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  1. Hey guys didn't take a camera on board with me. I have a samsung gear 2 watch that takes pictures and films. That was I use to capture the photo of Hang Time and Wipeout area. I would never take phone or camera on a ride. It pisses me off when people do. As a former ride ops, I know how idiotic the public can be!
  2. First I want to send BIG THANK YOU to Eric from Knott's Marketing Dept. He made is possible for us to ride with FOX11 News. Had a great time with my fellow TRP members. it's nice to put screen names to faces. Once in the park it was a little slow and didnt know if we would get to ride. After several minutes of testing we were ready for the first ride with the news crew. The reporter and camera man are not coaster fans, so it made even more fun to hear the screaming through out ride. After 30 minutes Knott's set up a breakfast for all. Bacon burrito was really good and filling. It wasn't long after that we got back on and was fearful of possible protein spills. All was good and everyone's food remained in their bellies. Hangtime is GREAT! Knott's has a winner on their hands. The back row is the best! When the train is sitting at the holding brake pending release. The back whips over and you experience serious ejector time. The rest of the ride is fun and has you smiling and laughing through out it. I can't wait to see the reverse POV of us. I was told they used a portion of it on the news along with our interviews. would love to do more stuff like this for TPR. Thank You Knott's Crew ADMIN EDIT: Unauthorized onride photos deleted.
  3. cancelled now. Drove from Ventura and was told here at the gate its was cancelled. Spoke to marketing manager and said sorry and that email was sent late last night. Advise him that I was asleep because I had the get up early. So pissed right now. As I was sitting in car typing this email. He came and knocked on my window. He said Fox11 is looking for people and wants me in the shoot. I guess I will get my chance to ride Hangtime today.
  4. Got my email confirming my spot for the tv shoot. Will get pics of the event to post on TPR!
  5. Went to the park yesterday and it was DEAD.............! The employees were so BORED! I ran into an employee I used to work with back in the 90's. She is going on 24 years at MM. She is so sweet and a happy individual. Through out the day I kept watching a coaster junkie run from ride to ride, like if the park was going to be packed! Everything was pretty much walk on except FT, it was one train operation. Avoided Tatsu this time. Preztel loop gets to me now (I'm getting old) Had the best ride ever on Viper. Really Utilized my Elite Pass. A lot discounts on food and merchandise. It was a GREAT DEAL! Walked up to Ninja and seen how much land clearing had been done for the Newhall Ranch Project. It's going to suck seeing homes build in view. Their will be a massive driveway leading up to where homes are going to be built. Wish I would have taken pictures of that. Maybe next time. Also this is the area that was on fire last December! Just go back to December and see the pictures of the jumbo jet dropping fire retardant. I hope they make them sign a paper stating that SFMM has been here for years and no modifications will be made to rides in order to keep noise level down. You know what you are buying and that is that! Hmmm...... really looking at this picture. Would love to see MM from my back yard! Maybe once they are built I will consider buying a home with the backyard facing MM!
  6. So True! That's what happened when I was waiting on Revy and seen those 2 idiots. Got them kicked out! It's sad that some people must feel the need to vandalize other property.
  7. I have the Diamond Elite Pass and went twice to pick it up and they didn't have them in. Said the cards where not in yet! Going next week, so hopefully next they will have them and if not. I will be raising hell at SFMM!
  8. I hope so! Did not like the whole VR Fad! Keep My Classic Revolution PLEASE!
  9. Did anyone purchase the Diamond Elite Pass? Wanting to see if you got your pass yet or waiting like I am?
  10. I went yesterday to get my Diamond Pass and they did not have them. I was told to come back in 3 weeks to pick up. So here I have this pass that I bought on line and could not use the benefits it offers, nor get the bottle or lanyard. So now I have to go back when Spring break is going on and having to deal with the idiot kids. I got in a few rides before I got sick. First ride was FT and I noticed this lady in a wheel chair with 2 teens and they were telling her to get on, she didn't want to. Well after a few thoughts, she got on and sat right behind me. Well from the time we launched she was screaming I'M DYING, I'M DYING! Then at reverse launch and forward shot out of the tunnel, her screams were louder. We crested the top of the loop and hit the brakes. Now she is screaming for a Medic (I NEED A MEDIC, I NEED A MEDIC). I grabbed my hat and keys from the box and left. I didn't want to stay for that drama. Park was nice rides looking decent. Noticed The Classic Revy trains looking a little tired and beat up! I seen two kids taggin on the back of seat when I was waiting. I yelled at them (WHAT THE F*&*! WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT?) People looked at me and an employee came over and I showed her. Well the opened the lap bars and they got escorted out! Hoping to be out in a few weeks to pick up my Diamond Pass. Hopefully I could met up with some fellow TPR peep's, If you don't mind an loud outspoken guy?
  11. DAMN! I was there yesterday too! Had to leave early because started to get sick. Needless to say had McDonald's before I went in.
  12. My brother, who is a ride op at SFMM, said the park has been consistently dead during the week. The only day it's typically crowded this time of year is Saturday. Shoooot........ I will be there tomorrow. Gonna love it!
  13. I feel the same way! I had my ID stolen back in 2001 from an employee at Six Flags. It was HORRIBLE trying to clean that up. I'd rather pay the whole year up front rather than have them touch my CC or Bank!
  14. As a stock holder and pass holder too, I have always wanted them to raise the price. I have mention several ways to bring in money and reinvest in the park. Making it the way it was in the 80's. It seems like a far shot but it can be done. Listen to us people who invest and get some ideas. lets not always aim for the biggest baddest kick A$$ coaster. Their are some great small coasters that are more reasonable. Also lets get the flats in this park. I have always said turn Colossus County Fair into a fair atmosphere with rides like, Falling Star, Zipper, Sky Wheel, Sky Diver etc etc! This park can be GREAT!
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