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The Simpsons Tapped Out

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^ I have to agree with everything that Joey said.




Joey got me to thinking, and I decided to do a little research on when, etc... the next update was coming.


Apparently, the general consensus from the various boards (EA, TSTO) (i.e. people that are in the know) is the next update, level 31, could come out any minute. Probably tomorrow. It's set to include Wolfcastle, and his mansion (among other things). McBain is also mentioned in the raw files dialogs, but no proof of him - though most expect him to be there, with the other characters dialog being the proof.


Most of what I've read about Squidport, is the same complaints that we have here. The best explanation is that Squidport, though unique, is basically just a game board expansion. Almost like a secondary town, to work on at your leisure, in between other levels and updates. That's why it was so huge (content wise).


Now for the GREAT NEWS!


Looks like Krystyland is coming: (Possibly level 32)




Notice that the "Tooth Chipper" IS in there!!!!


Though *I* imagine that it would be akin to the Squidport update, and a game board expansion as well. I do kinda hope that that isn't the case. Hopefully, gameplay will be encouraged once again, as I do like this game, especially since I have limited artistic skills.



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Ok - I got an automatic update this morning, fairly large (105mb).


Is this the update I was talking about?


I didn't notice anything different, except that there are 4 new items in the build menu, which I can't find. Perhaps it's due to the fact that I have all my peeps on 12hr tasks.


Can anyone confirm/deny the update?

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I got the update with nothing as well. However, about an hour ago they said on Facebook that they will be unlocking the new content soon. Hopefully, that means a few hours, and not days.


EDIT: Update is now live. There's a few 4th of July stuff.




American Flags is $5600, Nighthawk Diner with a character is unlocked on "Rockets Red Glare Part 4."




Lincoln's Cabin -150 doughnuts, also unlocks Abraham Lincoln

Pinwheel Firework - 30 doughnuts, .75% bonus

Box of Fireworks - 50 doughnuts, 2.25% bonus

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Just about 5 hours until I'm done with Rockets Red Glare Part 3, then it's time to build the Nighthawk Diner. I really need to start moving stuff around to get more room.


I started the Nighthawk Diner this morning. I guess I need to go look at your town again, because I have plenty of space still (I think about 30-40% of my town is still slums.)


And, with the addition of the beaches, I've made a cheap beachfront resort, reminiscent of Myrtle Beach (from the Hard Rock thread), with a fireworks barge.


I just hope that when Krustyland comes, it won't fail as well.


My version of Myrtle Beach.

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Just started building the diner this morning. I am really just plopping everything down randomly right now until I get more motivation to redecorate my town again. It will probably take another good update like the Whacking Day update before that motivation will come.

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I am a Slum Lord.


Nice slums! BUT, time to upgrade the brown houses for blue. Much more $$$$, and isn't that what being a slumlord is all about?

True slumlords don't upgrade. They keep using the same old houses until they collapse.


Anyone know any tricks as far as gambling at the track?

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