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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Yay! Now KT will get 'the pretty girl' as that's what she calls the Miss Springfield and hotel!


I'll keep trading KT and my eggs with Dane and John V. if that's cool with you guys. Just drop in KT's town.

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^ I've had the same problem a few times before. Usually it could be fixed by just closing the app completely but there was one time when I couldn't get it back and had to restart. I hope you can get it back though because EA is absolutely no help in this situation.


Yeah it was weird. When I started the app, I was literally starting over from scratch, and I couldn't sign into Origin. I just deleted, signed in and didn't have any problems after that.


Ok so back to egg trading. I have over 200. I'm just over 4500 snakes too. I might actually be able to get everything if I can make trades with people. So...who needs some eggs?

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Just so everyone knows, Whacking Day has been extended to the 16th! Check the info button (the ? icon) and look at the bottom. It now reads "This event ends on May 16th"!


Also, thanks to whomever left me 57 eggs last night (Shawn?)! Thanks to you I was able to get Willie before the original deadline!


With that said, who wants to trade? I'm roughly 2500 snakes away from the Coliseum and 5000 away from the Sleep-Eazy. Hoping we can help each other get to 12500 before next Thursday! I have about 200 eggs available at this moment.



I think that was me. At that point, I was just dumping eggs in towns that sounds like they needed them with the hopes that EA wouldn't randomly stop the event before they were collected. I have another 100 I'll drop by today.


If anyone else wants eggs, if I can figure out your user name on the game I'll leave some. (This mostly applies to any that may differ from your TPR user name.)

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I appreciate the 1,000 sneggs that someone dropped over either last night or the night before, but I finished a few days ago now, so please drop off those sneggs to KidTums or someone else who may need them.


Speaking of which, I have about 600 sneggs. Who would like them? Speak up!

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Someone just dropped 100 sneggs in my town. Again, while I appreciate the time spent to do it, I don't need any more sneggs, and perhaps they should go to people who are trying to finish this event.

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