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  1. Anyone have a POV of Viper at Wanda Nanchang? I know it has been testing recently...
  2. Mine is Timberhawk: Ride Of Prey at Wild Waves, fun mid-sized S&S woodie!
  3. That's an interesting layout for a wingrider, especially with the steep lifthill. Looks pretty intense!
  4. My pick would probably Grand National at Blackpool, I could see why people like it, but it bruised me up way too much for me to ever want to ride it anytime soon.
  5. I must say, Manta at SWSD is surprisingly forceful, i enjoyed it a lot more than its Orlando sibling I'm not sure if people just don't know much about it, but Wicked at Lagoon has some amazing airtime on the top hat/hill
  6. Your coaster stations look great! i love the roofing Keep up the good work!
  7. For the Gentle Giants Petting Zoo, maybe a family coaster that rides on the back of the dinosaurs with long necks would fit? Also, for either the Mosasaur Cove or the Stegosaurus area, a jaws-style ride might work with either a giant crocodile or something like that Exited to see how this turns out!
  8. I always enjoy the Enchanted Forest park in oregon whenever i visit
  9. This is looking to be MUCH better than i expected to be, considering the horrible rendering and all
  10. I really hope White Lightning at Funspot becomes the next Gwazi, considering its in Florida as well.
  11. I'd say either Manta (swsd) or most spinning coasters, namely the large Maurer Sohne models and Mack versions.
  12. Even though i probably wont ever get there, Flying Aces looks pretty damn amazing, same with Taron
  13. I've always wondered why everyone says thunderbolt is so bad, it looks like a fun ride. Is it the restraints?
  14. Since nobody else has brought this up (i think), if found this bit of info on Wanda's website theres also this image for the park ^ looks like a wingrider ?
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