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[PC/RCT3] Valley Hills

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Nice to see the park is back.

Yes, Valley Hills is back.


I'm glad that there was a new update. I was getting worried that the park was done.

I've been quite busy, and have been slacking on the updates. There will be much more frequent updates this week


The park looks amazing! It's nice to see you doing this again. Before I joined, I read this thread and followed along.

Thank you for the compliments. It continues to surprise me when I hear people's response to my park, as I originally never imagined it would become this popular.



Next update will be posted soon.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010


David Trust - Valley Hills' spokesperson



The 2010 season is here! Valley Hills may be stepping into a new decade, but two of this year's new additions take a new spin on classic designs.




Rotor makes its return to Valley Hills after closing in 1986. The ride was previously plagued with mechanical issues, however this modern, more efficient, in-house design is sure to outlast the previous version. As the name implies, riders are spun around a giant rotor-like contraption & stay glued to the wall via-centrifugal force while the floor drops beneath them. Quite the thrill!




Families can enjoy a new mild-thrill ride this year with the introduction of Charlie Brown's Wind-up. Riders aboard Charlie Brown's Wind-up will experience a "whiplash" effect while being "wound-up" around two tight corners, experiencing a fun dose of G-forces. Charlie Brown's Wind-up, and Rotor will be located adjacent to Planet Snoopy, on the former Dodge Em' bumper car location.




Allegheny Market, also NEW for 2010!




Allegheny Market replaces the former Allegheny Hall eatery, now featuring a new and expanded outdoor eating area. Guests can now enjoy their meals while being entertained by a live show, or the passing Kanawha Railway with it's all-new, close-up viewing area.




Allegheny Market serves freshly made pretzels, chili dogs, and candy apples. All served with a choice of southern-style sweet or unsweet tea.




The trail that connected the former Allegheny Hall to the western midway has been expanded to now connect the new Allegheny Market to both the western and now northern midways. Not so significant, but for those looking for a shortcut around the park, this should come in handy. Guest experience and convenience is important to!




Valley Hills' Coasters after Dark continues to expand this year, now open to the general public for $19.99 per person (limited availability). Cardinal has now been added to the ride itinerary.




Blackwater Falls celebrates its 15th year in 2010. The spillwater attraction was the world's single tallest (85'), fastest (41 mph), and steepest (52°) water ride when it opened on May 5, 1995.




Last season's new addition, Rattle Snake Backwards, and this year's Rotor.




Here, Charlie Brown's Wind-up is lit up with bright LED bulbs. The Valley Hills skyline makes a colorful impact when it's all lit up at night!




Allegheny Market stays open well after the sun goes down. Season Pass holders now receive a 15% discount on all meals at any eatery after 6 P.M.




~David Trust

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I'm interested to see how this plays out for the last few seasons. As a relatively major park in the Cedar Fair chain, it would seem logical that a WindSeeker tower swinger would come before long as they were first mass-ordered in 2011. I don't see Zero lasting much longer.

I am also interested to see if you go with a "big finish" type transformation coaster. 2014/2015 would seem like a good time for the next multi-million dollar coaster, so if you follow real world Cedar Fair patterns, something along the lines of GateKeeper or Fury 325 could be a nice way to top off a great project like Valley Hills. You know when you have your viewers "speculating" you've done some solid work, and I am certainly intrigued. Keep it up.

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I am happy to see Valley Hill is back for the 2010 season. I agree I'd love to see a Windseeker but I'd like to mention that this park might need a big coaster, something along the lines B&M hyper or an Intiamin launch coaster. Something that is big and ground breaking. I think there is some space near Wild waters for a big coaster expansion!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010


David Trust - Valley Hills' spokesperson



Valley Hills Amusement Park opened its gates to the public for the very first time on Friday, May 5, 1972.

Guests were greeted by the iconic Parachute Tower that still greets visitors to this day.


Valley Hills also offered 8 rides and attractions, including the classic Kanawha Railway mine roller coaster.



Valley Hills has grown from only 8 rides and attractions to over 45 by 2010. Quite the expansion in over 35 seasons.



Gone are the days of Parachute Tower completely dominating the skyline. Twisted steel track and other high-tech scream machines have helped transform Valley Hills into a thrill-seekers paradise.



Stay tuned, there is much more to come at the one and only Valley Hills!



~David Trust

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Congrats on the return. Looking for big things from this park to finish out.

Thank you. I hope I bring big enough things to the table.



Wow I did not except this. Can't wait to see more.

I didn't expect it to take so long to restart this park. I've reworked the 10 year plan extensively. This decade shall see even more drastic changes.


Anyways, next update will be here soon. Thank you all for your continued support.

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Sunday, July 11, 2010


David Trust - Valley Hills' spokesperson




Welcome back! Upon entering the park this year you may notice banners for Patriot and Blackwater Falls. The rides celebrate their 25th and 15th anniversaries respectively this season.



Patriot in full swing, performing its famous inverting maneuvers high above the midway.


Patriot originally opened in 1985 under the colors and name of Sun Spin. It wasn't until this season that Sun Spin underwent the transformation into Patriot to match the adjacent Parachute Tower. Here, the ride is pictured on its opening day back in 1985.



If you’re feeling a bit queasy after a ride on Patriot, stop in at the GreenBrier Grill and enjoy a refreshing Pepsi.



Or come in and take a seat at the last year's new Kanawha Square and enjoy some fresh-cut cheese fries.



White Lightning offers something different this year.



White Lightning now bears new trains with closer 8 across seating. This new train design reduces the car width by 8 feet, and drastically improves the maintenance by having a more efficient design.



The newer trains from Bolliger & Mabillard enable the ride to be more enjoyable for guests on the outer seats. This was most apparent during the in-line roll.



We here at Valley Hills always ensure that guest satisfaction is top priority.

Fun Fact: The newer trains are more aerodynamic carrying up to 3% more speed throughout the course.



Adjacent to White Lightning, Cardinal spins riders up to 148' at 122°.



Cardinal still retains the record as the world’s largest Frisbee Ride. Last season over 672,000 people took flight on Cardinal.



Wild Waters now offers an even wilder experience this season with the all new "Sheriff vs. The Outlaw" themed section.



Prepare to embark on four minute excursion with gunslingers and plenty of wet surprises.



Sunday is a great day to come and take advantage of the short lines on Ignition. What makes Sunday even better is the Sunday Funday ticket, where you can bring 1 friend for FREE!



Unfortunately, Towering Inferno will not be in operation until further notice. The ride suffered from some severe lightning damage last Thursday followed by unsatisfactory test runs.



Valley Hills will resolve these problems as quickly as possible, we thank you for your patience.



To compensate for the downtime of Towering Inferno the Allegheny Market will hold a special limited time offer. Guests who own an official Towering Inferno T-Shirt, will receive a 9% discount on a single order of food at the Allegheny Market. You must wear the shirt at the time of purchase to be eligible for the discount. The Allegheny Market also offers live entertainment and exclusive views of Kanawha Railway. Come check it out!



Due to the newer trains on White Lightning the old splash-down element has since been removed. However, we here at Valley Hills would like YOUR input on what the old splashdown site could be utilized for in regards to the future of the ride. Take part in this public, limited time survey that also includes a general questionnaire about the park and its future.

(Survey is now closed)




Until next time.



David Trust - Valley Hills' spokesperson

Edited by JonnyRCT3
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