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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Thanks Shawn, I'll drop 100 in your town in a few hours when I get home. Eric, if you want to drop more in my town I'll have 150 to repay you with shortly. I'm just about to get the motel!


Cool. Got slammed at work today, so I probably will not be able to do it until later this afternoon but I will send 150 your way!

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I'm getting really nervous that I won't make it to the Motel. I'm sitting at around 8400 snakes but want moreeee. I wonder how long this update will last.



For some odd reason the date may 6th sticks out in my head. Hopefully longer though since I'm only at 5200 snakes.

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I just got enough eggs that my Motel is in construction now! I don't really care too much about the whacking box prizes of money and (highly unlikely) donuts, but I'll keep trying for them. What I'll be doing now with my eggs collected is dropping them off in people's towns who post that they are far behind and want to attempt to get to the Motel and Miss Springfield or as close as possible. I'll post to whom I dropped off eggs and how many just so you know where they came from, but there is no need to trade them back (though if you do, it'll just mean more eggs that I can send to another friend).


Here's a rundown of how many eggs you should have by now to reach what prizes by May 9th:


April 30 is Day 20 and if you want to be on track for your target prize level, this is how many snakes you’ll need in your inventory by the time the day ends in the Americas:


If your May 9 target is all the prizes and all 10 Whack Boxes: You’ll need to be whacking 775 snakes a day and have put 15,500 snakes in your inventory. That’s just enough to earn you your third Whack Box.

If your May 9 target is Miss Springfield and the Sleep-eazy Motel: You’ll need to be whacking snakes at the rate of 431 a day and have put 8,620 snakes in your inventory. Still no new prize, but you’re edging closer to Tatum.

If your May 9 target is Springfield Coliseum and Tatum: You’ll need to be adding about 345 snakes a day to your inventory. At this stage you should have collected around 6,900 of them. You’re just a couple of days away from Bare-Chested Willie.

If your May 9 target is Bare-chested Willie: You need to be gathering about 259 snakes a day. By now, you should have around 5,180.

If your May 9 target is the Pet Snake: You’ll need to collect about 190 snakes every day. As of today, you should have 3,800 in your inventory.

If your May 9 target is Duff Stadium: You need to be collecting about 146 snakes every day. Right now, you should have 2,920 of them, which means you have almost enough to get the Snake Statue.


Sent 100 eggs to Shawn and sending 150 to Eric now.


Keep whacking!

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I've finally reached the motel, after weeks of furious snake-whacking! Have plenty of leftover eggs which I'll drop off to those who are still trying to get the prizes.

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Thanks Derek! I have no problem sending them back your way, as I found now that I am actively trading and visiting towns, I am constantly keeping eggs in my inventory to keep trading with. So, if any of you guys that have already passed the motel prize wants to help me out, I will do my best to send it back to you or as close to that total as I can pull!

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I'm gunning for at least the colosseum, with the long shot of the motel. Figure between snakes, towns and tasks ill get 300-400 a day at least. So Any extra eggs people can drop off are of course welcome and be repaid.

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I'll have more to trade tomorrow. My ID is uscoaster in the game.


mush619 - I'm dropping off 100 right now.

SuperShawn - 100 to you too.

Deathbydinn - you got 100 also.

Edited by USCoaster
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For about 5 hours now, my leprechaun has been running at full speed.


Anyone else having this problem? (Not like I need the money, just curious.)


He does that randomly for me as well. If you can catch him and tap him, he will usually go back to normal after his 3 second sprint. At least he does for me.

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