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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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No rhyme or reason that I can come up with. I thought maybe it would be by how friend requests were accepted, but that isn't the case, nor is it by level, star rating, most frequently visited, email address associated with Origin ID, when they first signed up, etc.

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^^ dropping 85 off to you good luck.


I'm at about 9350 struggling to get t the stadium any help is appreciated.


I'll send some to you tomorrow. You can do it!


Thanks guys!

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^^ just shy of 200 dropped off.. Username shsmithd


^ thanks a bunch.


Thanks so much! I finally just got around to logging in, so I'm sorry that I didn't repay you during the day. But I went ahead and left you more than 200 to make up for the fact that you had to wait all day!

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Thanks! That got me to 315 snakes away. How close are you to the coliseum? I'll send 100 your way once I build up the eggs. The eggs seem to be giving me about 80% snakes all of a sudden which makes it difficult to build up eggs.

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Left another 50 for Eric. Have to work late tonight so I doubt I'll be able to collect and provide any more eggs to anyone until very late tonight. Hopefully EA doesn't pull the Whacking Day promotion too early tomorrow before they can collect them.

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Hey Shawn, I don't think I have you on my friends list, but I can give you 200 eggs if you want to add me.



Greg, I'll give you 100 as well. Who doesn't want a pet snake?


Anyone else? Want to get rid of my excess.

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