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New Wanda Parks in China.

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I have read that this YOLO-style coaster is actually made by Intamin and not Premier. Can anyone confirm this?


Indeed I can. Although i swear the ride was originally announced as a Premier. At some point in the last couple of years it's changed to Intamin


Here's the image from the construction site.



In other news heres some Wanda Engineers inspecting some of the supports for the ride


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Since nobody else has brought this up (i think), if found this bit of info on Wanda's website

Visitors to Wuxi Theme Park will be able to experience the world’s fastest rollercoaster, which hits speeds of over 200 km/h.

theres also this image for the park

^ looks like a wingrider ?

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Wuxi is a bit of a weird one. It's not due to open until 2017 so less is known about it that Nanchang and Hefei which already have rides going up and open September next year.


Wanda originally said that it would have the worlds fastest but all that seems to have been removed from the latest concept art. Currently what I'm expecting is a B&M wing rider, Mack Blue Fire clone and an Intamin impulse


here's the early concept art


And now the more recent stuff



Wing coaster


Blue Fire




Of course it is only concept art so hedge your bets now.

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Some new images of the plans for Wanda City in Hefei. (Click the links for bigger images)


The Intamin launched semi-shuttle coaster. Shows off the rear spike and first giant loop well as well as the layout.




Park plans showing off the Layouts for both the Intamin and the duel tilt coasters.



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The semi-shuttle coaster is an Intamin not a Premier as first thought. looks like it has a non inverting loop like the Ferrari World coaster. The turnaround also appears to be non inverting like you said. Although its tough to tell. Its the thick lined coaster on the right side of the larger plans


The duel tilt coasters are at the top of the plans. The thin lines make it fairly tough to follow an exact layout but it appears to be something along the lines of Drop, Loop Helix, corkscrew, helix for each one. Dueling on the drops and through the corkscrews.

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Sorry, I do not understand those plans at all. Which ride is the tilt coaster?



All the way at the top of the park map:



top set of arrows: station / bottom set of arrows: tilt-drops








What Intamin is going there?



On the right of the map:







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Everything's been annoyingly quiet with respect to the new Wanda City in Nanchang. But stumbled upon this picture today which shows off the new Intamin hyper coaster and the custom SLC nicely.


That Intamin looks like it could have some pretty hefty airtime.




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I still can't get over the fact that a park like this went with a Chinese SLC...


At least it's custom and correct me if I'm wrong. The first ever non B&M coaster to feature interlocking corkscrews?

Given Shibaolai's first SLC had a six feet difference between track pieces during installation, this is not exactly a good thing.

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