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[PC/RCT3] Valley Hills

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Rattlesnake will be relocated to somewhere in Mexico, Black Stallion will be demolished, and a new ride for 2009?

Mexico is pretty far...


I see M in the first picture, M in the second picture, I in the third picture, and X in the last. MMIX is 2009 in Roman numerals. So i predict a new ride for 2009. I also see a Rattlesnake in the third picture, and what seems to be a Black Stallion in the second. Maybe Rattlesnake is closing in 2009? I don't know what might happen to black stallion though.

Rome is the key to unlocking nothing.....


Black Stallion, Rattle Snake for sure. The last one might be a dark ride or a shop that's closing. The first one catches me off guard...

Everyone is so sure about Rattle Snake, but what of Rattle Snake Refreshments?


I don't think Black Stallion is going anywhere. From the reports, people still love the ride. Besides, I wouldn't ever see two coasters go at the same time.

Think again.


That POV ran pretty smooth. Maybe you can do other POVs? The test video was pretty laggy but this seemed good.

I'll see what I can do.


That first picture reminds me of Smiler...

Gerslauer coaster?

Spinning Dragons is a Gerstlauer.


Next update is coming soon.

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I know but Camp Snoopy doesn't have the Rome theme, so I mentioned Gladiator


Also, I don't literally mean the new attraction will be in Camp Snoopy's spot, just around. That said, I'm guessing a Camp Snoopy expansion or a Gerstlauer Spinning Coaster, even though VH got White Lightning this Year (Unless you're just trying to throw everyone off)

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Saturday, September 27, 2008


David Trust - park spokesperson



Another season has come and gone here at Valley Hills.




But before winter creeps in, come take one last cooling adventure on Wild Waters.




You'll be taken high up for spectacular views of Valley Hills, before a chilling splashdown drop.




Rattle Snake celebrates 32 years at the Valley next season. It'll be able to slither much easier in 2009.


Laser Snake Horse on Fire!



Horses. Lots of horses.




After 19 seasons at Valley Hills, the Valley Market will close its doors for good at the end of the season. Dozens of businesses have set up shop here over the past 18 years, each offering their own unique array of merchandise & local cuisine.




One business in particular proved successful enough to permanently set shop within the park. Unlcle Joe's Churros has been serving "hot & yummy" churros at the Valley since 1991- when it first opened at the Valley Market.




More horses.




Chaos received extensive T.L.C. this year. Featuring a complete mechanical overhaul, new location, and a new set of colors. 412,519 riders have been "thrown into chaos" so far this season.




Vortex will join the Valley Market at the bone yard this off season. After 21 years, and over 10 million rides, Vortex will close forever this Sunday. Thanks for all the great rides!




Out with the old Vortex, and in with the new White Lightning!



Climbing the 185 foot lift...




...and hanging approximately 200 feet above the Valley Lake. Scary!




White Lightning offers an abundance of high speeds, high G-forces, high altitude, and high thrills.




Traversing the second immelmann loop.




Bonus shot! Looking all the way down from ZER0. That's a long way down, 272.3' to be exact.




Thanks for another great season!




-David Trust

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Valley Hills Reports Annual Results

SANDUSKY OHIO, January 1, 2009 – Cedar Fair Entertainment Company (NYSE: FUN), a leader in regional amusement parks, water parks and active entertainment, today announced financial results for the first through fourth quarter of their West Virginia based property, Valley Hills.



• The Amusement park reported record full-year attendance of 2.4 million, up 13% from 2007, reflecting strong growth due to large capital investments.

• The Park reported record full-year net revenues of $78 million, up 12% from 2007, reflecting strong growth in all aspects of its business.

• In-park guest per capita spending increased 2% from 2007.


Commenting on the results for 2008, Troy Smith, Valley Hills’ general manager, said, “We are pleased with our 2008 annual report. This was an eventful year for us all at the park, and we expect this momentum to continue on for many seasons to come. Our long-term strategy has always been to keep improving & keeping the guest on the top of the priority list. We're also proud to announce Valley Hills' multiple new attractions for 2009.


Snoopy vs. Red Baron, a classic flying plane ride to be situated in an expanded Camp Snoopy. Also making its debut is PEANUTS Playground, an all-new childrens' playground offering three classic playground attractions.




The red & white Peppermint Pattie Wheel will replace the outdated Vortex ride in 2009.




Slither your way BACKWARDS on Rattle Snake in 2009! Not only will the trains be reversed, but the ride will also sport a new set of colors to match it with the W.V. state reptile, the Timber Rattle Snake.




Replacing the former Valley Market is the new Kanawha Square. Kanawha Square will feature an all new eatery, Kanawha Kitchen, serving fresh-cut cheese fries, kettle corn, home-styled sweet tea & more. Kanawha Square will also feature two indoor eating areas. Kanawha Marketplace, selling Valley Hills' merchandise, will also open inside Kanawha Square alongside Kanawha Kitchen.”



Not only are we looking to expand and improve in our near future, we are also always looking into the distant one as well. We hope 2009 will prove to be another successful year at Valley Hills, and we would all like to see everyone enjoy all the new attractions next year. We are striving to keep improving & keeping the guest on the top of the priority list." - Troy Smith - Valley Hills general manager

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