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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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100 more eggs for John, 100 more eggs for Jojo.


I'm about 1500 snakes from the next prize. Seems doubtful, but any extra eggs will help get me closer...




Thanks Dave! I have about 200 eggs that I can give you. With the deadline so close, I don't think I'll get the rest of the prizes.

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Thank you! It's so weird that earlier my town showed full of sneggs to you. As of when you had posted I saw no sneggs in my town, but then had over 500 when I checked in this morning. I guess that's EA for you. I do appreciate the full town. Thanks to all that dropped those off and let me know where you'd like me to drop sneggs.

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Dropped off 50 eggs to each Jojo, Dave,John V, and Mechanic, and I'm only 10 snakes away from my final whack box. I'm really glad this event ends soon, I'm tired of searching towns for 5 snakes (some towns more difficult than others!)

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^Same! I'm over 900 away from another Whacking Box so I really have no urge to tap those damn snakes anymore.


Oh, I do have over 300 eggs if anyone on here still needs them.

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Not really thrilled with the game right now. It seems to be crashing a lot more than normal (get the cannot connect to server message), and the big finale for the end of season 24 is kind of lame. Just a ton of stuff that doesn't really do anything for a lot of donuts.


Hoping all the rumors are true for all the upcoming content!

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I hope it is that. It's been rumored for a while and has been seen in the code so I hope it happens. I just hope it doesn't involve tapping 25,000 fish in your town, and about 60,000 in your friends' towns.


Also, I've started watching The Simpson's again on TV so I know what all those references to the game are. I've really forgotten how funny that show is!

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