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New B&M trains on Steel Dragon

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^ I don't have any problems with the Morgan trains but they are incredibly dated look and design wise...the open air sides and all that on these B&M's would do wonders for the older hypers.

The square body and lateral stripes were probably great looking if they existed in the 1970s.

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Has anyone been able to find a decent POV with these new trains?

The only thing onride video I could find was this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1qy438GKSJ8.

Watching it I get the impression that the trains go through the last airtime hills a bit faster than the old ones. However, it still feels a bit strange to me to see B&M trains siting two across. Must be a lot better than the old ones, though.

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They don't look that odd to me. They seem to just be a somewhat modified version of these B&M trains:

I still think that those trains have the most inefficient design in human history.


They probably could have used the V-shape seating arrangement. But, to do that they would have had to redesign and rebuild all of the catwalks on the lift and layout, as well as the station platform, to accommodate the wider trains. The new trains were probably designed with one major specification in mind - keeping the overall width exactly the same.


EDIT: Those tight head-chopping clearances are probably tight horizontally as well. Another reason to keep the width the same.

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^ I think the initial intention was for every seat to have an unobstructed, open-air view. But yeah... They're just really weird.


I know I rode Intimidator at Carowinds and they have them...but I have no recollection of the experience being any different than any other B&M hyper.

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^It's really not. The staggered seating trains are probably B&Ms biggest blunder, as far as I'm concerned. Pointless design that offers nothing new but the need for a longer station and a horrid rattle that I've never felt on any of the other hypers.


Does the longer staggered seating trains offer a different (slower) pacing than the orignial design?

Would love to thry those out some day.

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