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[PC/RCT3] Valley Hills

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This is my first CS park, so there will be a mix of CS & noCS, mostly noCS. I'm not exactly a building expert, so bear with me.

Hope you enjoy!





Friday, May 5, 1972.


Hello, John Kline here, Park operations manger here at Valley Hills Amusement Park.

Valley Hills is West Virginia's premiere amusement park. After six years of extensive research, planning, construction, and marketing, Valley Hills is finally ready to open it's doors. I am proud to say that Valley Hills is quickly becoming the ideal family destination for all of central West Virginia.


It's finally here, opening day!


Approaching the entrance of the park, I must say, it feels good to be here to relax and not having to work.



Once into the park, you will cross a creek. Looking to the right you can see the Paratrooper ride, named Apple Twists. A gentle family oriented ride that provides a flying sensation and a scenic view of the creek.

You can also see the the mine ride in the back, more on that later.


Looking to the left, we see West Virginia Turnpike. An arrow dynamics designed automobile ride. Great for the youngsters who want to take their first driving lesson. The ride was specially designed to weave around the dense vegetation. A classic ride that I'm sure will continue to entertain guests for years to come.


Further down the Main Midway we can see the massive Parachute Tower. It's given a red, white and blue color scheme to symbolize our great Lady America, providing great views of the West Virginia Hills as well.


I was able to get this shot while riding Parachute Tower. Carousel, towards the right, features WVU's old gold and blue colors. It's a great ride for families with smaller children. To the left you can see the Greenbrier Grill, serving all-American eats such as hamburgers and hot dogs.


Valley Hills also has rides for adults and older children. Scrambler will throw your body every which way and provide an out-of-control sensation. This ride was a bit much for me, once is enough.


Now for Valley Hill's signature ride. Kanawha Railway! Named after the native Kanawha river that flows through the heart of the Mountain State. Kanawha Railway is Valley Hill's single largest investment, designed by Arrow Dnyamics. Kanawha Railway is the longest mine style roller coaster in world, with over 2,800 feet of track!


The ride is full of twisted turns and high speed sudden drops. It also features two underground tunnels. We worked closely with Arrow Dynamics to ensure it provided one of a kind experience, unique to Valley Hills.


I don't remember taking this, my eyes were closed. That sudden drop into the tunnel got me good.


After a near-heart attack on Kanawha Railway, I decided to try something a little more tranquil. West Virginia Turnpike was the perfect choice. Very relaxing and scenic. I'm glad Valley Hills has something so enjoyable.


With night approaching, I decided to catch the sunset upon Parachute Tower. You can see much of Kanawha Railway from up here.


With it getting even darker, and closing time approaching, I picked up some delicious homemade pretzels and headed out.


Such a fun filled day at Valley Hills. Tomorrow it's back to work, so at least I had time to enjoy myself.


To be continued.....

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Monday, September 3, 1973.

John Kline. Valley Hills Park Operations Manager.



Another season has come and gone here at Valley Hills. 1973 saw an attendance boost. It's good to know all our hard work has paid off and the public is taking such interest. With today being the last operating day of 1973, I've decided to take one last stroll before old man winter creeps in.


There are great views of Kanawha Railway from the main offices. Unfortunately, some rain was in the forecast.



Waiting for the rain to pass, I decided to try some burgers at the Greenbrier Grill. It's been two years and this is the first time eating here. Not the best, but you get a lot of bang for your buck.


The rain passed surprisingly quick. Apple Twists was up and running in no time. Apple Twists has become insanely popular, I haven't seen a day without a full que.


Not today Kanawha Railway. This coaster has become a big hit for the older children and adults.







We've seen an influx of teens at the park. Valley Hill's popularity is growing, so we want to capitalize on that momentum....




Whatever could this be? Valley Hills will be entering it's third season next year. And with the increasing attendance, we need more rides to keep them coming back.



Official announcement will be published in the Charleston Gazette, Christmas Day.


To be continued........

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Monday, February 11, 1974.



In case you missed it, this was our official announcement of Trout Spin. We wanted to include something unique and thrilling and we decided this would be the best choice when considering budget.



(taken atop tree) Work on site has progressed some. The ride and all of it's parts have been assembled. All that's left is some wiring, control booth and que construction. The midway will be further expanded to ensure the ride will be in full view for guests. The ride was named after the state fish, Brook Trout, a continued to tradition to honor the Mountain State.



Parachute Tower now supports the grand ol' American Flag. A suitable location, don't you think? Opening day will be here soon, with the all new Trout Spin. Hope to see you soon.



To be continued......

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$500,000 is the total investment. There are a few things you have to consider.


  • The Ride concept is new(second ever built), newer rides cost more.
    This is the largest Enterprise, and also the first permanent & non-portable version.
    This is an investment covering: permits, marketing, purchasing, transporting, and construction for the ride. Including the new midway expansions.


Anyways, thanks for the feedback. More soon!

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Saturday, June 8, 1974.

Samantha Keystone, local resident.

I've been hearing a lot about this new Valley Hills amusement park from the locals, it hs been the hot topic here lately. So last Saturday I decided to take a trip down to Valley Hills to see what all the buzz was about.



Arriving at around noon, the parking lot was about 3/4 of the way full. Trees are abundant here, reminds me of Kings Island.



Once in the park I could see this huge towering attraction, it goes by the name Parachute Tower. It's nice that this park shows patriotism. The ride itself looks enjoyable, but I'm not the biggest fan of heights.



Apple Twists was a great ride. Nice and gentle, I felt free as a bird. I was able to get some nice views in of the creek as well. The only downside to the ride was the line, 25 minutes was a bit much for such a small ride.



This was apparently the new ride, Trout Spin. I've never seen anything like it, it turns you upside down! This I had to try, regardless of the long line.


The ride was really fun and you were glued to your seat the whole time. You just kept going upside down, made me dizzy. I like this ride enough to ride it again.



After all that spinning, I felt dizzy and decided to grab a bite to eat. The park doesn't offer that much variety of food, so Greenbrier Grill it was. This place turned out to be an unpleasant surprise. I had to wait 20 minutes just for two burgers, a coke, and a small fry. The place was crowded and having nothing but bland wallpaper to look at didn't help either. A lot of other people were upset about the lack of workers, and long lines. And when I finally got my food, the burger was half put together and my fires were cold. And the worker girl gave me sass for holding up the line when I complained. This was ridiculous!!



After all the Greenbrier Grill shenanigans I headed towards the other side of the park, hopefully this wouldn't be another hassle. Apparently, there is a live show here. It's located in the Bluegrass Theatre. I was able to get this while heading toward the show, looks interesting.



The show was surpisingly good, minus a few corny jokes. The live action stunts were incredible and it even had a compelling story.



This was my favorite part. "Billy" gets thrown off the roof for not milking the cow. The show also had some inside adult humor too, a big plus. This is Valley Hill's hidden jewel. I am surprised I haven't heard more about this.



It was finally time for Kanawha Railway. This ride was so much fun!


Some argue that this is better than the KI Racer. The tunnel twists were great, I thought I was going to loose my fingers.



This tunnel drop caught everyone off guard, the best part of the ride to. My bottom came up off the seat. Thankfully I had this safety bar to keep me from flying out. This was a wild and crazy ride. This coaster is reason enough to visit.



Kanawha Railway had me pumped, so I decided to finally try out Parachute Tower. The heights were dizzying, but it had a great view. A fairly enjoyable ride. I could get a great shot of Trout Spin from up here.



Overall, I enjoyed this park. I could definitely see myself coming back and I will be telling lots of my friends and co-workers about this place. I'ts great to have such a wonderful place within driving distance. Valley Hills has become a big success for area tourism as well. I can't wait to see what's next for the park. The Greenbrier Grill incident was a pain, they need to do something about operations there.


~Samantha Keystone




Another update coming soon!

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Monday, August 4, 1975.


John Kline, Park Operations Manager.


It's been a busy season here at Valley Hills, I've been buried deep in work for the past few months. I was finally able to enjoy the park for a bit during my lunch break last Wednesday, an hour to take in the beauty of the park. We saw an attendance boost last year with the addition of Trout Spin. This year, the midway has been further expanded again to offer even more. Lets take a look...


An all new area has been added to the park. It's a shady nook across from Trout Spin, featuring two new additions.



Mountain View, the new ride for 75'. A 75 foot tall Ferris wheel, giving guests a relaxing view of the surrounding terrain.



Mountain View also gives great views of the park. Guests who aren't tall or brave enough for Parachute Tower can enjoy the more tame Mountain View.



The Greenbrier grill was Valley Hills primary food outlet, and it was operating beyond capacity. We've also noticed many guests wished for more variety of food. The new Cobblestone Cafe serves Pizza, Pasta and Root Beer.



A new picnic area across from Cobblestone Cafe. Guests can now enjoy their meal in a relaxing (non-hectic) environment.



We now offer three different restroom facilities, we're growing faster then expected. This should help relieve some of the overwhelming traffic at the other two facilities.




(The park now is in co-partnership with a local greenhouse. We're always striving to help the local community. )



An hour goes by quick when enjoying yourself. I was able to get this shot in 20 minutes before closing.



I'll try and get another report in before the end of the season. I've just been really busy getting thing together for next year.


John Kline

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Thursday, July 1, 1976

John Kline, Park Operations Manager.



It has been a long and cold winter here in WV. Summer has returned, and Valley Hills is open for business. I tried to get an update in before last season's end, but work has had me busy. Utilizing week vacation, I thought what better way to spend it than visiting my favorite place? (which is my job, sadly.)



Cobblestone Cafe is my new favorite vendor in the park. The pizza here is a really good value and has masses of toppings.



NEW! Rotor

An all new thrill ride designed to keep riders "floating" above the floor in a spinning room by the use of centripetal Ge-force. A great ride for the older children & adults looking for a scare.



The ride's large signage is attached to it's structure, very imposing. Valley Hills is celebrating America's bicentennial by decorating the ride with red, white and blue colors.



Lines were like this all day, I was able to get this just before the que was expanded. I saw lines reach up to an hour for this one.

All this hard work pays off with the guests appreciation.



New! Dodgems

The classic bumper cars attraction makes it debut at Valley Hills. Another ride that can be enjoyed by the whole family. The ride has become a success for large groups. We were able to purchase this for only $66,000 USD, it's a used one from a traveling fair. With a little refurbishment, our maintenance department had it up and running for under $90,000 USD. Budget has been cut back a bit, so this was especially convenient.





Originally, three new attractions were planned to open for the bicentennial celebration. Unfortunately, we were only able to open two of them. The third attraction has been delayed due to a recent buzz in the industry.



The third attraction's future location is pictured here.



Parachute Tower provided a better view of this rather offset area, difficult to photograph from the ground. This massive crane has been used to relocate some of the trees, most of the area has been razed. Something big is coming! I can't reveal anything yet, but rest assure this is something unlike anything else.


John Kline




Independence Day is next week, Valley Hills will provide a free firework show the community. Show starts at 9:30 p.m. , don't miss it!

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Sunday, December 19, 1976.

Charleston Gazette



NEW for 1977!


Valley Hills amusement park welcomes RATTLESNAKE, an all new steel looping roller coaster! RATTLESNAKE will take riders on a journey like no other, A 100 foot accent will send riders slithering down 91 feet, reaching speeds of up to 50 m.p.h. ! RATTLESNAKE will flip riders completely upside down, with a 360° vertical loop! The roller coaster is packed with high speed slithering turns and hills on it's 2300 foot course. Valley Hills is making a $1,500,000 USD investment with RATTLESNAKE, a commitment to happiness and thrills. RATTLESNAKE will be the first looping roller coaster east of the Ohio River when it opens in May.




-----General Statistics-----

  • Style - Steel looping roller coaster
    Company - Anton Schwarzkopf
    Height - 100 feet
    Drop - 91 feet
    Length - 2300 feet
    Ge-force - 3.7
    Track crossovers - 3
    Investment - $1,500,000 USD




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Friday, June 3, 1977

Samantha Keystone ~ local resident.


Another update here from yours truly. I haven't been here since early last year, Rotor and Dodge 'Em were the new family oriented rides of last season. I don't fancy the rides, but they are still two great additions to Valley Hills. With the reveal of Rattlesnake, the parks new looping roller coaster, I just had to check it out for myself.



I spy something green!






The rides signature move, the vertical loop. Such a neat feature to be included on a roller coaster.



RattleSnake's impressive station.


Going up.

(I got this one about 20 minutes into the wait, lines were at least 2 hours all day)


That crazy Loop!


About 1 hour into my wait I was able to snap this one.


Finally, it was time to ride!


So how was it?

Awesome!! The ride was really cool and super smooth. The loop was extreme, my body felt super heavy. It was an amazing experience going upside down on a roller coaster. Everyone was scared coming down that first drop, in anticipation for the loop. The rest of the ride was great to. Lots of twisty segments with more extreme forces that kept everyone snug in their seats. There were a few moments of unexpected butterflies as well. The verdict: even better than Kanawha Railway! Such a great roller coaster, and has made Valley Hills my new #2 park, behind Kings Island. Rattlesnake is my new favorite ride as well. I waited in another 2 hour line to ride it again, and it was worth it.



The new Rattlesnake Refreshments located outside the ride's entrance.



Decent coffee is served here, and oversized ($3.99) souvenir cups filled with soda. Rattlesnake provides a better wake up call than a coffee ever could.



Apparently the park has been working with a local greenhouse, and it appears they've also taken up shop here. It's good to know Valley Hills focuses on the smaller things to.



Trout Spin and Parachute Tower. Two excellent rides at an excellent park.



I was impressed with the Cobblestone Cafe. It had speedy service and an open area design. The dense vegetation surrounding it created a nice place to enjoy a meal. A vast improvement when comparing Greenbrier Grill.



Mountain View. Another scenic attraction at the park.

(The name confuses me though, I saw hills not mountains.)



I skipped Dodge 'Em, the line was too long. 45 minutes for a bumper car? No thank you...


Look at those trees! Nothing worth mentioning here, moving along....

(Never again! )



Parachute Tower. I passed on this one to, lines were absurdly long all day. And it's only early June. Rattlesnake has been quite the success.



Apple Twists. I managed to catch this one with only a 25 minute wait. The line quickly grew to 50 minutes when I got off. Lucky me!



I had such a great time at Valley Hills today. The park just keeps on improving and offers such a great collection of rides. The RattleSnake and Kanawha Railway are two of my favorites here. The food options have improved, and the park is still locally owned and operated. Valley Hills is a promising place, can't wait to see what's next for the park.


Samantha Keystone




So what do you think?

What would you like to see added?


Comments would be appreciated. And thanks for the views.

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Thursday, August 18, 1977.


John Kline

Park Operations Manager


Valley Hills is a full time commitment. Everyday our maintenance crews check and test each ride to ensure safe thrills. My shift started early today

(6 A.M.), and the maintenance crews began their shifts as well. So today I present a behind the scenes look at Valley Hills' daily inspections.




The Sun's rays reach Valley Hills, the start of another magnificent day.



Scrambler's electrical components were being tested. The ride then had a vigorous 10 minute test cycle, followed by another inspection. Safety is important!



Rotor was having some issues this morning. The electrical components were in-check, however the rides hydraulic functioning were having a bit of troubles. The floor locking mechanism would have a delay when unlocking. It took some time to work around this, but eventually it began working. For about 15 minutes, before the same issue arose. Unfortunately, the ride will remain closed until the issue is solved.



A behind the scenes look at RattleSnake! The ride goes through a mandatory 20 minute safety run every morning. The ride has performed well so far, no major issues to report. The ride is holding up well as expected.



The crew let me join them on their "lift walk", as they like to call it. I was able to get some great views to.



I was granted access to Parachute Tower's maintenance platform during routine maintenance.



That's a LONG way down. These workers are brave, working at these heights is no joke.



The only time GreenBrier isn't packed to the wall with costumers. Sales have decreased here since the introduction of the Cobblestone Cafe. This place was brought up in the last few meetings, hopefully some changes are made about the decor here.



Kanawha Railway takes the longest to inspect and test. It has a long wooden structure, two separate lift hills, along with five different brake zones. Kanawha Railway is our most popular attraction, the extra effort does pay off.



It was time to head back to the office and get this park ready for another heavy summer crowd. Attendance has spiked this year, RattleSnake has been a huge contributor to that. It has nearly payed for itself already! Upper management is pleased with this addition and the profit that comes with. All that really matters is the guests experience and what they take away from it.


John Kline




Bonus material, 1977 park map! Enjoy.


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Thanks for the comment. I've been working on this park extensively the past few days. I've already entered the 80's, I just need to post some TRs.

I can't reveal much. But rest assure, some interesting additions are coming. Another update will be posted soon!

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Mega Update!

I experimented with a little more CS.


Monday, July 2, 1979.

Tessa Keystone

Local resident, mother of five.



Valley Hills has "something for the whole family." When I read this, my headache went away. My husband Rick, the kids and I were all arguing on where to spend a day trip. My oldest two (14, 16) and my youngest three (6,7 & 7) couldn't decide on a place we could all enjoy ourselves. Valley Hills is a life saver, I honestly thought they were going to tear each other apart. My sister, Samantha, constantly blabs about the place and how I should take my family there. The only problem was that my youngest three wouldn't have much to do, and that would't be fair to them. So we took a day trip down to Valley Hills to have a family day.



Making our way into the park, this towering ride caught everyone's attention.



The younger ones were thrilled to see this, they called it "pixie horses." My youngest is going through a horse phase, she was mortified when she had to get off.



The next ride of the day was Apple Twists. The whole family enjoyed this, except my husband (who dislikes spinning rides by the way). He was able to take this one. It wasn't that bad, quite relaxing honestly.



The kids began fussing over what to ride next, so Bluegrass Theater it was. No talking during the show, solving this potential disaster.



My sister, Samantha, spoke highly of this place. So I had even more motive to check it out. And apparently she was right, a full house before noon.



The show was very entertaining, and had some great humor to. The kids really enjoyed all the stunts, which were even better than the local theater's.



After the show, the kids saw this and were more than eager to try it out (they were like this with everything they saw).



We snacked on some of these delicious pretzels. These things were massive, it was more like a meal!



It was time for Kanawha Railway!



The lines for the front were to long for me to care, seats towards the back had no wait at all. I don't understand why people wait longer to experience the same ride. The ride itself was amazing! Lots of tunnels, the kids loved it.



Both my husband and oldest son wanted to test their strength. The operator was apparently on lunch. Oh well...



My sister, Samantha, told me to stay away from the GreenBrier Grill. I decided to take her advice. I saw a lot of upset faces through the window though.



Everyone wanted to ride Parachute Tower. I'm a sucker for heights, but the younger ones begged me to ride with them.



Scrambler looked like a vomit inducer, my husband and I both sat this one out.



We enjoyed some games in the meantime. He set the new 2nd highest score on Duck Hunt, even won me a panda!



Mountain View? I really couldn't tell what this was, the name was intriguing enough though.



It ended up being a Ferris wheel. Not my favorite, but the younger ones were having a blast.



It was finally time for lunch, although it was already 3:00 p.m. . Cobblestone Cafe had a great menu to choose from. We ordered a large pizza, with two pitchers of soda. And we were able to enjoy it in this shady picnic area. Nice!



Next up, Trout Spin. Everyone but our oldest two sat this one out. The line was mostly teenagers, go figure.



Red, white and blue! My husband is the textbook patriot, so he was rather disappointed to find out this one was closed.







The little ones were beyond thrilled to see this, a town just for kids. Kid Town.

Our oldest two split from the group, and joined their friends at this point. So much for a family day....



The place was beautifully decorated in flowers, I noticed quite a few rides to.

First up was Tea party, the ride furthest from view.



My youngest two boys loved these motorcycles. Road Rally was their favorite ride of the day.



It was time for Kid Town's centerpiece attraction, Monarch flight.



We all decided to ride this one together. I enjoyed myself on this one.



Cameras were allowed on this ride. I was able to get this picture of the eatery.



Kid Town Market. This place was beyond busy, but we still decided to check it out. The kids snacked on PP&J sandwiches and a cookies.



The Caterpillar! A kid-sized roller coaster, which meant I could take a break.....



...Or so I thought. They wanted us to ride, and we were dragged into the 20 minute line.



Not bad for a kid-sized coaster though. I feel a little ashamed for enjoying it so much.


After about 1 & 1/2 hours in Kid Town, it was time to try something for us adults. RattleSnake! I met up with my oldest two and made them watch the younger ones while hubby and I enjoyed this. This thing was VERY intense, that loop is a ride by itself. My favorite ride of the day! (no kids either)



Everyone was nearly exhausted so we all decided on one last ride. Which ended up being up Dodge 'Em. Which ended up breaking down right before our ride. Which caused the younger ones to argue among themselves. I was feeling a bit bewitched at that point.



All in all, Valley Hills was an excellent place to spend a family day. We actually agreed (on something, finally!) to visit again, maybe sometime soon. For now, it's back to juggling this family.


Tessa Keystone.

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No comments?

I'm starting to feel iffy about this project.






Friday, June 27, 1980.

John Kline ~ Park Operations Manager


Valley Hills has seen eight prosperous seasons, filled with laughter thrills and memories.

Sadly, during this ninth season, Valley Hills has taken a turn for the worst. The park has been struggling to make a profit for nearly 3 years now. The park's attendance has slightly dropped for the first time, adding to the wound..



Kid Town is one of the more prosperous area's of the park, with lots of foot traffic. Sadly, profits say otherwise.



After such a large capital investment last year with Kid Town, Sky Slide was the only feasible addition. Sky Slide is popular among the smaller children & parents.



Rotor is still having technical difficulties. The ride ran for only 5 weeks last season, and began having the same issues. Rotor was open for the first 12 days this season, and the hydraulic functions finally called it quits. Rotor is only 4 years old and has become an extremely unreliable ride. Parts have been ordered, and the ride has been closed until further notice.



In other news, BackWoods Buffet will no longer be serving homemade-style treats.

An electrical-based fire spread across 3/4 of the structure February 14. Luckily it was snowing heavily, so the fire didn't spread anywhere beyond the structure. The building has been deemed unsafe, and the City has ordered it's demolition by July 14 or further legal action will ensue. This is most unfortunate for Valley Hills, BackWoods Buffet was a huge crowd draw for this area of the park.



What makes this scenario even worse is it's proximity to Bluegrass Theater. The Theater will remain closed until something is done about the safety hazard.



A new show was set to premiere this season, "Saucy Sal V.s. the Outlaw "

Valley Hills takes an even bigger hit financially with this one, Bluegrass Theater was a prime source of income for the park, and was becoming wildly popular.



Valley Hills has taken a huge hit financially. We here at Valley Hills are striving to make it through this difficult step. We are always looking up into a better tomorrow.


John Kline.

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Looking great! well the storyline i mean.

Oh, okay. Thanks.


Please keep it going I love this park. Everything looks great! The story line is amazing. I'm really looking forward to see what the future holds
Hopefully the park profits go back up. This is a great park.
Definitely keep going, looks great so far.

Lets hope for the best! Valley Hills will keep chugging along, at least for now....

Thanks for the compliments btw!


What a quick turn of events at Valley Hills. Seemed like everything was going fine as they've made a few smart decisions when it came to new attractions. I see a sale may be in the park's future if things don't turn out right. Looking forward to seeing how this story plays out.

This story has begun heating up a bit. What's next will decide the Valley Hills' shaky future.

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Sorry for the wall of text, but it's important.



Tuesday, August 31, 1982

Kevin Jones ~ Valley Hills financial officer


Valley Hills has been going through some tough times as of late. The last few seasons have seen no added attractions. And what's worse is the park's struggling financial status. I had to attended a private meeting between Valley hills and City Government, which was held May 3, and have some news to report.



The park's founder & main financial backer, millionaire Samuel Jenkins also attended the meeting. The City Government discussed the parks financial status and their ongoing contract with the park. The contract states that:

Valley Hills will receive [an undisclosed amount of] tax breaks in return for founding the city with $220,000 (per year) for public use.

The City is now demanding it's compensation, which the park has been unable to provide.



This is when Samuel Jenkins unveiled his new plan to revitalize Valley Hills and bring it back better than ever. I can't get into all the details, but I can reveal the basics...



  • $10,000,000 USD in capital investments
  • Revitalize old Backwoods Buffet site
  • Increased advertising


which will in-turn;


  • Increase attendance
  • Increase in-park spending
  • Increase profit


After about an hour of discussion, both parties came to an agreement.


Valley Hills will receive their tax breaks, and will temporarily be granted permission to not pay the City's compensation for the next 3 years. However, once the three years are up, Valley Hills will have to pay their debt, with a 20% interest rate.


This will allow for Jenkins' plan to materialize, and hopefully provide a steady cash flow. Which would also enable Valley Hills to deal with this new contract.



The unused portion of the parking lot has been reserved for private use. Equipment related to the $10,000,000 additions has begun arriving on site.



Site clearing has already begun, and construction will break into full gear once the 1982 season is over.



Plan 1:098-7 is Valley Hills' last chance for survival. If this plan does not succeed, Valley Hills will undoubtedly go bankrupt, closing after only 13 operating seasons. With only 3 years to make a comeback, this has to go off without a hitch!


Kevin Jones ~

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Wednesday, June 1, 1983

Kevin Doss ~ local guest


As a frequent visitor of Valley Hills, the lack of new additions was beginning to test my patience. This year however, Valley Hills announced three new attractions. One is supposed to be the nations largest free fall ride. A family oriented ride, and an all new eatery. This was all great news to hear, so a visit to Valley Hills was inevitable.



I spy a new figure within the horizon!



I was surprised to see an all new midway open this year. I'm so used to getting nothing, this felt surreal.



Towering Inferno! New for 1983.



Looks intimidating!

That 100 foot drop was no joke. The most frightening ride at the park if you ask me.



Towering Inferno had a 1.5 hour wait all day. I don't remember RattleSnake ever being this busy.



Music Box, the other new ride for 83. Skipped this one, mostly due to the long que. Valley Hills was surprisingly crowded today, very unusual.



Finally, something new to chow down on! Allegheny Hall offers a variety of local cuisine. They even brought back those giant pretzels!



Allegheny Hall also features a picnic area, with an exclusive view of Kanawha Railway.

If I had more film, I would've spent ages with this photogenic spot.



Bluegrass Theater has finally re-opened, albeit further down the new midway. I hear the new show is better than the last, next time I'll be sure to check it out.



Purchased this postcar featuring Towering Inferno. The name strikes me odd, I swear I've heard that somewhere....



Seems like Valley Hills has something new up it's sleeve. The park has been frequented by construction vehicles lately. According to the local paper, they're on a building spree. A bit noisy, but new rides are always welcomed in my book.



Kevin Doss~

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