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TPR's Mexico Tour Mini Updates

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Today we were at La Feria for some möbius woodie and Schwarzkopf love...


Here was our view stepping off the bus!


We did manage to get our "full credit" on the möbius loop coaster, however it's a shame they don't race this woodie. In fact, they ran it with one train for the first part of the morning.


Schwarzkopf shuttle loops are some of my favorite types of coasters and this one was decent. Slightly brakes on the return run, but still really good.


TPR took over the spinning mouse! And this one spun... a LOT!!!

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Remember, we are posting live updates to Twitter!


Love this sight!


Montaña Rusa has a loading procedure that makes Gwazi look lightning fast! First they unload the train when it comes in the station. When the very last person has unloaded, they count out the people from the bridge, the exact amount that fits in the train. They are then allowed to walk down to the loading platform. You load front to back, cannot choose seats. Once everyone is at the air-gates, they are opened and guests are able to board the train. Once guests are loaded, first seat belts are put on, then lap bars. Ride ops come and check seat belts and lap bars. On side of the station is released, about 15 seconds later, the other side is released. The whole process take about seven minutes! Wow!!!


It did have a few good moments of airtime. It was like SFMM's Colossus in its early years. It's no Grand National, probably on par with Kennywood's Racer.


Pretty screwed up looking looping pirate ship! lol!

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Finally got around to watching the Superman video. That does look much better than your average Morgan Hyper. This ride and Phantom's Revenge showed that Morgan definitely had the ability to design some great, unique rides.

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Great to see coverage of parks I haven't seen much of. Six Flags Mexico looks like a pretty good park, and it sounds like Superman could be the best coaster in the country. La Feria looks alright, although it certainly looks like more of a credit run type of park and sounds like it's got some of the worst operations outside of Fuji-Q.


I'm really interested to see what the remaining parks on the trip are like, as the Mexico City parks are the only ones I know anything about (other than what's on RCDB).

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Follow Twitter for live updates!


Made a stop at a little FEC in a mall called Divertido Amusement Park...


Cute little indoor amusement park. Reminds us a lot of the Dubai mall parks.


There is an indoor Tivoli coaster... Which was actually quite fun!


And an outdoor Wacky Worm!


More credit whoring in Mexico!


Yes, we have issues! Don't judge!


Derek even got some tacos!


This certainly is NOT Taco Bell! :)

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Robb, did you get a POV of Montana Infinitum? I haven't ridden that beast since it was at Flamingoland, how's she holding up?

I did get a POV. The ride was VERY intense! There were a couple of moments that jolted us a bit that I don't remember from when it was at Flamingoland, but it was still fairly awesome!

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Great stuff so far! I was truly surprised at the layout for the Morgan Hyper. I never really looked into it but it looks like a pretty decent ride. I am not really a big fan of floater air as I prefer ejector air but that layout seems to be pretty damn awesome.


Glad you guys survived "the quake" even though I bet it's a lot more scary to have a 5.5 magnitude quake hit in Mexico rather than Cali because I'm sure the building standards aren't as strict as Cali.


I remember seeing La Montana Rusa in some roller coaster VHS back in the day (which was a Wednesday) and it's kind of sad to see it not turn out that great over the years.


Anyway, keep up the amazing updates and can't to see more videos!


Jimmy "Donde esta las tres amigos?" Bo

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Remember Kennywood's Laser Loop? It lives on as Cascabel at La Feria in Mexico City! Check out our POV!

Was really happy the park let me mount cameras in multiple locations on the ride. Always wanted to get some really good Schwarzkopf shuttle loop footage! Let me know what you think!

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Re-Riding the good old "Dreier Looping" is one of the main reasons why I have Maxico-City on my travel map. It looks a little aged from the German carnival times but still rides great I persume...


That they in addition have a Shuttle-Loop and a Weber Traumboot only makes it better...


Edit: Good Cascabel footage - hope you also have some stuff from Dreier-Looping, I only found some SD footage from a German comedy movie...

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