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Efteling Discussion Thread

P. 74: Park expansion approval and rethemed rides announced!

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That definitely yes. However, I don't think (and hope) that they will break down the Python anytime soon. Rumors of the carts being gone is complete rubbish as I've seen them both this past weekend. On top of that, they're currently making a new coaster already, and have made 2 other 'big' attractions in the past 3 years (which means they've spent a LOT of money). So breaking down a ride that currently functions perfectly fine would be a stupid idea if they don't plan on building anything new anytime soon (which is most likelly the case since there's been a lot of new attractions in the last few years).

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Construction is again at full speed after a holiday break. Lots brickwork and preparatory work for decorations it also seems that almost all the footers are ready.


Lifthill footers


Pre-show entrance and tower.


Footers for probably the helix




Preparing decoraion work


The ride will be very visible






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The Efteling is still one of those parks that can compete with Disney Paris and Europapark when it comes to theming and rides in their park. Europapark is growing a lot more in these day's but when it comes to authentic theming, Efteling sure is one of the better parks out there. At least, thats how i think about it.

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A small update around Baron 1898.



Seeing these footers the pattern tells me a lot about the final lay-out. I believe we have a Immlemann followed by a Zero G Roll, followed by the Helix followed by a Camelback with a turn into the brakes.


Station is getting really close to being closed.


another roof closed.


One of the final footers of the Zero G roll.


Windows are hanging on the walls of the tower.


I still hope my next visit I'll see some steel here.


Brick work is very well underway around the building.


That it for this month.

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So worked on mapping the footers of the Baron:


Red footers are round footers, are Green Squared (Coloured are connected). Blue of course Tunnel.

I'm 100% convinced of that I have processed all footers and in the correct color (own experience in the park and look at photos).

On the basis of this I made this la-out:


1 = Chain lift.

2 = Tunnel.

3 = Immlemann.

4 = Zero G Roll (Small chance on Camelback).

5 = Helix.

6? = Camelback? (Space is there and footers indicate that it may, or up a hill and into the turn down the brakes?)

7 = Brake.

8 = Station.


I thought I might share this to get other people's insight about the footer placement.

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the number 6 are definitely the first brake section


the same footers and the layout is the same as the gardaland dive coaster


The layout of Oblivion TBH at Gardaland is not the same as Baron 1898 at Efteling. It is likely that they have the same elements. But the sequence of elements is different. Number 6 could still be a camelback. Baron 1898 has its transfer track between the station and the lifthill, at Oblivion TBH the transfer track is before the station.


The station of Baron 1898 will have a double loading/unloading platform so I still don't think number 6 will be a brake section.

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the number 6 are definitely the first brake section


the same footers and the layout is the same as the gardaland dive coaster

To be honest I missed something at the end on number 7:


I came across this error when I took another look at the drawing of the end of the ride (the one that was photographed near the start of construction), Just now I found photo's that confirmed the error, the reason for me to make the error where that other pictures had piles of sand in front of the other footer giving me the illusion there was only one instead of the dubble. If you look good at the last 3 red footers they're getting closer together each time, this makes me think only more that 6 isn't the brakes yet and more like a Flug der Dämonen (Heide Park) brake at number 7.

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Interesting to hear that the lift structure is coming from Budapest (Hungary). For the rest good to hear construction hasn't got any blow so far and we will see the lift and track in the beginning of February and I'll be looking forward to it. Really looking forward for my next visit now.

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