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Efteling Discussion Thread

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Today the efteling had a pressconference about the flying dutchman. Themepark.nl, a dutch themeparksite was there and took some pictures.

(I've only translated the texts of there site, and have nothing to do with themepark.nl (I hope i didn't make too many typing and translation mistakes ... cause my English is not perfect !)


Some numbers:

Capacity: 1900 people per hour

ride time: 3.43 min

tower height: 22.5 meter

lifthill: 45 degrees

Total surface: 17000 square meters

11 boats (taking 14 pepole each)

max speed: 70 km/hour

G-forces: max=3g min=0.2g

costprice: 19 000 000 Euro's (= 22 961 500 dollar)

Track length: 420 meters

min. rider height: 1.2 meter

Open in summer and winter (should be no problem to -3 degrees celcius, (26.6 Fahrenheit)

The amount of wetness of the ride can be changed to fit ith the weather ... (no details available on how)

Opening : april 16th (Easter, the day that the legend of the flying dutchman actually finds place, based on the story !)


More info will be available soon.


Welcome sign :



safety first when visiting:



A nice view on the outside: (The small door is the entrance !)



The entrance door, the house of captain "Willem van den Decken". Trough his house, you go trough a secret passage that goes to the harbour and is used for smuggling.



A picture of pegasus, the wooden efteling coaster in a dry lake:



Lions, Lions and lions ... they seem to be everywhere (by the way, the shield contains the Efteling logo and 2 capitals of the name of the attraction "Vliegende Hollander" (= Flying Dutchman).



Let's get smuggling:



A view on the station:



A lift of 45 degrees (wow, that's a lot !) :



View before the drop:



This is the part where you have to pray to survive ...



They do theme everything overthere :





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Damn that ride looks fantastic! I knew the theming would be great after hearing all sorts of great things about other rides at Efteling, but this is way better than I had expected. And the ride itself looks very fun too.

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The splash will not be 100% in the lake. They will create a sort of trench. And to assure opening the entire year they will be able to lower the water in the winter to prevent people from getting soaked. So they will probably have some kind of magnetic brakes system added to slow the boats down in stead of using water. But the efteling is not giving away any details. We will have to wait to see what it exactly will be when it is finished !

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And there is a undate again.

When you have a close look then you see that the tunnel where the train will fly into als has been covered and closed with some wood.

The inside has changed a bit with the lights and some steel parts for the gates to the boats.

Anyway looks fine by me so far


The tunnel is the entrace with the boat to the dark ride part.


When entering the station you will walk behind the windows on the first floor of the houses.


The side view

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