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Your first Arrow Dynamics coaster

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Great American Scream Machine at SF: Great Adv.

Yeah starting off big.

But seriously, was my first time at the park, until then I have only been inverted on Sooper Dooper Looper and that one looping coaster at Seaside Heights I cant seem to find, so I saw this huge, multi looping beast with all types of elements.

It was long ago so I dont remember 100% but pretty sure it came before the runaway train because I remember being so amazed by it.

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I keep thinking of when I rode The Matterhorn in 1963. If all of that mountain had been stripped away, and all that was

showing was the steel coaster that it was.... I may have had second thoughts about it. At age 10, lol.


But honestly, the whole inside of The Matterhorn was pretty empty inside except for the coaster layout and the holes

for the skyride to go through. You could see a car here or there diving into a dark part of the Mountain. And hear screams.


Took me longer to enjoy an actual wooden coaster (my own), but The Matterhorn was a great first intro to riding any

fairly wild coaster (at that time), that was tamer in looks.

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Orient Express at WoF.....I know it wasn't the greatest ride ever but it seemed to be underrated. It started my love for coasters. I wish it was still standing. I've got to go ride Loch Ness to pay respect someday.


I also loved Viper and TnT is hands down the best Arrow mind train.


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Drachen Fire at Busch Gardens. 1994. That was also my very first roller coaster, period.

That's a hell of a way to start yourself off.


Mine was Space Mountain. First rode it when I was six. It was my first "big" coaster, and it's still in my top 5 to this day.

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