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[PC/RCT3] Valley Hills

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Awesome! I've made a couple of memes to celebrate this special occasion...



Just read the whole thread, hoping to see this park come back to life!

Thanks for the read, the park has always been on my mind.


Contemplating on whether or not to finish this park. Thoughts?



I've been working on the next step since the spring. I hope the next update goes over well as the conversion will really help push this park to where I want it to go.


Valley Hills is coming back? The park that inspired me to try to make a park blog? The park with a full website?



I'ts good to hear my park is inspiring people. I honestly looked through countless simulated park threads and wanted to give my own spin on it. I never imagined it would turn into what it has become.

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Sunday, September 18, 2011


James Smith - regular guest


Over the years Valley Hills has grown larger with new rides and attractions popping up almost everywhere. With over 40 rides and attractions, it's hard to keep up with it all. The last update focused on Flat Rides, so this update will focus on the park's 9 roller coasters. Enjoy!



Here we are again at Appalachia's premiere amusement park, Valley Hills.



It feels like forever since I last visited this park back in June.



Black Stallion, a PTC woodie, is one of the first coasters guests will run into.



The ride starts with a 109' chain lift, looming over the Que area.



The 97' drop kicks things into high gear as Black Stallion bucks through its 3,000' course.



The 55 m.p.h. journey features numerous airtime filled hills and twisted turns. Unfortunately, most of the ride is hidden in the thick backwoods, the only visible parts are from the parking lot.



Next up is IGNITION, the parks very own old-school B&M invert.



After exiting the 125.8' lift hill, riders swoop into a curved drop at approximately 60 m.p.h. into a powerful vertical loop.



Riders roar over the station in a classic, snappy, zero-g roll.



The 1-2-3 PUNCH!



One of my personal favorite elements of IGNITION, the elevated carousel spin.



Located inside Planet Snoopy is the family-friendly Cosmic Coaster.



RattleSnake, a 1977 Schwarzkopf classic.



Up the lift hill...



...and through the first vertical loop east of the Ohio River.



White Lightning, the king of coasters at Valley Hills.



This epic B&M dive machine is easily the best Valley Hills has to offer.



Riders ascend the 45°, 185', chain lift hill into the sky.



The 90° vertical drop shoots riders into a towering Immelmann inversion over the lake.



after a quick MCBR, a second near-vertical drop ensues.



This U-turn sets riders up for the second inversion...



...a barrel roll over the station.



A fun splashdown into the pond and into the second (inclined) Immelmann inversion.



A pop of airtime and a high-speed helix finale completes the 68 m.p.h. journey on White Lightning.



Snoopy's Rocket Express, located in Camp Snoopy. Installed this year by Vekoma and already seeing extensive downtime. Did the park not learn their lesson with Deja Vu?



Woodstock Express, also located in Camp Snoopy.



A fun family woodie with some nice lats.



The BIG drop!



Kanawha Railway opened with the park in 1972 as its first and only coaster.



The iconic helix leading into the midway tunnel.



Kanawha Railway's The first lift hill rises behind Music Box. I've always found this to be an extremely tight fit.



The other iconic drop into the second midway tunnel. Arrow Dynamics really took advantage of the unique obstacles with this one.



The second lift hill sends you into a double spiral before heading back into the station.






Those twisted towers never get old, so much fun!



The sun goes down but Pulse still rockets into the sky at 65 m.p.h.



I love RatteSnake's lightning package, it blends perfectly.



The same can be said for White Lightning.



And that concludes this update.


~James Smith

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Wow! What an awesome transformation.I love how all the roller coaster look now that they are in planet coaster. One of the things that I've worried about with planet coaster are the flat rides, so I look forward to seeing how the parks look with a new game!

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I really read the entire thread over the last weeks.

At the beginning I was like "Oh well.. Somebody plays a game and reports about it.. Let's take a look."

I think with your second or third season, you had me. Great storyline. Great that you thought so much before you acted at so many times. I really like what you're doing. Keep going on and keep us informed. Perhaps you may add a Intamin hotness as Expedition GeForce. It would fit the park nicely as it's one of the worlds best coasters and no record breaker at all.

Ride (and create) on!

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