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Which rides have given you greyouts?

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Millennium Force.

Half-way through the first overbank. Lasted until right before the first tunnel. The airtime hill that followed really helped, wen't from too many Gs to awesome floater Gs.


I needed to eat two giant cookies and a Dasani to refresh myself.

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Definitely the most pronounced for me was I-305 - vision dimmed and seeing stars


2nd for me would be the last loop on Mindbender at SFoG - it kind of feels like I have been punched in the nose (not the pain of being punched, but the seeing stars part afterwards.)

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Depending on how tired I am the closest I have came to a greyout is Tennessee tornado during the second loop of the double loops. None of the other coasters I have ever been on even come close to making me have one. Tornado doesn't most of the time it really just depends on the temp and how tired I am I believe. I normally sit towards the back but usually not in the back seat

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Happens every time I ride B:TR during the zero g-roll... It also happens on Goliath (SFOG) during the helix. I also greyed out once on Mind Bender during the horizontal loop. It had just stopped raining and that bad boy was MOVING! I was NOT prepared!!

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What is a grey out!

I've heard it so many times, but never asked what it was.

It's when, due to high G forces, the blood is pulled to your feet meaning less will manage to get to your brain. This will affect you in several stages: on the first one (greyout) everything you see becomes grey/black and white and your sight loses "definition"; second one (tunnel vision) you lose peripheral vision meaning you'll only see straight forward; third stage (blackout) you just stop seeing; on the last stage you pass out, also called G LOC (gravity induced loss of consciousness).

This might seem dangerous but you would need to experience G LOC for several minutes to be harmed while on roller coasters you may only grey or blackout for a few seconds, so it's perfectly fine.

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Really? During the actual zero-g? That's interesting...


Yup... I think it has something to do with the force of that first vertical loop heading right into the zero-g that does it. Im not complaining though because I always ride it more than once. LOL

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Only ones I can think of:

Kings Dominion's i305 on almost every lap.

Mindbender at Six Flags Over Georgia at one time on the first loop, but I guess I was still getting accustomed to the high humidity.

Goliath at SFMM the last time I rode it, which was probably near 10 years ago. That helix finale was insane.

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I have never had a full gray out, but have had many slight gray outs. I found out that if I just relax I can some what cause a very small gray out.


Anyways the best grey out I have gotten was at SFSTL on batman. The first vertical loop and the helix as the end.


I have had a slight gray out on

MF, Maverick, Ninja (SFSTL) and that is about it.


Anyone ever blackout??

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