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New Wanda Parks in China.

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Wanda Wuxi is building the tallest, fastest wing coaster with the most complicated layout and the best theming... I don't know how they can say their wing coaster has the best theming and the most complicated layout though... The train is blue and themed to Chinese eagle(I'm pretty sure 99.9% of the Chinese population don't know there's something called Chinese eagle)



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Here's the article translated according to google.


November 21, Wanda text brigade hospital and world-renowned theme park design company after several rounds of discussions to finalize the Wuxi Wanda theme park, one of the most important innovation in equipment - wing coaster car body design.

The wing will be the world's tallest roller coaster, the fastest, most complex trajectory, the scene of the most abundant wing coaster to soar eagle as a design concept, each body are designed for three-dimensional fiberglass Chinese Yingtou , Yiyu Accumulate, hawk, mechanical cantilever with sky blue printing on both sides, showing the spectacular design effect.

By then, the only roller coaster ride visitors will experience the thrills of the world's unique, park visitors in the park from any angle can watch the flying in the sky among the mountain eagle wings shuttling between the creative wing coaster will make this one of the biggest highlights of the Wuxi Wanda theme park.


It somewhat looks/sounds like a Chinese knock-off.

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^Yeah it kind of does. When gerstlaueringvar first posted about a world's tallest and fastest wing coaster I thought B&M but after going to their website and seeing the concept art it does smell like knock-off.

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These images appeared on RCD the other day showing the layouts of the 3 coasters at Wanda Nanchang.


GCI Woodie

We've seen this before but part of the plans for the woodie.



Intamin Mega Coaster

We've seen most of this layout before but heres a better view






Unknown Inverted Coaster

The third coaster from an unknown manufacturer. Looks like a B&M but it could really be anyone. If it is a Chinese built SLC at least it has its own layout.







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Some construction of the park in Xisuangbanna too. B&M looks good although it has a very shallow drop. The Zamperla Pony Express is up too and it looks to me like a clone of the Knott's version (Can anyone confirm? I'm guessing of a fuzzy memory of the ride)


No sign of the Intamin water coaster yet though.









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Has anyone seen this?



New record breaker accelerator with a loop on the return. A little addition to the one trick pony. Will have to wait to see some more info on it, and if it actually gets built.

Yeah, I wonder if it really will happen. If it does, isn't it a bit odd that they advertise it as higher than Ka yet not as fast?

Anyway, It would be really cool to see such a colossal loop getting built.

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