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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Amy is almost done, and I'm done. We are helping my 7 year old nephew just get the Baseball Stadium, which he should get tomorrow, then Amy and I will start flooding KT's!

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100 eggs sent to Soupy, should get another 100 to 200 yet this evening.


Here's where you should be today to reach your goals by the end of Whacking Day:


If your May 9 target is all the prizes and all 10 Whack Boxes: You’ll need to be whacking 775 snakes a day and have put 18,600 snakes in your inventory by the end of the day US time. You’ll earn another Whack Box.


If your May 9 target is Miss Springfield and the Sleep-eazy Motel: You’ll need to be whacking snakes at the rate of 431 a day and have put 10,344 snakes in your inventory by the end of the day. The Coliseum is yours!


If your May 9 target is Springfield Coliseum and Tatum: You’ll need to be adding about 345 snakes a day to your inventory. By midnight US Central time, you should have collected around 8,280 of them. You’re well on the way to your goal.


If your May 9 target is Bare-chested Willie: You need to be gathering about 259 snakes a day. By the end of the day, you should have around 6,216. Push through this weekend, and you’ll have no problem getting Bare-chested Willie.


If your May 9 target is the Pet Snake: You’ll need to collect about 190 snakes every day. As of the end of today, you should have 4,560 in your inventory. Keep whacking for Whacky.


If your May 9 target is Duff Stadium: You need to be collecting about 146 snakes every day. By the end of the day you should have 3,504 of them.

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So where is everyone at?


Who needs eggs and is close to finishing and who needs a ton of eggs?


KT still needs a bunch. I'll donate a ton to whoever needs them and then you can repay to KT.


I need a ton of eggs.


I'd be happy to drop off the little over 400 I currently have to KT. Friend request is pending.

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I'm about 1000 shy of the hotel so I'll keep dropping off eggs as I get them for people who need them.


I would be helping KT, but I was purged from her friend list at the beginning of Whacking Day when Elissa was removing people she didn't recognize for fear of people stealing eggs.

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Thanks everyone, KT's town should show up for you guys now who friend requested.


A bit concerned though, had people tell me yesterday they dropped off eggs for KT but none showed up at all this morning! Stupid EA!!!


Dropped off over 300 for Chris this morning and will head over to Dave and John's town later.


Shawn, did you get some of my creative messages?

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I was only able to drop off a little under a hundred eggs at KT's town before there was literally nowhere left to place eggs. Others were there placing eggs at the same time. I know this because an empty field I was filling with eggs would suddenly become full. That happened a couple times, so I moved to the streets but quickly ran out of places where eggs would fit. I'll be back to drop off all the rest later.

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I really wish I could just give people some snakes. I got the 10th whacking box a couple of days ago (there is nothing after that).


Total for the whacking boxes:


8 donuts (6 of which I accidentally gave back tapping too fast on white houses )

$100 x 2

$750 x 2

$1000 x 1


Robb - how close are you getting? I dropped off 350+ last night, and there were already a lot there, so I'm hoping you're getting close. I'll be dropping another 200 after I post this.

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