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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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Delivered 100 eggs to each Rastus, Dave, and Scott.


Got my first Whacking Box today, it contained $750. Whoopdedoo!


Don't forget to play on Thursday, rumors are of a new Moe skin to tie in with Sunday's new episode.


Thanks, man! I'm contemplating if I want to start turbo visiting towns to get the Stadium. Got a lot to do this weekend. Steel Panther tomorrow, Busch probably Saturday, and family stuff SUnday. Why did this have to be so tedius!?!



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I think that as more and more of us do reach our goal, I think WE can stop trading, and just bombing people with eggs.


For example - I stopped trading once I got the motel. Though I continued to bomb Eric till he got there. Elissa's almost there. Eric and I have been bombing her, while she continued to trade with others.


Big question is - who's next?


I think the older people should get the eggs first!!!

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Back from the cruise. I know I probably owe some people eggs. I have about 700 at the moment!


Let me know who I owe them to, or who wants them.


FYI - I could also use a few as I'm still a few thousand away from finishing this event.

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Have been neglecting my game since I got the motel - too busy finalising my trip. I'll try to deliver all of my current egg stockpile to some of you guys before I fly out tomorrow... no doubt I'll have some free time while waiting in the airport!

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I've got about 300 eggs if anybody wants to set up a trade let me know.


EDIT: LOL. Apparently somebody was dropping off eggs in my town because I was whacking the snakes and a whole bunch of eggs showed up.


Thank you to whoever it was and let me know so I can return the favor.

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I still have another 150 eggs left to trade.


COASTER FREAK 11 - 100 dropped off


ernierocker - 100 dropped off


Chris, you're 100 eggs richer.


I'll take eggs from anyone. Just cracked the 4,000 snake count!




25 dropped in Robb, Chris, Dave and Derek for now! Ran out of time... Scott - I don't know your Simpsons name to repay you if you were the one to drop in my town earlier.


Thanks guys! Ill send them back!!!


I'm going have an another 100 left over, who wants to trade?

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