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TPR's Mexico Tour Mini Updates

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Great footage! It might be just me, but Cascabel doesn't seem to go as fast or high as some other shuttle loops, was it noticeably any slower than the others?

Slower than Montezoomas, but not by that much. It's certainly faster than the weight drop versions.

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Finally got around to watching the Superman video. That does look much better than your average Morgan Hyper. This ride and Phantom's Revenge showed that Morgan definitely had the ability to design some great, unique rides.


I agree, after watching this video I would like to ride Superman for comparison to their other Hypers. This track layout looks unique compared to other Morgans. This ride showed that Morgan definitely had the ability to design some great and unique rides but unfortunately the majority of their Hypers were just average like Wild Thing.

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Today we were at "Chinese Knock-Off Park-O-Death" in Mexico!


We are currently riding a Chinese knock-off loop/screw in Mexico! Wish us luck!


TPR's ultimate moment of shame - having to steal Mexican kids to ride the Chinese Knock-off mouse... In Mexico!


Who do you think made this roller coaster?


At least we had one kid with us, so it wasn't totally creepy! (just mostly creepy!)


Yes, we actually survived the Chinese Knock-Off Loop/Screw in Mexico, and oddly enough, it was better than all the Chinese Knock-Off coasters in China!


And, yes, of course there will be a POV! =)


The ENTIRE park was nothing but Chinese Knock-Off rides! Everything we saw had the "SBL" logo on it!


We totally made it though "Chinese Knock-Off Park-O-Death!", and it was actually quite nice!

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