch with its intense "car crash" inducing thrills. Come check it out!




Don't forget to get some rides in on the newly refurbished Rattle Snake roller coaster. Did I mention it now runs backwards!?



~David Trust

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