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Robb Alvey on ThrillNetwork's In The Loop Radio Show!

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Hey everyone!


The guys over at ThrillNetwork's In The Loop radio show had me on as a guest tonight.


There was some interesting stuff including Stan Checkett's body size, all the rumors of parks I'm *cough* banned *cough* from, glow-in-the-dark beer, coaster porn, and what it's like to do a couple of big guys! :shock:


And, oh yeah, I think we talked about coasters and parks stuff at some point!


Anyway, you can download the show by clicking the link below and be sure to listen to the "September 24th" show:




--Robb "Why do I do this to myself?!?!?" Alvey


In The Loop guys with Mr. Six!

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Umm... it's amazing that some of us even have girlfriends. Or even lucky enough to be married.


Isn't it tho .. scary to say the least when your with a non-coasternut like me .. I think she just thinks it's learning for her psych-education

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Hey I listened to the show, sounds like all of you had fun. I am going to download several of the others shows to put on my iRiver so I can listen to them while driving around for work. It sure does beat listening to other talk radio shows.

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wow pretty funny! My favorite likes were:


"Yo whats up, Im Robb Alvey...I run a website, some people go to it some people don't"


"Now I know who's ass to kick"


"Is that for the extra large people out there?"


"That will prove not to eat all that cheese on the sick between rides"


"Did I just hear you call Stan a tub of lard?!?"


and the best of all:


"Are you supposed to be bringing boats in the park, that's not cool!"


Nice job!


Colin C

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Yes! Thanks to Robb for putting up with us losers. Glad he was able to finally clear up all those "rumors" about being banned. I mean it's a shame he's going to have to change the name to the site now. Come on how you going to do Theme Park Reviews if your not even allowed to enter them in the first place


I know our show isn't for everybody but hopefully those that checked it out could learn these few things. If you want to ride an Intamin, don't eat cheese sticks in between rides. Despite his actual appearence, Stan Checketts is a tub of lard because he makes big seats for his riders. Hard Rock Park won't be building any good rides until Robb buys more $6 drinks. Plus a highly respectable ThrillNetwork webmaster did it with 3 big guys.


Seriously though we were happy to have Robb on and anytime he wants to be back he has an open invitation. For everybody that listened, hopefully you enjoyed it. I figured people who post on here would get a kick. I know a coaster radio show sounds stupid, but we try not to take everything so serious, just like this site does.

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I don't listen to the radio that much, but I see nothing wrong with a show that addresses something that a lot of people clearly enjoy. If there can be sports talk shows, why not a coaster or amusement park show?



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made me laugh - I liked the bloke banning himself - think he might have been on the back foot a little bit 'cause it sounded like he was trying to be serious and you all sounded like - whey hey life is a blast and don't be so serious


anyway - will tune in again without a doubt..



He banned himself - not so serious after all =got with it in the end

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