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Efteling Discussion Thread

p. 74 - Nest, a new inclusive playground!

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Efteling has announced Nest, a new inclusive / accessible playground opening next year. The playground will be themed to Efteling's roller coasters and attractions, for younger children and those with

A couple of days ago, the Efteling presented a live broadcast of the new Aquanura show. Personally this was exactly what I needed in this challenging year. Enjoy:   This is a tempo

@Nrthwnd, The trains are not going anywhere it's the boat ride with the whale that's going.   Last week there was some news about the expansion, the Dutch high court has revealed a partly ju

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The ride is very loud, can I hear neighbor complaints in the future? I think the ride looks, and will be awsome. Does the ride head staright to the lift when it leaves the station or does it have anamatronics? Can't wait for the POV!- Mitchell

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It has a darkride inside, you follow a storyline




I don't think the efteling will open this ride with the current noise, they are working on all of their attractions to get them as silent as possible, they will test things with this ride too I guess

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When they fill the area with water it will dampen a lot of the clicking noise.


I just watched all the videos, and the fist one with the interview n stuff is great, the line looks awsome.

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Here are my photo's:


These are the real boats and will be set on the track very soon.


Here will be placed the waiting time.


Anti Roll-back will be replaced on the testing boat



2 Extra persons with a wheelchair person




traction ash from the chain.




Safety cam


The lion that will be on the front of every boat.[/img]

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In the dutch themepark de Efteling the boats have arrived for the new rollercoaster De Vliegende Hollander (the Flying Dutchman). Dutch forums are really happy with this news because we're waiting for it a long time!! This coaster is a mix from a walkthrough/darkride/rollercoaster and a splash and is the expensivst (i'm dutch ) ride in the park. If you want to see pictures from the boats and the attraction check out this site --> http://themepark.nl/ubbthreads/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=1041905&an=0&page=0#Post1041905


(sorry for the bad language, i'm from holland )

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Links sucks, you need the pictures here!











At the cost of 20 milion euros ,'De vliegende Hollander'(The Flying Dutchman) is the most expensive ride ever build in The Efteling. The park wanted a Ride that could function in both summer and winter, but it still had to have a splash. It uses tubes on both sides of the boat to scoop up the water. These tubes can be removed in winter.


Th ride also futures a darkride, they say its goign to use never seen before technics to make this darkride.

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