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TPR's Mexico Tour Mini Updates

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TPR's Mexico Tour has begun! I'm posting live updates to our Twitter -

Browse through the following pages. I'll be posting mini reports throughout the day!


Today is our "culture day"


Fun Fact! Original version of Epcot Mexico boat ride more like real Mexico!


¿Donde esta Donald?


TPR does culture!


We have truly encountered "The Line Ride!"


It seriously is the line ride!


The "Fresno" way to climb the pyramids!

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Live updates on our Twitter...


TPR survived climbing the Teotihuacan pyramids! We only had two heart attacks and one casualty. Sadly, we never found Donald. :(


What do you think? 2013 Christmas card?


Time for lunch... And more! :)


"I'll have 6,000 chicken fajitas, please."


"Would anyone like a shot of tequila?"

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I'm posting live updates to our Twitter -


First credit of the TPR Mexico Tour... A Wacky Worm, of course!


Yes it's true, we are sad and pathetic!


Time for more Mexican culture!


Going inside what used to be one of Mexico's government buildings.


Now this building houses some very famous murals and paintings.


Whatever this mural is selling, I'm totally buying!


How well do you know Epcot's Mexico Boat Ride - is this fountain included in it or not?


"Hey, baby, I'll give you one severed arm for a night of your sweet, sweet love..."

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Perhaps this caption will accompany one of the Wacky Worm photos in a Mexican newspaper: "Triste, patético gringos a caballo un gusano creárais." (Courtesy of the Babylon online translator.)

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I'm posting live updates to our Twitter -


TPR has had plenty of culture for one day!


Something Mexican going on here...


Hey, let's go to that cathedral instead of Phantasialand... Oh, wait... Different trip...


I hate mimes...


100% Disney approved & licenses Mickey & Minnie here in Mexico City!


OMG!!! Heath Ledger is alive and well in Mexico City!


¿Donde esta Donald? RIGHT. FREAKING. HERE!!! OMG!!!


"The Epcot boat ride was right! I *KNEW* you'd be here Donald!" :)

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Looks like the trip is starting out nicely - culture, food, disney characters, and a wacky worm!! I am simply envious that you are all in shorts/short sleeves, etc...it's March 25th and I looked out my window at work here in DC and it is snowing!!!


Have a blast everyone...thanks for the update and looking forward to any further ones.

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Looks like you picked a good time to get out of Florida too...crazy weather here in a good portion of the US. It is snowing like crazy here in Western NY as it is in a lot of the Eastern part of the US. For March 25th, this is just crazy!


Looking forward to the rest of the updates...have fun!

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Today we are at Six Flags Mexico...


Our first official park of the tour!


The morning started with some ERT on Superman! What a great surprise! Fantastic ride with great airtime. Reminded me more of Phantom's Revenge than the other Morgan hypers.


And yes, we shot some awesome POV videos'


The Joker was awesome! Amazing themed queue and ride! What a great way to "plus" this coaster from its previous location.


Next up was Medusa...


Medusa wasn't as rough as I was fearing, but it could use some love!

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