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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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I'm about 500 snakes away from getting Willie (I'm not going to get to the Coliseum or Sleep-Eazy), so if anyone has eggs they'd be kind enough to donate, I'd appreciate it! I still have to visit neighbors today, so I'll probably end up getting most of what I need, but if I could get maybe 50-100 eggs that would be great!


Let me know if you want some eggs back. I don't have many (less than 100 right now), but I can give out eggs too!

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Hey Shawn, I keep checking back for your friend request but it never came through. I tried adding your name to my friend list and stupid EA is saying that it can't find it. Not sure what's going on, anyone else have problems with friending others?

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So I am in need of 2000 snakes to get the hotel, a bit of a long shot since we don't know when the update kicks in today. Also I have a 100 eggs to whomever needs them.



I have 500 plus eggs. You want them? I'm not going to get everything as I'm still around 500 snakes away from Duff Stadium.

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^ happy to be selfish and take them. Just surpassed 11000 snakes, so the motel could happen with some good help.


^Just dropped off 80 in your town. Good luck!

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Thanks everyone for all the help in my final push to the Motel! I do have a few eggs still if anyone else is trying to make it to any goals.


^ If you want to drop those off it would be a huge help in getting me to the motel. Closing in on 11600 snakes now.

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